Until recently, I’ve used the same high chair for each of my three young kids. It was bulky, it was really difficult to clean, and it was just, well… not pretty!

So when I came across Lalo’s “The Chair,” I was definitely intrigued. Not only did the sleek aesthetic immediately catch my eye, but I also loved the idea that it could transition to a Play Chair after my little ones outgrow the high chair.

The Lalo Chair definitely has a lot going for it, along with a few shortcomings. After trying it out for several weeks, I’ve put all of my honest thoughts together for you here in the hopes that it will help you decide whether The Chair will be a good fit for you and your little one.

Let’s get to it!

P.S. For more non-toxic high chair options, you can check out this article.

This article is not sponsored and we actually purchased the Lalo Chair (it was not gifted). However, if you decide to make a purchase, we may earn a small commission through affiliate links. This is an honest review and we only make recommendations for products we truly believe in and meet our safety standards.

THE PROS: What I Loved About the Lalo High Chair

  1. Beautiful Design with a Sleek, Modern Look

Despite the fact that the legs stick out a little bit, the Lalo Chair is small compared to a lot of the other chairs on the market. We have a moderately-sized home and it fits perfectly in our kitchen without taking up a bunch of space. And of course, it’s a great option for anyone who loves a minimalistic aesthetic. I love that Lalo offers several different pretty colors, as opposed to just the standard black or white, so you can choose something that would look beautiful in your kitchen or dining room.

Sustainable High Chair Lalo Review The Filtery
  1. Easy to Assemble (& Dis-Assemble)

The Chair was SUPER easy to put together (and the kids loved helping!). The chair itself comes already put together and you basically just have to screw on the legs—that’s it!

On a related note, it’s also easy to take apart (simply by unscrewing the legs) if you need to move it, store it, or take it to Grandma’s house.

  1. VERY Easy to Clean

I have three small children, so there is always a good amount of after-meal cleaning to do. Having an easy-to-clean high chair is a must, and the Lalo definitely fits the bill in this respect.

Without the cushion on, there are almost zero little crevices, nooks, or crannies for food to fall into and the chair can be quickly and easily wiped clean. Not only does it make my life a million times easier, but I also feel better about not having to worry about any mold or mildew growing in my child’s eating space!

Is Lalo a Good High Chair The Filtery
  1. Safe, Eco-Friendly Materials & Sturdy Build

I really appreciate the overall build of the chair; it just generally feels safe and sturdy. All of the materials seem very high-quality, from the wooden legs to the thick plastic parts of the chair part, the tray, etc.

The fact that it’s made from safe materials is incredibly important to me, too. I try my hardest to reduce the amount of toxins my children come into contact with, which can be difficult, especially when it comes to things like furniture

The Lalo Chair is made from BPA-free, food-safe hard plastic and FSC-certified beechwood legs (which means the wood was sourced from responsibly-managed forests). It’s also compliant with California’s Prop 65, which has pretty strict standards in terms of things like lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and a lot more.

Lastly, if you ever need to replace any of the parts, you can purchase each piece separately, which can help to cut down on waste and make the chair last a lot longer. All-in-all, it’s a pretty sustainable choice for a high chair that should last you and your family a really long time.

  1. Transitions to a Play Chair

I think it’s a very cool idea that the High Chair transitions to a Play Chair after your child grows out of it. I love knowing I will be able to extend the life of the chair and get many more years out of it instead of donating it or throwing it away after my daughter grows out of the high chair phase. (This definitely helps to justify the original cost of the chair, too.)

  1. Easy to Be with the Family

The height of the chair is great, and I love that you can remove the tray and still have the belly bar there for safety. I can pull the chair right up to the kitchen table so my littlest one can eat (or just hang out!) with the rest of the family. 

  1. Detachable, Machine-Washable Cushion

This one might be a little bit of a pro and a little bit of a con. I love the cushion; it’s super soft, goes on and off with ease, and fits well against the chair. But, as you might imagine, it does get dirty pretty easily. It’s machine washable, which is great, but it will definitely require a good stain treatment to remove some of the food stains. (I’d suggest Lalo consider offering a darker-colored cushion option that would hide the stains better. Right now the only option is light grey.)

Eco Friendly High Chair Review Lalo The Filtery
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THE CONS: What I Didn’t Love So Much…

  1. Not a Fan of the Straps

Although in theory, I like the fact that the Lalo Chair has five-point harness (some chairs only have a three-point), I’m not a big fan of the straps overall.

To be completely honest, the straps seem like glorified ribbons to me. The material is slightly sturdier than what might come to mind when you think of a thick ribbon, but they don’t even hold their shape. 

Additionally, the top and the bottom of the straps meet at nearly the same point in the back of the chair, which (combined with the flimsiness of the material) makes it difficult for the straps to stay over the baby’s shoulders. Tightening the straps helps, but then the baby isn’t able to lean forward to reach their food. Using the cushion definitely helps too, but it’s still not ideal.

Lalo High Chair to Play Chair Review The Filtery
  1. Tray is Not Adjustable

I really wish I could move the tray closer to my daughter’s body. It’s in a fixed position and it feels a bit too far away, even for my 14-month old toddler.

  1. Design of the Actual Chair

The actual chair part where the child sits is a bit awkward. It’s slightly reclined, which essentially means the child has to sit up, away from the back of the chair when they’re eating. This might end up being better if and when the child falls asleep in the chair and it might make for a more comfortable Play Chair once I transition it from a High Chair, but it’s definitely not ideal for eating.

