As a former professional dancer for a Major League Soccer team, my “beauty routine” became very important to me and I began learning the best ways to take care of my skin.

I’ve always been a bit of a make-up minimalist (besides a few regretful years in high school), so keeping my skin looking youthful, smooth and glowing was important so that I didn’t have to use too much make-up on game days.

A couple of years later, when cleaner skincare became more available and research on the negative health effects of exposure to toxins in skincare became more well-known, I was more aware than ever of what I was putting on my body. When possible, I started opting for more natural options.

After becoming pregnant with my daughter, it became a mission for me to use the cleanest, safest, least toxic products out there, but that still delivered the results I was looking for.

After much research and personal trial, I now know which ingredients to be cautious of when choosing a cosmetic product and which of the non-toxic options are the best at providing anti-aging results! I love being able to share this knowledge so that others have the opportunity to choose a cleaner skincare routine, without having to spend time doing the research!

That’s why I’m here and happy to break it down for you: which ingredients to avoid, which to opt for instead, and which specific skincare brands and products are clean, non-toxic, and result in healthy, glowing skin!

Now, for fun, you may be wondering how long we’ve been obsessed with looking young. Here’s a quick look back (all the way to Cleopatra) on the history of anti-aging rituals, some good (we will mention Frownies in a bit), some not-so-good (looking at you, Botox), and some that just didn’t work out (too bad we never found the fountain of youth)!

There are many ways we can use a combination of products to help prevent wrinkles, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and more—from exfoliation to moisturizing, and even lifestyle factors that can help us look like our most vibrant selves.

This guide contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase (though not all links are affiliate!). As always, we only make recommendations that are genuine.

Inactive Ingredients to Watch Out for in Your Skincare Routine

First, let’s talk about several inactive ingredients that are commonly used in skincare products and can be harmful to our health.

By inactive, we are referring to ingredients that are used in products for reasons other than anti-aging purposes. These ingredients could be used as a preservative, to create a desired texture, for sun protection, as a solvent or plasticizer, for added moisture or fragrance, and more.

Many of the ingredients listed below are banned in other countries as well as in some retailers in the United States because they are linked to health concerns such as endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and/or carcinogenicity.

Several inactive ingredients have also been shown to cause harm to the environment. Plastic microbeads, for example, were commonly used by many skincare brands for exfoliation, although many are now choosing more eco-friendly options like jojoba beads, sugar, and salt.

Unfortunately, you can still find many of these potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics, including anti-aging skincare. Below is a list of the most widely used ingredients of concern and what to look for when reading the label.

Active Ingredients to Look Out for in Your Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Since we are specifically talking about anti-aging skincare in this article, next we will discuss the active ingredients, or the ingredients used in the product to actually help you look younger!

Luckily, there are several non-toxic ingredients that are great for your skin and are being used in more anti-aging products on the market. First, let’s mention those we want to be cautious of and why.

The WORST Anti-Aging Ingredients to Try and Avoid:


If you are familiar with any anti-aging skincare ingredients at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of this one.

Although there is a lot of evidence that retinol is great for preventing wrinkles, keeping your skin looking plump and youthful, and even treating acne, there are other factors we want to consider before choosing a retinol-based product for your skincare regimen.

Retinol is a Vitamin A derived ingredient that helps with cell turnover to increase collagen production. That’s a key step in an anti-aging routine, but there are other safer ingredients (listed below) that can also provide the same function. Retinol can also help with evening out your skin tone, but in my opinion, the issues outweigh the potential benefits of this ingredient.

First, retinol is not always kind to your skin and can cause redness, dry skin, flaking, burning, itching, and discomfort, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

But perhaps even worse, retinol may increase skin cancer risk when exposed to sunlight. This is important considering that many anti-aging skincare products also contain sunscreen, causing consumers to think it’s safe (and even protective) to wear outside.

Many retinol-based products also contain BHT, which, as mentioned above, is a preservative that has been shown in studies to cause different types of organ-system toxicity, including damage to the liver, thyroid, lungs, kidneys, and immune system.

