A winter wardrobe isn’t complete with a great pair of gloves!

Warmth, of course, is a priority. But you’ll also want a pair of gloves and/or mittens that are practical, comfortable, durable, and flexible…

A lot of knit gloves are made with acrylic yarn, which is a synthetic material. Most synthetic fabrics are not great for human health or the environment in the long run. They are derived from fossil fuels, often have potentially toxic chemicals added to them throughout the manufacturing process, and they “biodegrade” into microplastics at the end of their life.

Those with sensitive skin and eczema know firsthand that certain materials can lead to negative acute reactions… But clothing and accessories can also contain things like endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which can have more long term serious affects, including things like infertility and cancer. (These affects are also a lot less obvious, as it’s practically impossible to draw a straight cause-and-affect line from one’s wardrobe to their health problems.)

When you’ve worn your gloves as much as possible and they’re not longer usable, synthetic fabrics like polyester are not biodegradable; they simply shed into smaller and smaller microplastic pieces, which also then end up all over our waterways, in our soil, in our food, and in our bodies.

For these reasons, more and more folks are choosing to incorporate more natural and organic textiles into their wardrobes. Even though it’s pretty much impossible to completely get rid of synthetic fabrics from our closets, we do what we can… And the good news is that choosing natural or organic the next time you need a new pair of gloves is a small and relatively easy thing you can do because there are plenty of great brands on the market!

So with this guide, I’m hoping to save you some time and energy by giving you my top picks for high-quality wool, hemp, and organic cotton gloves that are made from as many healthy and sustainable materials as possible.

P.S. If you’re looking for more winter weather apparel and accessories, check out our guides to non-toxic and organic sweaters, sweatshirts & sweatpants, scarves, and hats, too.

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Quick Picks by Category

If you scroll down, you’ll find a lot more info. But if you just want to get straight to shopping, here are some of my top picks by category:

For adults with eczema: Cottonique (discount code: THEFILTERY10)

For kids with eczema: The Eczema Company

(These two above brands aren’t necessarily for super cold weather, but they’re good for everyday wear, nighttime, and as a base layer under winter gloves.)

For adults with sensitive skin who ALSO need winter warmth: Rawganique

For organic winter gloves for kids: Little Green Radicals

For performance winter gloves made with natural materials (for hiking, etc): Smartwool

For stylish cashmere winter gloves: Naadam

For colorful, handmade, & fair trade winter gloves: AURA QUE

+ even more options below!

Types of Gloves to Consider

Organic Cotton Gloves

100% organic cotton gloves are probably going to be the best bet if you have eczema, sensitive skin, multiple chemical sensitivities, or something similar.

You may want to choose undyed cotton that’s free from other materials like latex, spandex, or rubber.

Brands like Cottonique and Aya are two great brands that carry super soft cotton gloves for eczema. Their gloves aren’t super thick and therefore may not be suitable for use as winter gloves (depending on how cold it is and how long you’re staying out!), BUT if you have sensitive skin, I would suggest wearing these as a base layer and then wearing another pair of thicker gloves or mittens overtop that are specifically meant for cold weather.

Hemp Gloves

Although hemp gloves (like those from Rawganique) are a lot less common, hemp is another great material that’s natural and biodegradable (as long as it’s not mixed with anything else that can’t decompose!).

Hemp grows pretty quickly, without a bunch of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which makes it a pretty sustainable and crop. But one of the downsides is that it tends to be more expensive compared to organic cotton.

The other thing about organic cotton and hemp is that, unlike wool, they are suitable for vegans.


Many of the recommended brands below use natural wool for their winter gloves. Different types of wool have varying pros and cons. Merino wool, which comes from a specific kind of sheep, is softer and lighter weight than most other types of sheep’s wool.

Cashmere comes from the undercoat of a certain kind of goat that lives in the Himalayas. It’s softer, finer, and more luxurious compared to most other types of wool, but also tends to be more expensive and less durable.

Alpaca wool is the best of both worlds: it’s soft and lightweight, but also very durable and temperature-regulating. It’s also relatively rare, so it can be more expensive.

Last but not least, recycled wool of various types is a great option because it keeps materials out of landfills and reduces the amount of virgin material needed to be sourced from animals.

