I don’t know about you, but I practically live in dresses during the warmer months. They’re just so easy to throw on, they’re breathable, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

When shopping for dresses, choosing natural and organic fabrics like certified organic cotton, hemp, and linen can help not only decrease your wardrobe’s impact on the planet but also ensure no potentially toxic chemicals (such as pesticides, plastics, or azo dyes) are coming into contact with your skin.

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My Picks for Natural & Organic Dresses (By Category)

To be honest, outside of affordability, there aren’t very many good reasons to buy new dresses made from materials like conventional cotton and polyester. They’re not great for environmental or human health, but also, it’s not like swimwear where the pickings are slim. There are just SO many brands that make comfortable, high-quality, and gorgeous dresses… so why not invest in a few high-quality and comfortable organic pieces?

So, here you go! These are my personal favorite brands for natural, organic, non-toxic and fair trade dresses in each category.

1. Christy Dawn (best overall)

Price range: $198-498

Christy Dawn is basically the queen of sustainable dresses that are at once super comfortable and also gorgeous.

With an overarching mission of honoring mother earth with their farm-to-closet approach, this brand creates dresses out of organic cotton, regenerative cotton, regenerative silk-cotton, and deadstock fabrics that would otherwise go to the landfills. And of course, they use organic and non-toxic dyes as well.

Christy Dawn carries a variety of styles (maxi & mini, short- and long-sleeved, etc.) and a wide range of sizes (including extended sizes, petites, and maternity-friendly). I absolutely love their choices in terms of colors and patterns, too.

Everything is made ethically in Los Angeles, California. On each dress’s product page, you can view a breakdown of the costs that go into producing it—from the labor, to the trim cost, to the overhead, and more.

2. Pact (best organic cotton dresses with pockets!)

Price range: $58-128

Pact is one of my favorite brands for affordable organic clothing especially when it comes to basics. Everything they make is just so comfortable and easy to wear!

Pact has short and long dresses that come in solids as well as patterns—and almost all of them come with pockets!

Not only is all of Pact’s clothing made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, but it’s all Fair Trade certified, too. It also comes in a more affordable price point compared to some other brands.

Use the code THEFILTERY15 for 15% off full-priced items.

3. Toad & Co. (best for bright colors & patterns)

Price range: $85-130

Toad & Co. carries a pretty large collection of eco-friendly dresses and jumpsuits for women that are made from a range of materials, including organic cotton, TENCEL, and hemp. They also use some recycled synthetics, so be sure to check before buying to make sure you’re getting what you want!

You can choose from short, midi, and maxi dresses; tanks and short-sleeves; tiered, pocketed, and more.

4. Valani (best made in the USA)

Price: $198

Fun and feminine, I absolutely love the romantic aesthetic of Valani’s dresses, with their little ruffled and poofed details.

Most of these dresses are made out of sustainable hemp and TENCEL by a team of talented seamstresses in Chicago, Illinois. They’re colored with low-impact dyes for truly non-toxic and breathable wearing. Plus, one tree is planted for every purchase!

A few of the other brands on this list are also made in the USA, including Christy Dawn.

5. MagicLinen (best for linen dresses)

Price range: $36.80-139

I love MagicLinen’s products. (I have one of their bath robes that I wear almost every day!)

Their dresses are made from 100% European flax and are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they’ve been tested to be free from a list of toxic chemicals.

They have a wide variety of styles to choose from, too, from tiered dresses and maxi dresses, to wrap dresses and pinafores.

6. Amour Vert (best for semi-formal and workwear)

Price range: $26-295

If you want or need a dress to wear to work or as a guest to a wedding, check out Amour Vert.

Although not all of their dresses are made from organic cotton, many of them are. Other materials they use include washable silk and viscose (although I don’t necessarily recommend the viscose ones, and here’s why.)

They also have other sustainability initiatives woven throughout their manufacturing processes, from using deadstock fabric to planting trees and more.

7. Colored Organics (best for babies & toddlers)

Price range: $18.95-38

Get ready for cuteness overload. These organic cotton dresses from Colored Organics are available in sizes from 3M to 6T.

Available in solids, stripes, polka-dots, and florals, these sustainably sourced and ethically made dresses use 100% organic cotton combined with safe, long-lasting, and vibrant water-based dyes (which are free from things like azo and heavy metals).

Plus, each purchase gives back to a child-focused non-profit organization.