Also, a note for pregnant and breastfeeding folks: since retinol is a derivative of preformed vitamin A, it is best not to use any products containing retinol during pre-conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding since higher doses of this type of vitamin A has been shown to cause birth defects.

Even though retinols have been heavily researched and recommended by many dermatologists, there are still some unknowns about the safety of long-term use.

If you are familiar with the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Database, they rank retinol as a 9 (10 being the worst) because of the increased risk of skin cancer along with it’s developmental and reproductive toxicity.

How to Practice Safe Retinol Use

If you do decide on a retinol-containing skincare regimen, here are some recommendations:

  • Only use it at night. (Or at the very least, try to avoid being in the sun for long periods of time while you’re wearing the product.)
  • Use products that contain low concentrations of retinol (such as 0.1%).
  • Don’t use it while pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant.
  • Start with a small amount upon first use to make sure you don’t have any acute adverse effects.

BETTER Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients:

Now let’s look at a few of the “okay” active ingredients for anti-aging skincare.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)

One thing that our skin loves is exfoliation! Exfoliation renews our skin’s surface by getting rid of old dead skin cells and making room for new ones, reviving our skin and giving it a youthful, glowing appearance. Yes, our skin does naturally go through this process, but by actively promoting cell turnover, we are renewing our skin more regularly to deliver these results.

There are two different ways we can exfoliate our skin: physically or chemically.

A scrub helps to physically get rid of dry and damaged skin, whereas chemical acids work to peel away the damaged skin. If you want to choose a chemical exfoliant, AHAs and BHAs are a great starting point! If you’re new to the idea, you might be thinking: you want me to put acid on my face!? It sounds scary, but these are safe and even healthy for most people’s skin.

So, which one should you use? Both AHAs and BHAs are great at exfoliation, but they each have their own list of benefits. AHAs are the better choice for anti-aging and are also more gentle on the skin. There are several different types of AHAs, but the most common are glycolic acid and lactic acid. AHAs are wonderful for brightening, pore-refining, purifying/reducing dirt and impurities, and hydrating. AHAs have also been shown to help ease fine lines and wrinkles—yay!

BHA’s are a great way to reset your skin. Using a product containing a BHA before applying another product—like a cream, serum, or oil—will help the second product penetrate your skin and essentially work better. BHAs are also great at reducing oil and treating acne, which is a plus if you have acne-prone skin.

Many skincare lines will include both an AHA and a BHA in their exfoliating products since they work well together. That said, they don’t mix well with retinol so please don’t use an AHA or BHA-containing product if you already use retinol.

These acids are definitely more gentle than retinol, but they didn’t make the “best” category because they can cause skin irritation and sun sensitivity, especially in those who already have sensitive skin.

To avoid any issues, make sure to increase the use of these acids slowly (most products will tell you how to do this on the packaging), and make sure to apply more sun protection or avoid the sun for a week after use. Yes, the side effects do sound similar to retinol but they are much less severe for a much healthier product for your skin.

BEST Active Ingredients for Non-Toxic & Natural Anti-Aging Skincare


Have you ever heard of Bakuchiol (buh·koo·chee·owl)?

Probably not, but it may be your new best friend!

Bakuchiol is a botanical plant-based ingredient that essentially does everything that retinol does, but without the side effects! Studies have shown that bakuchiol can treat premature aging, skin discoloration, and acne, and that is can be just as effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles as retinol.

So what are the downsides?

Lack of research is a big one. There haven’t been as many studies on bakuchiol as there have been on retinol, but so far, studies are promising and have shown to make the improvements mentioned above.

There is also a price difference. Bakuchiol-containing products typically run more expensive than retinol since you are paying for a natural ingredient.

Personally, I think this is a great choice for natural and organic anti-aging skincare. It is much safer for you and your skin and still shows wonderful results.

Ceramides and Niacinamide

Both of these “-ides” are a great addition to your anti-aging skincare regimen. They are both non-toxic, ranking a 1 on the EWG Skin Deep Database with a fair amount of data behind them.