When possible, look for brands using Climate Beneficial Wool, which has been verified as regenerative by Fibershed, and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) wool, which ensures a “standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on.”

Wool can definitely be irritating for some people, so it may not be a good choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Usually, alpaca wool tends to be the least irritating type of wool, followed by cashmere and then merino. If you’ve never worn wool gloves before (or if it’s been a while), then you may want to just try them out, pay attention to your skin, and see if you experience any uncomfortable reactions.

The Best Organic Cotton Gloves for Eczema

First, let me give you my top two options for organic cotton gloves specifically for those with eczema, sensitive skin, multiple chemical sensitivities, or other conditions. These gloves are synthetic-free and vegan.

(Further below, I’ll give you even more options for organic and natural winter gloves that come in more of a variety of materials and styles.)


Price: $28 (3-pack)
Materials: Organic cotton
Made in: Philippines
Sizes: Adult S-2XL

If you have eczema, Cottonique is one of the best places to find clothing and accessories that are made specifically for sensitive skin.

Not only are these soothing gloves made out of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, but these hypoallergenic gloves are latex-free as well. They’re dye-free, elastic-free, rubber-free, and made without any synthetic chemical fibers at all!

These aren’t necessarily meant to be winter gloves, as they’re not super thick. But you can use them as a base layer underneath a thicker pair of gloves, so that the fabric that’s against your skin is non-irritating.

Those with eczema may also want to wear these gloves at night (paired with some organic moisturizer) and/or during activities where irritation may occur (like if your job requires you to handle certain substances).

Use code THEFILTERY10 for 10% off your order.


plastic free hypoallergenic gloves from aya eco

Price: $11 (one pair) – $29 (6-pack)
Materials: Organic cotton
Made in: Peru
Sizes: Adult unisex S-M

These organic gloves for eczema are 100% plastic-free. The fabric itself is made out of 100% certified organic cotton, and then the thread and labels are either organic or Pima cotton.

For the colors, you can choose between completely undyed (which is probably the best option for those with sensitive skin), plant-based dyes (blue or gray), or OEKO-TEX certified low-impact synthetics (black, gray, blue, or white).

They have a silicone finish on them as well, which makes them more water-resistant without any toxic PFAS or other chemical treatments as well as anti-pilling. This basically means these gloves are the best of all the worlds: they’re hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, but they’re also super practical and durable in the real world.

Plus, these gloves are made ethically with the most localized supply chain possible. Pretty much everything is done in Peru, from the fiber sourcing to the spinning, dyeing, and sewing.

The Eczema Company

Price: $30
Materials: Organic cotton
Sizes: Adult M to XL; Child 2Y to 12Y+

Here’s one of the few brands that carries latex-free, 100% organic cotton gloves for kids!

These hypoallergenic gloves are available in white or black, and they have regular and fingerless options (for both adults and kids).

The Eczema Company also carries hypoallergenic gloves from Remedywear that are made from TENCEL and infused with zinc (which is supposed to be anti-inflammatory for the skin). I like TENCEL because it’s a silky semi-synthetic that is softer than cotton but healthier than most other synthetics. I’ve reached out to ask if the zinc is non-nano and will update this when I hear back from them.


Price: $20-$28
Materials: Hemp, organic cotton
Made in: Europe
Sizes: Adult S-2XL

Rawganique sets itself apart by offering gloves that are BOTH warm enough for winter AND suitable for those with sensitive skin and chemical sensitivities!

This is a clothing, accessories, and home goods brand that takes non-toxic manufacturing very seriously. Their gloves are made in the U.S.A. and Europe out of organic cotton and hemp and are completely free from toxic dyes or other toxic chemicals.

They carry both fingered gloves and mittens that are available in unisex adult sizes.

Other Organic Cotton Gloves to Check Out (+ Wool Gloves & More)

Responsibly sourced wool and organic cotton are great options for winter gloves that are good for you and better for the planet. Here are some of our favorite cozy, high-quality brands:


Price: $18-$34
Materials: Merino wool, banana fiber (vegan)
Made in: Nepal
Sizes: One size (adult)

This UK-based Etsy shop offers several different kind of knit handwarmers, gloves, and mittens that come in beautiful solid colors. Each pair is hand knit out of either 100% fair trade sheep wool, OR you can choose natural vegan gloves that are made out of banana leaf fibers!

