You want to provide your little one with the safest and healthiest environment you possibly can, and that starts in the womb!

There are so many things to think about as you go through your pregnancy and birthing process, so try to take it one step at a time. Getting good sleep is an important piece of the puzzle, and many new moms need some extra support for their belly and body during sleeping and resting hours.

So for this guide, I’ve rounded up the best organic pregnancy pillows that will provide your belly with adequate support while keeping a safe and healthy snoozing environment.

Plus we’ve got the best non-toxic nursing pillows (which are great whether you breastfeed or bottle feed!).

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What to Look for in an Organic Nursing Pillow

The main things you’ll want to look for are:

  • Safe materials (like organic cotton, latex, wool, and kapok)
  • No toxic finishes (no “water-resistant” or “stain-resistant” PFAS!)
  • Personal preferences (size/shape, firmness, versatility, washability)

If you want to dive deeper into what to look for, we have a comprehensive guide to picking out your organic nursing pillow right here!

Do You Really Need a Nursing Pillow?

Are nursing pillows worth it? I lay out the potential benefits to help you decide. Plus, I’ll tell you what to look for in a non-toxic & organic nursing pillow.

Best Organic Pregnancy Pillow Brands for Maternity, Nursing, & Beyond

Okay, now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s get to it! Here are our favorite brands for safe and healthy body and nursing pillows for pregnancy and beyond:

1. Hiamom

organic pregnancy body pillow from hiamom

Hiamom’s two body pillows are made out of 100% wool for the stuffing and 100% cotton for the outer covers. (The covers come in several different colors, including cream, peach, and blue.

To source their natural materials, the Hiamom team works with local farmers and non-profit manufacturing facilities “to craft not only the best product but also to contribute back to the community.”

Their Full Body Pillow is meant to provide 6-pint support to help relieve stress and pain around the neck, arms, lower belly, pelvis, knees, and ankles.

You can definitely use either one for nursing, but the Bubble Puff™ Cuddle Pillow will work better since it’s smaller. The full-body one is just a lot of pillows to wrap around yourself!

My take: I’ve been using the Full Body Pillow for several months and it is comfy! 

The first thing I noticed was how soft the cover fabric is. The pillow is pretty firm, providing the support my body wants. But I like that you can unzip the inner pillow to customize the filling based on your liking. You can either take some of the wool out to make it more plush, add more to make it firmer, or even stuff it with a different material if you want to!

It’s really easy to clean, too. The cover zips right off, so I can throw that right in the washing machine with my other gentles. You could wash the fabric that the actual pillow is made out of too, but it’s not going to be quite as easy (because you’ll have to take the stuffing out).

You can definitely continue using either pillow after pregnancy as well, just as a normal body pillow. (I’m not actually pregnant or nursing; I’ve just been using it as a regular organic pillow at night!)

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2. Naturepedic (Waterproof nursing pillow!)

non-toxic waterproof nursing pillow from naturepedic
  • Types: Nursing Pillow with Waterproof Cover
  • Materials: Organic cotton, PLA filling (made from non-GMO sugarcane), PU waterproof barrier
  • Price: $119

If you’re looking for a waterproof option (which can be very handy when it comes to nursing!), check out Naturepedic’s organic nursing pillow.

Naturepedic is one of the best brands for non-toxic and organic bedding and pillows. Their nursing pillow several third-party certifications, including MADE SAFE and GREENGUARD Gold. It’s free from polyurethane foam, flame retardants, and vinyl/PVC.

Even though it’s not really possible to make a 100% natural waterproof cover (you can read more about why that is here), the materials used here are about as safe and natural as you can get without using additives like PFAS.

It’s made in the U.S.A., too!

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3. Obasan

organic body pillow for pregnancy from obasan
  • Types: Detachable two-pillow system for pregnancy and nursing
  • Materials: Organic cotton, organic wool
  • Price: $249 USD

This organic pillow is the real deal for pregnant and nursing moms!

First of all, it was designed by osteopath and perinatal orthopedic therapist, Shauna Ironside. It comes with twin crescent-shaped full-body pillows, which are detachable so that you can use it in different ways throughout different phases of pregnancy (and beyond!).

The front pillow supports your arms, belly, pelvis, hips, and legs to ease pelvic girdle pain, SI joint pain, sciatica, and lower back pain. The back pillow offers support, and pain relief and can help prevent back sleeping, which is not recommended during pregnancy.

Then after baby comes, you can unzip it and use the two separate pillows as regular body pillows, for nursing, or whatever works for you!

4. Butterr

  • Types: Nursing pillows
  • Materials: Natural latex and organic cotton
  • Price Range: $116

Available at Pottery Barn, the Butterr nursing pillows have a sleek and modern aesthetic. They’re made from a molded natural latex foam inner, which has a firmer feel for ultimate breastfeeding support.

Here are some more features worth noting:

  • Free from synthetics.
  • The outer machine washable cover is made out of organic cotton and comes with GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and GREENGUARD Gold certifications for safety.
  • It’s got a great ergonomic shape that is wider in the middle and more narrow on the ends to fit around your body in the back.
  • The cover is machine washable (the inner pillow is not).
  • Comes with a mesh travel bag for easier transport.

5. Lifekind

  • Types: Nursing pillow
  • Materials: Organic cotton and wool
  • Price Range: $59 (on sale) – $189

Lifekind has a great collection of organic and non-toxic mattresses, pillows, bedding, and more—for both adults and little ones.