Ceramides are great at maintaining your skin barrier. These fats are essential if you exfoliate. They add hydration by holding water in and keeping your skin supple. Skin hydration is a key component in keeping skin youthful and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Our skin naturally contains ceramides but they decrease as we age, which is one of the reasons we lose moisture over time. Ceramides are very important in retaining that moisture and renewing your skin barrier. Another perk: a healthy skin barrier is a great way to protect your skin from environmental damage and stress!

Niacinamide is a type of vitamin B3 that builds keratin, a protein that helps maintain skin health. It has been shown to brighten skin, reduce the appearance of pores, boost hydration, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

These are all great reasons to use niacinamide, but it may be best known for its ability to reduce inflammation. This helps calm redness and is perfect to use alongside other skincare products like AHAs and BHAs, since it has the ability to decrease potential irritation caused by products like exfoliants.

Pairing both ceremides and a niacinamide with an exfoliant is an easy, smart step in your skin care routine!

Vitamin C

We all know it’s important to get vitamin C in our diets, but did you know it is also a healthy way to keep your skin looking and feeling young?

Vitamin C is becoming increasingly popular in the skincare world because of its powerful benefits. Applying a product containing vitamin C has been shown to slow signs of aging, brighten the appearance of your skin, and even help improve the appearance of wrinkles. Not only does it help your skin look its best, but vitamin C is an antioxidant, helping your skin protect itself from environmental stressors like air pollution and even damage from the sun, which makes our skin age quicker!

Vitamin C is a great option for someone starting to dabble in anti-aging skincare, whether you are young and looking for prevention or continuing to prevent further effects of aging.

Vitamin C is also a great partner to your normal sun protection routine, enhancing the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Many people especially like the brightening and evening of skin tone results they have seen from using a vitamin C containing product.

Vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory which can help control oil production and aid in the control of acne. I personally enjoy using a vitamin C product because it is a safe ingredient that has wonderful benefits and works well with most skin types.

Other Notable Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

There are many top-notch, non-toxic ingredients to look for in your anti-aging regimen, even more than those mentioned above! Some other notable ingredients are hyaluronic acidplum oilessential fatty acidssqualenecoenzyme Q10peptides and even green tea! All of these ingredients have different roles, but all fall under benefits you would typically want when deciding on a non-toxic anti-aging skincare product.

Now, with all of that information on what you should (or shouldn’t) have in your anti-aging skincare regimen, you may be asking where to go from here or which products contain these skin-loving ingredients.

Below we will go through the best of the best non-toxic anti-aging brands and products that I have thoroughly researched and many have tried, so you can choose the best skincare path for you!

The Best Brands Non-Toxic, Natural, & Organic Aging Skin

1. True Botanicals

best non toxic anti aging skincare brands true botanicals

True Botanicals has a clear mission to deliver clean and sustainable skincare products that are clinically proven to deliver visible results while also keeping your skin healthy. They use ethically sourced vegan ingredients without any toxins or fillers.

True Botanicals (as the name implies) is known for products rich in potent active plant ingredients containing nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

I love True Botanicals because ALL of their products are made without thousands of toxic chemicals known to harm human and environmental health, and they carry the MADE SAFE seal, which is one of the most comprehensive safety standards out there.

Also, actress and model, Brooke Shields, is a huge supporter and promoter of this brand because of the wonderful results she has seen using this natural skincare line! Below I will be highlighting her anti-aging skincare routine.

Price: $248 for the whole set, which includes:

non toxic anti aging skincare brands true botanicals

1. Calm & Clean: The Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm

Price: $48

The Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm moisturizes your skin while it removes make-up, dirt, and other impurities, significantly leaving your skin clean and soft!

Every anti-aging regimen needs a good cleanser to remove all that nasty stuff and refresh your skin, especially before applying your other skincare products. This cleanser does that without stripping your skin of moisture. It’s composed of lactic acid to gently exfoliate, along with yucca extract, turmeric, and ginger oils to calm and cleanse. Reviewers of this product love the way it removes makeup and calms redness.

safe anti aging skincare from true botanicals

2. An all-in-one anti-ager: The Chebula Active Serum

Price: $90

The Chebula Active Serum is a best seller! This serum fights the visible signs of aging while keeping your skin hydrated and protecting your skin barrier. It targets pretty much every area of what an anti-aging product should, from dullness and dark spots, to fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin.

