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I’ve worked in the worlds of sustainability and wellbeing for a decade. But then several years ago, I became extremely ill from a moldy air conditioning unit and was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), which took a couple of years and quite a bit of effort to put into remission.

Even though toxic mold was the main culprit in my illness, it also triggered a sensitivity to other things, like perfume and smoke. This led to a pivot in both my personal and professional life as I transitioned to a lifestyle that was not only eco-conscious but also low-tox.

In the years following my diagnosis, I built on the foundation I’d gained working in sustainability and furthered my education with a number of courses about environmental toxins (listed below). I read book after book written by scientists, doctors, and investigative journalists, diving deep into topics like air and water pollution, flame retardants, pesticides, PFAS, and more. I am always continuing my education by reading more books, staying up to date on the latest research, attending lectures, and more.

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You can reach me at hello[at]thefiltery[dot]com.

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