The slightly-reclined design of the chair combined with the fact that the tray cannot be moved closer to the child’s body makes me wonder how well this would work for younger babies (around six months old) who are just learning how to sit on their own but who are old enough to sit in a high chair and eat solid foods. I wonder if the Chair is more suitable for older babies and toddlers… It might not be the best fit for the first part of the baby’s solids-eating timeline.

  1. Tray Removal Requires Two Hands

I probably don’t have to tell you how much needs to get done with one hand while parenting! It would be really great if the tray could be removed with one hand, but unfortunately, it requires two.

Silicone Dishes from Lalo Review The Filtery

My Thoughts on the “First Bites Kit”

I also got Lalo’s First Bites Full Kit, which comes with:

  • a Suction Bowl
  • a Suction Plate
  • a Little Cup
  • Two Little Spoons
  • Two Bibs

And let me tell you… I LOVE THEM.

First of all, it’s all made from FDA-approved non-toxic and BPA-free silicone. I try to stay away from plastic and melamine dishes with the kids when possible, and silicone is a great safe and durable alternative. (Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, too.)

Lalo’s tableware is sturdy and high-quality, along with being stain-repellant. Plus, they come in pretty colors that will match your chair!

The fact that the bowl and plate have suction on them is FANTASTIC. I honestly can’t believe it took me this long to get suction dishes for my little ones; it really cuts down on the mess (and food waste!).

The cup is adorable and easy to clean. I love that it can be used with or without a lid. So we can use it with the sippy and straw insert, or I can remove the lid to work on my daughter’s open-cup drinking skills. (It is worth noting, however, that even with the lid and straw on, the cup is not spillproof. It will dump out if your child turns the cup upside down.)

The bib is lightweight, and my daughter gave me the impression that it was perfectly comfortable for her (she forgot she was even wearing it). Lalo’s bibs are literally the only ones she will leave on, which is a huge win for this mom-who-stain-treats-too-many-clothes!

Lalo Chair Review The Filtery

Other Products from Lalo

In addition to “The Chair,” Lalo also carries some other non-toxic products for little ones that are worth checking out.

They also carry a “Play Kit,” which would be a great option for older toddlers and kids who have already grown out of a high chair. The Play Kit includes the Play Chair and Table and would make a great addition to any playroom, bedroom, or corner of the living room. They’re available in the same beautiful colors as the high chair, and they’re also made from FSC Certified sustainable beech wood and are Prop 65 and ASTM compliant for safety.

Lalo also introduced a new Play Gym + Tent, which includes an FSC Certified Beechwood tripod with a few hanging sensory mobile toys, a play mat, and an optional canvas tent that toddlers and older kids can use as a fort.

They also have really fun giant coloring sheets, which fit perfectly over the entirety of the Play Table.

And of course, as mentioned above, I have nothing but good things to say about their silicone dishes, bibs, and eating utensils.

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Other F.A.Q.s About Lalo’s “The Chair”

How Long Can You Use the Lalo High Chair For?

You can start using the high chair when your child can sit up on their own and is ready to start eating solid foods (usually between four and six months). You can keep using the high chair until your child is three years old, or 33 pounds.

After that, you can transition the High Chair to the Play Chair, which can be used by toddlers, older kids, and even adults.

Where is the Lalo High Chair Made?

Lalo’s products are designed in New York and Scandinavia and made in China. While we don’t love to see products made overseas, the Lalo team assures its customers that they carefully chose a family-owned factory that’s been producing baby goods for over 70 years. Manufacturing in China likely helps to keep the products at a more affordable price point for consumers as well.

What is the “Family Warranty”?

Lalo’s “Family Warranty” is basically just their version of a standard limited warranty. You can register your product here so that if there are any safety or recall issues in the future, you will be notified and/or receive a refund or replacement.

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Other Non-Toxic High Chairs to Check Out

If you’re still shopping for the high chair that would be the best fit for your family, budget, and overall needs, check out this article.

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts on the Lalo High Chair / Play Chair

Overall, I really like Lalo’s “The Chair.” It’s got a lot going for it: it’s beautiful, it’s SUPER easy to clean, it’s made from safe and eco-friendly materials, and I love the fact that it transitions into a Play Chair when you’re finished. Not only is it a more sustainable option, but you get a lot more bang for your buck, too.

That being said, it does have some shortcomings in terms of design: the slight recline of the chair and the fact that the tray cannot be moved closer to the child might not make it a great fit for a younger baby who is still learning how to sit up on their own.

I would definitely recommend this high chair over any of the other ones I’ve used. (Honestly, I have yet to find a high chair that I absolutely, 100% love everything about.) And at a price point of $175 (for just the High Chair) to $215 (for the Full Kit that includes the Play Chair legs), the price is comparable to many other nice high chairs on the market.

The great thing is that Lalo offers a 100-day risk-free trial, so you can try out The Chair and see if it’s a good fit for you and your child, while knowing you can return it if needed!

Image Credits: Lauren Albrecht

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Lauren Albrecht is a homeschooling mama of three little ones. As a Senior Director of Beautycounter, she is a strong advocate for safer cosmetics and personal care products.

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  1. We have this high chair and are almost ready to start solids (our babe turns 6 months soon). We want to do BLW but the tray is a bit far for our 90th percentile kiddo to reach. Do you have any tips for making the high chair more user friendly for self feeding?

    1. Hi Kari,
      Our advice would to be just to try putting a small pillow behind the baby’s back so they’re sitting up more straight and are closer to the tray. 🙂