It contains green tea, aloe vera, and the signature ingredient—chebula—which is a powerful antioxidant. This serum is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, making it a great option for sensitive skin users.

best non toxic anti-aging skincare from true botanicals

3. An oil for everyone: The True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

Price: $110

True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil is another best-selling product that is clinically proven to outperform a leading anti-aging moisturizer!

This award-winning product contains ceramides, fatty acids, and antioxidants that create a perfect blend to fight the visible signs of aging. It is lightweight, immediately sinking into your skin, making it a great oil for those who tend to be on the oily side.

Reviewers say this oil makes their skin look more youthful after just one use and compliment the lovely scent! This is also a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic product, and again, you can’t beat the fact that all of their skincare products come with the MADE SAFE seal!

2. Annmarie

Annmarie is another natural skincare brand that has a wonderful anti-aging skincare line. They focus on:

  • honesty (100% transparency about what is in their products)
  • wild (using ingredients as close to nature as you can get, free of synthetic chemicals, colors and fragrances)
  • and beautiful (promising you’ll see the results – beautiful, youthful, glowing skin)

Annmarie also has many products with the MADE SAFE seal, making it easier to trust you are getting clean, non-toxic ingredients. This brand has many products that fall under the anti-aging category, so you really can pick and choose what selection of products work best for your skin.

They’re also known for their wonderful spa-like fragrances, made with botanical oils. Many have stated they get that “just got a facial” feeling every time they finish their anti-aging skincare routine.

best non toxic anti aging skincare from annmarie

Here are some of my top picks from Annmarie:

1. An oil for mature skin: Annmarie Anti-Aging Facial Oil

Price: $63

Annmarie’s Anti-Aging Facial Oil is a wonderful product for already mature and aging skin. It uses a blend of herbs and antioxidant-rich seed oils to firm and tighten skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This oil is also a wonderful moisturizer and performs really well at softening and conditioning more mature skin.

best natural skincare for aging skin from annmarie

2. For brighter eyes: The Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Price: $70

Of course, we can’t leave out an eye cream! It is super important to keep the area around your eyes moisturized, as that is one of the first areas to show signs of aging in your face.

The Anti-Aging Eye Cream from Annmarie creates a look of rested and youthful eyes. It contains herbs and active plant cells as well as antioxidant-rich green tea and cucumber extract. This product is perfect for temporarily easing the puffiness that we get as we age (or maybe just after a bad night’s sleep!).

best organic natural anti aging skincare from annmarie

3. For a natural exfoliant: The Kaolin Micro Exfoliant

Price: $66

The Kaolin Micro Exfoliant is the first exfoliant on the list that is non-chemical and uses kaolin clay to cleanse your pores. This non-toxic scrub smooths skin and removes impurities, leaving skin feeling renewed and flawless!

This is a perfect option for those that can get irritation from chemical exfoliants like AHAs and BHAs. This product is known for reducing pore size and is a lovely companion to your shower routine!

3. Uviña Skin

Uviña Skin is a wellness and skincare brand specializing in clean, minimal ingredients in very few products. This brand is perfect for those that don’t like putting a lot of product on their skin but still want to achieve results with their anti-aging routine.

The founder of Uviña Skin started the skincare line after becoming a mother and realizing she needed a condensed, non-toxic, and effective routine. With a healthcare background, Uviña Skin’s founder, Jelitsa, created products that would enhance natural beauty without sacrificing well-being.

Uviña Skin uses plant- and fruit-based ingredients proven to nourish your skin. I love that they break down each product’s ingredients on their website so you know exactly why that ingredient was put in and what it does.

This skincare line is perfect for people with sensitive skin, as well as those just starting on their anti-aging skincare journey. Their skincare regime is only three steps… how can you beat that?

best organic anti aging skincare from uvina skin

1. The Uviña Power Bundle

Price: $90

This Power Bundle includes three necessities—the Isabel Peppermint Facial Cleansing Bar, the Gaby Antioxidant-Rich & Soothing Serum, and the Aida Intensely Hydrating Face Cream—for less than when purchased separately.