They also carry other wool felt products like slippers, bags, scarves, beanies, and more. Most of their sizes are for adults.


Price: $30-$100
Materials: Merino wool (some options have synthetic materials mixed in as well)
Made in: Mostly Vietnam & China
Sizes: Adult XS-XL

Smartwool makes some warm but lightweight winter gloves that are made from 100% natural merino wool. (Some of their gloves are made with synthetic fabrics too, though, so make sure to check before purchasing.)

This is a great option for keeping your hands warm during hikes and other outdoor activities.

They also carry fingerless hand-warmers, beanies, and other winter accessories for women, men, and kids.


Price: $85
Materials: Cashmere
Made in: Mongolia
Sizes: Adult XS/S – M/L

Nadaam offers sustainable and ethically made gloves made from natural and responsibly sourced cashmere that come in a wide variety of gorgeous solid colors for men and women.

They too offer other winter necessities like scarves and wraps.

If you’re looking for some gloves that are sustainable AND fashionable that you can wear to the office or out for a date, these are some of my favorites.

Little Green Radicals

Price: $15 (on sale) – $83 (for a hat/scarf/mittens set)
Materials: Organic cotton
Made in: India
Sizes: 00 to 8Y

Little Green Radicals’ eco-friendly mittens for kids are sooo cute!

This UK-based kids’ brand is really doing things right when it comes to making children’s clothing and accessories that tick all of the boxes: non-toxic, eco-friendly, super cute & fun, and durable.

They offer rainbow knit mittens as well as patterned sherpa-lined mittens (which are machine-washable!). They’re all made with 100% certified organic cotton and suitable for snowball fights and running around in cold weather.

Their products come with a handful of third-party certifications, including Fairtrade International, Soil Association Organic, and GOTS Organic. They’ve also earned several “Best of” awards from parent magazines.

Hanna Andersson

organic cotton gloves for babies from hanna andersson

Price: $30 (for a set)
Materials: Organic cotton
Sizes: XXS-XS (which is basically 0-12 months)

Hanna Andersson also carries a few hypoallergenic and eczema-friendly mitten options for babies and kids.

These “Moon and Back” sets come with four pairs of mittens and four hats, and you can choose between a Navy color scheme, a Light Pink color scheme, and a Light Yellow color scheme. The mittens have little elastic closures to keep them on your baby.

They’re GOTS certified organic by OTCO, OEKO-TEX certified, and machine washable.


Price: $145
Materials: Cashmere
Made in: China
Sizes: One size (adult)

For a more luxurious option, Theory’s all-natural knit gloves/mitten combo are knit with 100% soft, plush cashmere in a ribbed construction. They come in Black, Ash, and Beige. They have a longer wrist and a fold-back flap & button to make tasks like texting easier!

They have sizes for both men and women, and they carry minimalistic scarves and beanies as well.

Thunder Mile Ranch

Price: $28-$45
Materials: Alpaca wool
Made in: USA (Montana)
Sizes: Adult S-XL

Available on Etsy, these gloves are handmade in the U.S.A. out of alpaca wool that’s responsibly sourced from the U.S. They offer a few different types of gloves, including fingerless/fold-over, hand warmers, mittens, and more. They have options for both kids and adults.

(Some of their gloves do contain some recycled synthetic materials, too.)


Price: $30
Material: Cashmere
Made in: China

Quince’s super-soft gloves are made from Grade A Mongolian cashmere and come in several different solid colors. They’re also some of the most affordable cashmere gloves you’ll find!

Quince has several ethical and sustainable initiatives in place to make sure their cashmere is sourced in a responsible way. You can read more about cashmere sourcing and case in their Cashmere 101 Guide.

Most of their gloves are sized for women. They also have other winter accessories like hats, scarves, and more.

The next time you’re in the market for new winter gloves, consider skipping the synthetics and the conventional cotton and shop from one of the eco-conscious, non-toxic brands above. They’re lighter on the planet and all the people living on it!

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