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Demand for organically grown, non-toxic clothing is becoming mainstream.

According to a report at Fibre2Fashion.com, the demand for organic clothing is increasing by 30% per year.

Why the growing interest?

  • One reason is that synthetic clothing, which is so much a part of the current market, may contain toxins that give some people dermatitis, respiratory problems, and other serious health issues.
  • Another is that even natural fibers may contain harmful chemicals because of the pesticides, dyes, and other products used to grow crops and manufacture clothes.
  • A third reason: people care more about the environment because the effects of human damage are becoming painfully clear. People want products that are sustainably grown so soil and water aren’t poisoned. Organic farming preserves the health of the land and its water supply.

Therefore, there are more brands offering sustainably produced, high-quality, and beautiful organic clothing.

The more a piece of clothing touches your skin, the greater the exposure to any toxins that cloth may contain. That’s why organic bathrobes can be a good starting place for spending a little more to get pure, natural cloth against your skin.

So in this guide, we’re giving you our favorite brands that make non-toxic and organic bathrobes to keep you cool and cozy, no matter the season.

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What Does Organic and Non-Toxic Even Mean?

To call a piece of clothing organic and non-toxic means two primary things.

It means that the final product contains no toxins in concentrations that could be damaging to people. The fabric will in no way damage your body or release any toxins into the air.

It also means that the fabric is made from an organically grown natural fiber, not treated with any poisonous materials such as pesticides or dyes in the manufacturing process. The broadest meaning of non-toxic includes every step in the process, from the soil where seeds are planted to the packaging of the final product.

Naturally, an organic robe with this purity is going to be better for all the land and people involved in every link of the supply chain that produces it.

Here are some of our favorite options:

Best Brands for Organic & Sustainable Robes

Whether you’re shopping for men or women, adults or children, the following organic robes are some of the best offerings we’ve found for robes made of cotton, linen, hemp, or silk by reputable companies:

Best Plush Luxury Organic Robe: Coyuchi

Coyuchi’s Unisex Cloud Loom Organic Robe

Materials: Organic Cloud Touch Cotton from Turkey
Price: $178.00
Certifications: GOTS + MADE SAFE + Fair Trade +1% for the Planet + GOLS

Coyuchi earns rave reviews for this dangerously cozy organic robe – more than one customer claims they never want to take it off.

For over 30 years, Coyuchi has been making high-quality home textiles out of all-organic cotton, striving for the lowest possible impact on the environment. They started out with bed and bath linens and have expanded into pajamas and leisurewear, decorative pillow covers, and linens for the kitchen.

Using long-staple cotton for a plush fabric and a spinning process that creates maximum softness and smoothness, the Cloud Loom Organic Robe is their robe with the highest price point.

Reviewers complimented the fit; the manufacturer recommends erring on the side of a smaller size since the product is sized for after washing, although a few reviewers said they sized up for extra coziness and were glad they did. There are three colors – white, pale aqua, and dark gray.

In addition to the Cloud Loom Robe, Coyuchi also carries a few other styles and textures of bathrobes, including an “Air Weight” robe, a waffle robe, and a shorter robe for those hot months.

Most Affordable Organic Robe: Under the Canopy

Organic Robe

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton
Price: $68.00
Certifications: GOTS, OEKO-TEX, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Part of the mission of Under the Canopy is to provide responsibly made, non-toxic products that are affordable for as many people as possible. Their organic robe comes in at the lowest price for our recommended products, at $68.00.

This organic cotton robe is a finely ribbed cotton-knit, so it is lighter weight than some others. It comes in eight colors – light pink, light blue, taupe, and neutrals, ranging from white to black. It has two front pockets, and an inner tie as well as an outer belt with two loops.

This popular robe has 455 five-star reviews. Reviewers often commented on the softness, the stylish fit, the breathable quality of the fabric, and its light weight. Some liked the long sleeves, as opposed to the more common three-quarter length robe sleeves.

This robe’s certifications ensure that there are no toxic dyes or other materials in the cotton fabric and that it meets sustainable and healthy production standards at all phases.

Best Unisex Organic Cotton Robe: Parachute

Organic Cotton Robe

Materials: Organic Cotton
Price: $129
Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Parachute has been a leader in high-quality direct-to-consumer bedding and home goods for a while now, but they’ve recently been expanding their organics collection to provide a lot more options for those of us who are trying to decrease the amount of pesticides in our lives.

Their gender-neutral, relaxed-fit Organic Cotton Robe is available in “Bone” and “Coal” and comes in sizes XS to 3XL. It’s made of 100% organic jersey stretch cotton which is meant to be “reminiscent of your favorite tee.”

Their full collection of robes includes plush, linen, waffle, and more. (Many of their cotton robes are not organic, so just make sure you double-check before buying to make sure you’re getting what you want!)

Best Linen Robe for Cooler Weather: Magic Linen

Waffle Bath Robe

Materials: Organic linen and cotton
Price: $114.00
Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Magic Linen’s waffle weave organic robe gets enthusiastic reviews for its warmth, absorbency, high-quality fabric, and spacious fit. The substantial quality of the fabric, its thickness, and the roomy hood make this an ideal pick for cold-weather regions, or for people who need extra warmth.

The waffle-weave fabric is a cotton-linen blend, with linen sourced from Lithuania and surrounding regions.

Magic Linen is a company striving to make long-lasting products that customers really enjoy in a manner that is sustainable and supports people in need. Linen is the base product for their bedding, table linens, clothing for women and men, curtains, and smaller products, which use up the scraps from the larger products.

The company’s costs and environmental footprint are reduced by its made-to-order distribution model, in-house production, and biodegradable packaging.

This robe comes in three sizes and six colors: white, gray, black, light mauve, and two browns – taupe and cinnamon.