Here’s some more info on each product that comes in the bundle:

best natural skincare for aging skin from uvina

2. For a Minimal-Ingredient Cleanser: Isabel Peppermint Facial Cleansing Bar

Price: $15

The Isabel Peppermint Facial Cleansing Bar is an excellent cleansing bar for those looking for a minimal amount of ingredients in a product. With only six ingredients, this bar is best known for it’s ability to clear up acne without stripping moisture (on top of it’s anti-aging benefits!). 

Not only do natural plant-based oils make up this minimalist bar, but I also can’t help but mention the eco-friendly component of using a bar soap… no packaging!

natural anti-aging skincare uvina skin

3. For Hydrating Without Feeling Oily: The Everything Serum

Price: $48

The Gaby Antioxidant-Rich and Soothing Serum is light-weight, non-oily and hydrates your skin without clogging pores. It soothes redness and irritation, reduces eye puffiness and dark circles, stimulates collagen production, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and glowing! 

Formulated without fragrances and harmful preservatives, this serum is rich in antioxidants and essential amino acids, and it doesn’t contain any extra ingredients that you don’t need.

Since it’s hydrated but still lightweight, this is the perfection moisturizer to use in the morning, before you get going with your day.

organic natural anti-aging skincare from Uvina skin

4. For Extra Hydration: The Aida Intensely Hydrating Face Cream

Price: $44

The Aida Intensely Hydrating Face Cream contains moringa butter which has been shown to hydrate skin even more than shea butter without feeling greasy. 

It helps lighten, minimize the appearance of fine lines, even skin tone and control oily skin. This natural moisturizer contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and powerful fruit antioxidants. 

This is a fantastic cream for those with oily and acne prone skin looking to also get the added benefits of an anti-aging product.

Use the code THEFILTERY for 15% off your order.

Is Botox Toxic?

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this one, but at least want to mention it. In short, Botox is a toxin. It is made from the same toxin that causes botulism, a type of food poisoning. So, with that being said, it isn’t making the list of non-toxic anti-aging options. Although the FDA considers it safe, it still comes with a list of warnings and side effects, which you can find here. Additionally, it doesn’t always deliver the results the person is looking for. Overall, I think there are many other options that can be tried before going this route.

Other Anti-Aging Products

In addition to anti-aging cleansers, moisturizers, and serums, there are some additional anti-aging products you may want to try—either instead of or in addition to your natural anti-aging skincare regimen.

Our Editor, Abbie, has tried most of the products below as well, so you can read her opinions of them.

1. Frownies

non toxic anti aging skincare from frownies

Frownies are face patches that were developed back in 1889. With a little bit of water, they adhere to the area where you want to decrease the look of wrinkles (the forhead being the most popular place to stick them). 

They work by providing a kind of “cast” for your facial muscles, holding them in place while also releasing tension in order to help flatten and smooth them out. They’re also said to help “re-train” your facial muscles, breaking any “frowny” habits you may have subconsciously developed.

Frownies facial patches are made of natural unbleached kraft paper which is safe and healthy for the skin and contains no silicones or latex. Like Band-Aids, Frownies adhere to the skin with an adhesive that do not absorb into the skin and is water activated for easy removal.

It’s easiest to wear them while you sleep, but you can technically wear them whenever, like while you do chores around the house during the day.

Abbie’s take: First of all, props to Frownies for being the O.G. of the facial patch trend. More and more brands in this category have popped up in recent years, but Frownies was started over five generations ago!

One of the things I like about Frownies is that they stay on the longest, by far. They will last all through the night and even into the next day—so you can wear them for basically as long as you want.

I also like how you can “design” your own shape to a certain extent. The little triangles are perforated, so you can just use one, or you can make a line or a square if you want to.

In my opinion, they are less comfortable compared to the silicone patches. After you apply them with a little bit of water, they become stiff, whereas the silicone patches feel more “cushion-y.”

