So, your big day is coming up and, naturally (pun intended), you want it to be as special as possible. As someone who tries to buy things thoughtfully, you’d prefer to get an organic or natural wedding dress. Most of the wedding dresses out there are made out of a lot of polyester, which is a type of petroleum-derived plastic that doesn’t biodegrade at the end of its life.

So you may be wondering if there are there better, more natural options out there…

You bet there are! We’ve done the initial research for you and put together what we think are the best brands making eco-friendly wedding dresses out of natural materials like organic cotton, hemp, silk (both vegan and non-vegan varieties), and more.

Although a lot of these brands are not using 100% natural and/or organic materials, they are all prioritizing conscious fabric sourcing and production with the goal of having minimal impact on the earth, the makers, and of course, you—the wearer.

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This article includes a couple of affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. We only recommend brands we believe in.

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12 Gorgeous, Organic, & Natural Wedding Dress Brands for Your Big Day

For this article, we’ve mostly stuck with the traditional white and off-white colors, but most of the brands below actually offer plenty of dresses that come in a variety of other colors, too, if you want to switch things up!

Also, note that most of the brands below are small, boutique companies whose founders and designers play an intimate role in the making of each dress. So if you want some sort of customization to your wedding day outfit, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and see what they can do for you.

Lastly, while price ranges vary, you’ll notice that most of these designers offer very affordable sustainable wedding dresses. Not only are many of the prices listed below competitive with that you’ll find at something like BHLDN or David’s Bridal, but many of them are actually more affordable, while at the same time being much more thoughtfully made.

So let’s get to it! Here are our favorite brands for organic and natural wedding dresses:

1. AYA Sacredwear

Price range: $120-$270
Materials: Organic cotton, linen, peace silk
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

AYA offers a selection of gorgeous dresses with boho and back-to-nature vibes. Each piece is made by hand using ancient techniques, botanical dyes, and high-quality natural fabrics. Some of their dresses take up to five years to make from start to finish!

Some of AYA’s sustainable wedding dresses are more simple and minimalistic, while others come with layers, wraps, fringe, and ties. In addition to their white collection, they also make other dresses that would be great for bridesmaids, off-white weddings, special events, or even just everyday wear.

2. Pure Magnolia

Price range: $515-$2,625
Materials: Organic cotton, silk, & some synthetics
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

Pure Magnolia makes gorgeous sustainable wedding gowns, including more ‘traditional’ designs that come with long trains and lots of lace, as well as more modern designs like separates and pants.

Pure Magnolia has a variety of ethical and eco-conscious initiatives in place, including knowing where their fabric is sourced from, local production (they’re based in Canada), ensuring all workers are paid fair wages, and waste reduction. Although they do use some synthetic fabrics for parts of their dresses, they try to use natural and organic options like cotton and silk as much as possible.

3. Wear Your Love

Price range: $1,020-$1,780
Materials: Organic cotton + synthetics
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? In between (the styles are pre-designed, but your dress is made-to-order based on your measurements and you can make minor customizations such as adding lining or raising/lowering the neckline)

Wear Your Love is a great choice for more ‘traditional’ wedding dress designs, with lots of gorgeous long dresses with lots of lace. Although not all of the fabric used for Wear Your Love’s dresses are natural and/or organic, almost all of them are made with between 30% and 50% organic cotton. (The other 50-70% are usually lace fabrics, which are synthetic.)

These dresses are all made to order by hand in their studio in Northern California. This way, they can make sure that everything is manufactured ethically and they can prevent as much waste as possible. (The fabric cut-offs they do end up with are sent to be recycled into filling fibers for things like carpet pads and furniture cushions.)

4. Sister Organics

natural hemp silk wedding dress from sister organics

Price range: $235-$560
Materials: Organic cotton, conventional cotton, hemp, silk, linen
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Both (Most of the styles are pre-designed but the dresses are made-to-order so customizations to size and style can be made upon request. But they also offer one-of-a-kind bespoke dresses as well!)

This UK-based sustainable wedding dress brand makes simple and feminine special occasion dresses, casual wedding dresses, bridal separates, dresses for civil ceremonies, and party dresses. Everything is made to order by hand in Devon by Natalie (the brand’s founder and designer) and another seamstress.

They make robes and PJs too—a great idea for bridemaids gifts!

5. Reformation

Price range: $88-$428
Materials: Organic cotton, linen, silk, rayon
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

Reformation carries a collection of white dresses as well as a bridal collection. Many of their dresses have elegant minimalist vibes. In addition to their wedding dresses, they also have options for bridal showers, bridesmaids, and other special events.