8. Mightly (kids & tweens)

Price range: $14.95-35.95

For older kids, Mightly is your go-to for dresses made from 100% organic cotton. Sizes range from 2T to XXL (14).

Mightly carries dresses for all seasons, whether you need a tank dress, short-sleeves, or long sleeves. (On those cold days, you can throw on a pair of Mightly’s organic leggings underneath.) They come in lots of bright colors and fun patterns and are perfect for playing the day away. They’re tag-free, but not pocket-free!

Not only are these dresses made from GOTS certified organic cotton, but they’re also certified Fair Trade.

9. Afends (best for teens)

Price range: $74.99-154.99

Afends has a great collection of vintage-vibe dresses that are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and hemp. Choose from designs like a checkered maxi dress, a denim mini dress, or a floral baby doll dress.

Throughout their entire supply chain, Afends is committed to ethical and sustainable practices, from their use of earth-friendly fabrics to their use of compostable packaging.

10. Happy Earth (best for activewear dresses)

Price range: $27 (on sale) – $88

If you’re looking for an organic workout dress for playing tennis, taking a hike, or whatever other exercise you like to do in a dress, then check out Happy Earth!

They have a collection of dresses that are made out of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane for a little bit of stretch. They have a ribbed, supportive structure with built-in bra AND hidden pockets in the shorts underneath! They’re actually reversible, too—you can wear it with a square or jewel neck.

These dresses were made in a Fair Trade certified factory in India.

11. Sotela (plus-sized organic dresses)

Price range: $69-259

Sotela has a beautiful collection of dresses (and other wardrobe essentials) that are available in just about any size you could possibly want. They’re made to order in Los Angeles and you can even customize your sizing for the perfect fit.

Sotela’s organic cotton and linen dresses are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles. No matter your size, time of the month, pregnancy status, or WHATEVER, these dresses are meant to make you look and feel comfortable and confident in your beautiful body.

12. AYA Sacred Wear (organic formal dresses)

Price range: $62-236.99

You won’t often come across formal dresses made out of organic and natural materials, but AYA has them—and they’re so beautiful.

They have collections of elegant organic cotton dresses and jumpsuits, stunning organic linen dresses, and natural peace silk dresses, too. Many of them are botanically hand-dyed using plants materials such as flowers, leaves, herbs, and roots. These long, flowy pieces are perfect for formal events, including your own wedding!


A Few Common Questions I Get About Organic Cotton Dresses

Is organic cotton clothing really worth it?

Some people might wonder if buying summer dresses made from organic and/or natural fabrics are really worth the extra cost, especially when you can get much cheaper dresses from fast fashion brands.

Organic cotton is better for the environment as a whole (including humans) because it doesn’t utilize synthetic pesticides or fertilize when it’s grown or harvested.

Plus, even though organic clothing isn’t necessarily higher quality, the majority of the brands that use organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics like hemp do tend to put more intention into their designs and processes, leading to an higher quality piece that lasts longer and feels nicer.

You may not be able to buy as many pieces from the sustainable brands featured here as you would from a fast fashion brand, but you can buy less and buy better, as they say.

Is organic cotton better for eczema and sensitive skin?

Organic cotton may be better for eczema and sensitive skin, but it depends on what is (and isn’t) added to the fabric after it’s woven. You want to avoid clothing and bedding that’s been treated with things like azo dyes and formaldehyde (which is often found on things like “wrinkle-resistant” and “iron-free” clothing). Again, it’s less likely that organic cotton brands use these types of chemicals and finishes in their production processes, but it’s not necessarily guaranteed.

You can find out more about this here and here.

Does 100% organic cotton wrinkle?

Organic cotton is prone to a moderate amount of wrinkling, just like regular cotton is. However, it doesn’t tend to wrinkle as much as linen or TENCEL.

Will 100% organic cotton shrink in the dryer?

Yes, organic cotton can shrink in the dryer, so this is something you may be want to keep in mind as you choose your dress size. You may want to hang dry your organic cotton dresses to prevent shrinkage (and save energy!).

I hope this guide has helped you pick out a dress (or five??) that you not only feel beautiful and confident in, but you can also feel good about wearing. These brands are making eco-friendly clothing that is not only better for the environment and soil health but also prioritizes fair trade practices, non-toxic materials, and transparency for everyone involved.

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