They’re also not as easy to take off, which I think makes sense considering they can stay on for so long! You have to wet them and let the water soak through for a few seconds so that you can peel them off easily. But make sure you remove them properly—don’t just try to rip them off your skin without wetting them first!

Frownies are not reusable like the silicone patches are, which means they’re probably a little bit more wasteful. (The silicone patches are not infinitely re-usable though, so I don’t know if there’s a huge difference at the end of the day, especially considering the Frownies probably require less resources to produce and are compostable.)

Also, because you just throw them away when you’re finished, they don’t require the maintenance that the silicone ones do. (You have to wash the silicone patches and wait for them to air dry after each use.)

2. Wrinkles Schminkles

Similar to Frownies, Wrinkles Schminkles patches are designed to adhere to the skin and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Their patches are non-toxic and non-transdermal, meaning no skin absorption from the silicone patch (with the exception of the microneedle ones).

The biggest difference between Frownies and Wrinkles Schminkles are that the Wrinkles Schminkles are made out of 100% medical grade silicone (instead of paper) and are reusable. Whereas Frownies are single-use, Wrinkles Schminkles can be washed and re-used 15-20 times.

Silicone facial patches work by releasing tension and holding the skin in place just like the paper Frownies do, but they provide some extra help with anti-aging as well. They’re said to foster a process called occlusion, which pulls moisture through the skin, helping with hydration and collagen-production. By using occlusion, you can see visible results much fast—after just a couple of hours.

Wrinkles Schminkles also have a variety of differently shaped patches, including ones for your forehead, under-eyes, and chest. They also carry self-dissolving microneedle patches, which painlessly penetrate the skin to deliver collagen, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and peptides.

Abbie’s take: The Wrinkles Schminkles are probably my least favorite of all three of the facial patch brands listed here. They are thinner and flimsier than the Dermaclara ones (listed below), which makes them a little more difficult to put on. They also aren’t as sticky as the Dermaclara ones, which means they don’t stay on as well. 

Because of the way the forehead patches are shaped, the edges get stuck to my hair and that affects how well they stay on my face. (Of course, this will probably be different for others, depending on the size and shape of your forehead and where your hairline is.)

They also just don’t last as long as the Dermaclara ones. The company says you can re-use them 15-20 times, which in my experience is pretty accurate.

I do, however, like that Wrinkles Schminkles offers the microneedle patches! I don’t use those as much, but I like to use them every once in a while when I want to give my face a little “extra” anti-aging love.

3. Dermaclara

Dermaclara is another silicone facial patch brand that’s very similar to Wrinkles Schminkles. They’re made from 100% medical grade silicone and also work via occlusion. 

In addition to the forehead, eyes/mouth, and chest patches, they also have ones for the neck and stomach. In addition to wrinkle prevention and treatment, these patches are also meant to be a pregnancy-safe way to prevent and treat scars and stretch marks, too!

Abbie’s take: The Dermaclara patches are my favorite of the three brands. They’re the easiest to take on and off and they definitely last the longest. (The brand says you can use them up to 30 times, but I’ve actually used my forehead patch more than that at this point and it still has plenty of stickiness left.)

I think they are more comfortable to wear compared to Frownies, but they stay on longer than the Wrinkles Schminkles. 

I will say, though, that I don’t use Dermaclara’s Patch Prep cleaner because I don’t love the ingredients. I just use the foaming soap that’s in my hand soap dispenser, which is usually either Branch Basics or healthybaby. (I don’t use any of Frownies’ or Wrinkles Schminkles’ other skincare products either, although at the time of this writing, I haven’t dug into their ingredients yet.)

One quick tip about wearing patches… Even though all of the face patch brands can be worn on different sections of your face and even on other parts of your body (like your neck and chest), I personally only like wearing them on one or two sections at a time. It’s just not very comfortable for me to feel “covered” in the patches, and it makes me not want to wear them. So I just stick with one section at a time and then I can comfortably wear them for hours at a time.

