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The Filtery is a digital platform that provides curious citizens with well-researched and practical solutions for decreasing the toxins in their bodies and homes. Whether you’re looking for trusted non-toxic brands or answers to your questions about materials or ingredients, The Filtery is here to help.

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Low-Tox for Real Life : An Online Course

If you know toxic chemicals are harmful but feel confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed about all of the info out there, I made this course for you. This self-paced online course will give you a solid foundation for how to live a low-tox lifestyle—without breaking the bank or losing your mind!

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25 Easy Tips to Reduce Environmental Toxins
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“Thanks so much for putting together the amazingly helpful website! I use it often as a guide to help me buy nontoxic products for my family. I am so grateful for you!”
– Jeremy G.
“There are many frauds who try to do what you’re doing but they intentionally mislead us. There is something about the way you write, and I believe you. Please keep it up, the world needs you more than you might know.”
– Survey response
First I just wanted to say that I LOVE your website and weekly emails. Since having a child, I’ve really dove deep into the low-tox lifestyle and it’s great not having to do so much research myself! ๐Ÿ™‚
– Chelsea C.

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Abbie Davidson is the Creator & Editor of The Filtery. With almost a decade of experience in sustainability, she researches and writes content with the aim of helping folks like you minimize environmental toxins in an in-depth yet accessible way.