Magic Linen ensures that all of their products are free of harmful concentrations of toxic substances, and meet all legal requirements for non-toxic products.

Best Organic Cotton Robe for Kids: Weezie

organic cotton robes for kids from weezie

Lil Robe

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton
Price: Starting at $68
Certifications: OEKO-TEX

Weezie makes luxury towels and robes from 100% organic cotton from a family-owned factory in Portugal. (They’re one of our favorite brands for hooded baby towels, too!)

A distinctive feature of its products is the custom piping and embroidery that customers can order, so you can add your little one’s name to make it extra special. This part is done by an embroidery team in Atlanta.

Children’s products by Weezie include small towels and bibs, a cover-up, and robes. Their super cute patterns include stars, hearts, checks, and stripes in two-color combinations of pale pink, sea-foam green, blue, gray, and white.

The robes come in three sizes for kids one to six years old.

They also have products for the rest of the family, too, including bath towels, beach towels, bath mats, and more.

Organic Cotton Robe for Babies & Toddlers: Natemia

organic cotton hooded robe from natemia

Organic Cotton-Hooded Cover-Up for Kids

Materials: Organic Cloud Touch Cotton from Turkey
Cost: $43.00 to $47.00
Certifications: GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Fair Trade

Natemia was founded by a couple in 2016 with the aim of providing natural, safe, and lasting baby products. Their products include crib linens, diaper-changing products, towels, washcloths, cover-ups, and super-cute robes with bear ears.

The four sizes of kids’ bathrobes fit children from newborn through 8 years old and come in six colors: ochre, sage green, white, gray, pink, and light blue.

Best Hemp Bath Robe: Rawganique

Organic Hemp Terrycloth Robe (Unisex)

Materials: Organic hemp and cotton
Price: $189.00
Certifications: None listed on the site

Rawganique calls itself the unicorn of the garment industry, with good reason. It makes clothes only from organic cotton, linen, and hemp, and produces them organically in-house in a family-friendly work environment on an island off the coast of British Columbia.

It always reveals where the materials were grown and produced, either in North America or Europe, dodging the sweatshops and lack of environmental accountability of some other parts of the world.

Rawganique’s targeted customers include people who are extra sensitive to chemicals, providing a range of clothing, from hoodies to underwear, as well as accessories, cleaners, and bed and bath products.

One of the best organic robes available is their hemp robe, which is made from a mix of cotton backing and hemp terry, which needs a little extra care due to being chemical-free. These robes should be washed in a front-loading washing machine and dried gently, either flat or very low in the dryer. Hemp is really fast-drying though, so you shouldn’t

Why hemp in a robe? Hemp fabric is durable, mildew and insect resistant, and good for the planet.

These robes come in three sizes and are unbleached as well as undyed, a natural color somewhere between cream and light brown.

Softest Silk Robe: The Ethical Silk Company

Mulberry Silk Robe

Materials: Organic Silk (not yet certified)
Cost: 195 pounds, which converts to $255.00
Certifications: World Fair Trade Organization

Silk is wonderfully smooth, lightweight, and breathable, making it an excellent choice for a warmer climate. It’s also known for being gentle on your skin.

These organic silk robes come in three plain colors and several pretty patterns. The silk is dyed in India using teakwood blocks, a traditional method. Rather than being shiny, this silk has a matte finish.

For those who are concerned about the ethical sourcing of silk, the Mulberry silk used by this brand is extracted from the cocoon after the silk moth has left the cocoon, which means the moths are not harmed in the process. So although this is not a vegan silk option, it’s a much more ethical option compared to conventional silk.

The Ethical Silk Company sought out a Fair-Trade Mulberry Silk Production Unit in India in order to ensure that workers and the environment were protected by strict standards and that the people involved earned a fair wage.

The site, which manufactures the company’s clothing, scarves, and bed linens, is also attentive to water purification and conservation and uses AZO-free dyes. (Some AZO dyes may cause cancer.)

Another way the company is ethical is that it donates 10% of its profits to charity, some to an organization in Ireland helping unhoused people and one to a center helping HIV-positive people in India.

What Do All the Certifications Mean?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the important certifications you can look for on clothing websites that will help you discern whether the manufacturer is truly committed to producing organic, non-toxic clothing:

  • GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard is the organic certification that covers the most bases. It covers every process in the supply chain and also has standards for fair labor practices and responsible water use. GOTS certification relates to fabric. It’s most often applied to certified organic cotton.
  • GOLS: While GOTS applies to fabrics, Global Organic Latex Standard is the certification that applies to organically grown natural rubber, used in everything from shoes to mattresses.
  • Fair Trade: The Fair Trade Certified seal means that a product was produced following the standards of Fair Trade USA. You can know that your money is going toward a product that was manufactured with safe working conditions, protection of the environment, sustainable processes and fair prices.
  • OEKO-TEX: This is a final product certification showing that the product has been rigorously tested for any harmful substances.
  • WRAP: This is a global certification for textile factories, showing that the facility has met 12 principles for keeping manufacturing lawful, humane and environmentally sound. You won’t see it on clothing labels, but you may see it on manufacturer websites.
  • FSC: The Forest Stewardship Council endorses products that are made with tree pulp that has been grown in sustainably managed forests with as little waste as possible.
  • MADE SAFE: This certifies that a household product is safely manufactured for people and for the environment and contains no harmful substances.
  • 1% for the Planet: Companies with this certification have committed to donating at least one percent of their profits to environmental causes.


Armed with this information and the above links, you’re prepared to choose the best eco-friendly, sustainable, and organic cotton bathrobes on the market. You’re also a savvy shopper for other organic clothing and fabric products as well!

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