The last thing I’ll say about facial patches in general (no matter which brand you choose) is that they’re definitely not a “magic” fix the way Botox is. You can definitely notice results after just one use, but they’re meant to be used regularly. But once you get into the habit of putting them on, it feels like any other self-care or cleansing practice—like brushing your teeth or showering.

In a similar way, even though facial patches definitely can and will help decrease wrinkles and fine lines, they were even better when you use them preventatively. So the sooner you start using them, the better!

4. Face Rollers & Gua Sha Stones

rose quartz facial roller

Using a Gua Sha facial stone or rolling your face with a face roller isn’t just a “trendy” beauty hack! Results from using these types of products daily include: tightening and toning facial muscles, improving product absorption (from your topical skincare regimen), promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles, and tightening pores by promoting circulation. 

I personally use this one from Silktáge. I only spend about a minute each morning using mine, and I love it! There are many videos on YouTube to show you the right way to roll.

Abbie’s take: I have been using Wildling’s Express Collection for years now. It includes a Gua Sha stone, a “tonic” mist spray, and a facial oil (which is not only skin-nourishing but is also necessary for gliding the stone along your face).

Honestly, using the Wildling Empress Collection always feels so luxurious to me. The mist and the oil smell so good and it always feels like a treat. Sometimes I actually use the stone before I apply my facial patches to give my tension release and wrinkle treatment a head start.

Of course, it’s great for things like wrinkle release/prevention and eye-depuffing, but it’s also good for stimulating lymphatic flow and relieving stress as well. I like to do it in the evening to unwind from the day, even while I sit on the couch and watch Netflix. You can use it to help release tension in places like your jaw, which might be helpful for people with TMJ.

Wildling has tons of tutorials on their Instagram.

5. Silk or TENCEL Pillowcase

silk pillowcase from parachute

Many wrinkles can develop based on how we sleep at night. Silk pillowcases have been shown to be more giving to your skin, keeping it (along with your hair) healthy and moisturized, even reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Silk is also very cooling and comfortable to sleep on. Parachute’s Mulberry silk pillowcase is OEKO-TEX certified to be free from a list of potentially harmful chemicals.

Or for a vegan option, go for TENCEL instead!

Other Ways to Stay Looking Youthful

We know aging is a natural process, but there are things that can speed up that process. Here are some tips to not only keep you looking youthful, but help you to feeling young, too!

Sun protection is a big one. Sun damage can be one of the harshest ways our skin becomes damaged, leading to wrinkles, dark spots and even more serious concerns. Protection is important, whether it be a hat, staying in the shade, or sunscreen. Check out Beautycounter’s Countersun Daily Sheer Defense Face SPF 25 sunscreen which is a clear zinc, leaving no white cast, and is EWG Verified. 

For even more guidance on choosing a safer sunscreen, you can check out The Filtery’s guide here.

Other lifestyle factors to keep your skin, and yourself, looking and feeling younger include:

  • Getting the right amount of quality sleep to put your body in repair mode.
  • Getting regular exercise, if able.
  • Eating less sugar to reduce glucose spikes. (This helps to reduce glycation in the body, which in turn reduces free radicals – a huge factor in the aging process!)
  • Drinking water to keep your skin plump, hydrated, and brighter.
  • Reducing stress, which reduces the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Overall, healthy lifestyle habits are not only great for you, but contribute to healthy skin. If you want to really amp up your skincare routine to protect your skin and prevent the signs of aging, there are many clean, non-toxic regimens to choose from! Take your pick!

About Chelsea

Chelsea Carbary is a mother and dance instructor/choreographer who has a passion for โ€œlow-toxโ€ clean living. She loves researching, and in turn, sharing the knowledge sheโ€™s acquired so that others can be more educated and choose to live a little cleaner too! She loves being a mommy and thrives in a creative environment, whether sheโ€™s creating a new dance routine, drawing, writing or simply in playtime with her daughter.

Chelsea is a Beautycounter Brand Advocate and loves the clean, quality, non-toxic products the company produces. If you have any questions about a Beautycounter product or would like a skincare regimen recommendation, you can get in touch with her here:

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