They also have an organic nursing pillow (which comes with a cute cover!).

Here are some more features:

  • GOTS organic certified
  • The nursing pillow and cover are made with colorgrown cotton, which means it’s naturally brown-colored and undyed.
  • Body pillow is available in one size (20×60”).
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Free shipping and financing are available through Affirm and Shop Pay
  • Lifekind’s pillows are not machine washable (but they do have zip-off covers that are).

6. Holy Lamb Organics

  • Types: Body pregnancy pillows, nursing pillows, orthopedic neck support pillows
  • Materials: Organic cotton and wool
  • Price Range: $189 for the organic nursing pillow and $149 – $209 for all-natural body pillows

Holy Lamb is a great brand for pillows (and other bedding) for the whole family. Not only do they have several different nursing and pregnancy pillows, but they also have kids’ pillows, family bed bumpers, and more.

Some of the features of their certified organic body and pregnancy pillows include:

  • Made out of GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool
  • Body pillow is available in “body size” or “buddy size” (which is slightly smaller)
  • Made in the USA
  • Financing is available through Affirm

And if the organic pillow price point is too steep for your budget, Holy Lamb also offers the same pillows in a “natural” version. These are made with essentially the same materials (cotton and wool), but just don’t come with the third-party GOTS certifications.

7. Woolroom

  • Types: V-shaped nursing pillow and body pillow
  • Materials: Wool and organic cotton
  • Price Range: $286

Woolroom offers a V-shaped pillow that’s great for nursing.

Features include:

  • Completely natural and organic materials (free from any synthetics)
  • The filling is made out of 100% traceable British wool (you can scan the QR code for more info about where the wool came from)
  • The entire pillow is machine washable
  • Naturally hypoallergenic-approved by Allergy UK
  • Made in the EU
  • Pregnancy pillow is 20 inches long
  • Financing available through Klarna

8. Savvy Rest

  • Types: Body pillows and wedge pillows
  • Materials: Wool, latex, kapok
  • Price Range: $209.00 – $288 (Latex), $349.00 – $438 (Wool-Latex), $409.00 – $498 (Wool), $229.00 – $318 (Kapok)

Savvy Rest offers several different body pillows which are great for pregnancy support as well as everyday comfort for non-pregnant people as well.

They have four different body pillows with various types of fillings:

  • shredded latex (more firm & supportive)
  • organic kapok (fluffier)
  • natural wool (good for temperature stabilization)
  • wool-latex blend

Each of these varieties is available in either a 17 or 20-inch size (and the kapok one is also available in 15 inches). Each one also comes with an organic cotton cover. You also have the option of adding an organic waterproof protector, which is completely free from things like PVC, PFAS, and other toxic chemicals that are commonly found in other waterproof products.

Additional features of these body pillows include:

  • The body pillows are intentionally over-stuffed so that you can remove as much stuffing as you want for optimal customization.
  • Unbleached.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Financing is available through Affirm.

Savvy Rest is a great brand for other organic and non-toxic bedding and furniture essentials as well, including mattresses, bed frames, sofas, bedding, and more.

And get 20% off when you use code THEFILTERY20.

9. Sustainable Baby Co.

  • Types: Nursing pillows and body pillows
  • Materials: Organic cotton and organic buckwheat hulls
  • Price Range: $145 – $195

Sustainable Baby Co. has a great collection of what they call “Moon Pillows” and “MiniMoon Pillows.” Meant to be used before and after pregnancy and nursing, they are—you guessed it—shaped like a moon!

One thing that sets the Sustainable Baby Co. apart from most of the other brands on this list is that they offer so many different patterns and colorways. Here are some more features worth noting:

  • Made out of certified organic cotton for the outer layer and certified organic buckwheat hulls for the filling.
  • You can add or remove hulls to make it more or less firm based on your preference.
  • Includes a small aromatherapy pocket with a removable sachet of organic lavender and chamomile flowers!
  • Made by hand in Colorado, USA.

In addition to their Moon Pillows, they also have a Body≂Beam™ pillow, which is a flexible round body pillow, as well as standard-sized pillows and blankets.

10. Carolina Morning

organic body pillow for pregnancy from carolina morning
  • Types: Body pillows
  • Materials: Organic cotton, kapok
  • Price Range: $127

Carolina Morning makes modular non-toxic furniture, organic meditation cushions, yoga bolsters, pillows, and other related products.

Some of the features of their body pillow are:

  • Made completely out of organic cotton and eco-friendly kapok fiber (for the filling)
  • Comes with several third-party certifications, including GOTS and Green America
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 4.2′ long x 12″-15″ wide x 8″ tall

What About Boppy?

Boppy is one of the most well-known brands for nursing pillows… So, do they use organic and/or non-toxic materials? Although Boppy does offer a few pillow covers made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, they do not offer any pillows made with natural or organic material on the inside. All of their pillows are filled with synthetic polyester, so I don’t recommend them.

Final Thoughts on Organic Nursing Pillows & Non-Toxic Pregnancy Pillows

In summary: when looking for an ideal breastfeeding pillow and/or a supportive pillow for pregnancy, you’ll want to avoid polyurethane foam and other harmful chemicals and instead choose one with natural materials such as cotton, wool, kapok, or organic buckwheat hulls. Consider the different shapes and sizes to decide what is most important to you based on space, budget, and preferences. (Or just put multiple pillows on your baby registry!)

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