Although they do use a lot of natural fabrics like organic cotton and linen, a lot of their dresses are made from rayon, which we don’t necessarily recommend as a great natural or organic choice. So just make sure to check the material details on the dress before buying.

6. The Summer House

Price range: $68-$121
Materials: Organic cotton, conventional cotton, TENCEL, linen
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

For more of a unique option, The Summer House offers a collection of white dresses made primarily from organic cotton, conventional cotton, and linen. They offer both short and simple white dresses along with maxi dresses with lots of layers.

To work toward their mission of being a catalyst for a kinder, cleaner world, The Summer House works with vetted local NGOs to help vulnerable craft communities move away from exploitative practices. So each dress is ethically made by an Indian artisan in order to “bridge the gap between age old craftsmanship and modern wardrobes.”

7. Poémia

Price range: $1,350-$1,795
Materials: Organic cotton & cupro
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

The Poémia brand is inspired by all things romance, wildflowers, and story. Their “new kind of dress” is designed and produced very thoughtfully, from the way the fabric is sourced to the way they make sure everyone works under safe and fair conditions to their aim to preserve and showcase the rich history of artisanal craftsmanship. Everything is made between India, NYC, and Pennsylvania.

One of the neatest things Poémia offers is their “Ever After” package. This allows you to send your dress back after your wedding day so they can dye it to a different color (if you want) and cut the hem shorter so you can wear your dress again and again!

They also have organic robes for you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day.

8. Tara Lynn

Price range: $1,000 – $15,000
Materials: Hemp, silk, cotton (organic & conventional), and bamboo
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Tara Lynn offers both custom-made dresses (which are completely unique to you) as well as made-to-order dresses (which are made for your size using a pre-made design)

Absolutely perfect for the true nature-lover, Tara Lynn’s dresses are incredibly unique. (Tara has actually been creating custom eco-friendly wedding dresses since 1999.)

You can either choose a dress from one of her Woodland, Goddess, or Starlight collections, or you can request a completely custom wedding dress in which Tara gets to know you and comes up with a one-of-a-kind design that’s unique to you. Tara offers both ‘non-traditional’ designs with colors, flowers, and butterflies, as well as more ‘traditional’ solid white or off-white designs.

She also offers bespoke hemp suits for the masculine members of your wedding party!

9. Larimeloom

Price range: $312-$2,900
Materials: Silk
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Both (you can buy ready-made dresses or request customizations to existing designs)

Larimeloom’s wedding outfits are made almost completely from 100% silk. Based in Italy, this creative design studio is on a mission to infuse intentional and sustainable methodologies into their entire process—from the natural materials to, the non-toxic and hand-dyed colors, to the practicality and durability for the customer, and more.

Larimeloom offers traditional white and off-white dresses, but if you want something a little bit different, their painted silk wedding dresses are simply gorgeous.

10. Yana Dee

Price range: $160-$1,200
Materials: Hemp silk, organic cotton, bamboo
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Both (customizations can be made to pre-designed dresses)

Most of Yana Dee’s wedding dresses are made out of hemp silk charmeuse, which is an all-natural material with sheen, drape, and flow. These dresses are made in the USA by a woman owned and operated small family business.

These simple wedding dresses are meant to be comfortably worn by all body shapes and are designed to allow you to move and dance confidently and freely throughout your day.

11. Mara Hoffman

Price range: $295-$595
Materials: Organic cotton, linen
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

Mara Hoffman offers a collection of natural wedding dresses for a more casual wedding day. They’re made ethically in India out of sustainable materials like GOTS certified organic cotton and natural linen. You will totally be able to wear these dresses again after your wedding day if you want, too!

12. Stillwhite

Price range: $490+
Materials: Lots of different materials
Custom-Made or Ready-to-Buy? Ready to buy

Going secondhand is a great way to get your hands on a wedding dress, too (especially at a more affordable price!). Stillwhite has a large selection of dresses, so you can find just about any style, size, and price range you’re looking for. You can also filter by designer, location of the seller, color, and a lot more.

To find dresses using natural fabrics, you can either filter by fabric or you can just type in ‘organic cotton,’ ‘silk,’ ‘hemp,’ or whatever other kind of fabric you’re interested in into the search bar.

And regardless of where you end up buying your dress, Stillwhite is a great way to re-sell your wedding outfit after your big day if you decide you want to do that!


There are so many things to consider when choosing the best outfit to wear on your wedding day. What’s the vibe of your ceremony? What style will you feel most comfortable and beautiful in? What is your budget? And of course, what kind of ethical and sustainable initiatives are important to you?

We hope this article has given you a head start on your search for an organic or natural wedding dress!

What kind of organic & non-toxic roundup would you like us to do next? Let us know by commenting below or reaching out and letting us know!

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