Organic and sustainable plus-size apparel has been largely unavailable in the past, but in the past few years, that has (finally!) changed.

There are now quite a few brands making comfortable and cute plus-size underwear out of natural and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and hemp. And we’ve done the research for you and compiled them all in a list for you here!

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What To Look For in Organic Plus-Size Underwear

We all know how important it is to take care of our hu-ha health. Prioritizing natural and organic fabrics can help us do that in a few ways.

One, natural fabrics are more breathable. Keeping things dry down there helps to prevent bacteria overgrowth and yeast infections.

Not only that, but a lot of synthetic fabrics contain chemicals (like phthalates for example) that can be toxic to human health, especially when they accumulate in the body for long periods of time.

Lastly, many fabrics are finished with permanent chemical finishes, including fabric softeners, petrochemical dyes, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). If you see underwear or other articles of clothing that have labels such as “wrinkle-free,” that should be a big red flag for you, indicating that the fabric has been treated with one or more of these groups of chemicals.

This is why most OB-GYNs highly suggest stocking your underwear drawer with natural materials like cotton. BUT, organic cotton is even better than conventional cotton because it’s grown without the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides.

So look for third-party certifications like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic cotton and OEKO-TEX, which indicates that the product has been tested for a long list of potentially toxic substances.

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Where to Find Natural, Organic, & Eco-Friendly Plus-Size Underwear

All of the brands below carry size-inclusive underwear that at least goes up to 2XL. Not only that, but we’ve picked out the brands that prioritize the highest possible quality product, along with ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

So let’s get to it. Here are the 14 best brands for organic plus-size underwear for curvy ladies!

Subset (formerly called Knickey)


Subset’s Fair Trade plus size underwear is made with OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified organic cotton plus 5% elastane for stretch. Their briefs, thongs, hipsters, and bralettes are all colored using non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes. I can attest to how comfy these undies really are.

Sizes: 2XS-3XL


100% organic cotton plus size underwear from oddobody

Oddobdy’s underwear is actually made in Fair Trade Certified Factories out of 100% GOTS organic cotton. Their undies come in several solid colors and various styles (briefs, high-waisted, string bikini, french cut, and thong). They also have other loungewear, too – like sleep sets, tanks, and pants.

Sizes: XS-3XL

Le Buns

Based in Australia, Le Buns’ eco-friendly plus-size underwear is made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, a bit of elastane, and natural dyes. They’ve got a super comfortable, elastic-free waistband, too.

Sizes: 6-16

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organic plus size underwear bralette set Thunderpants

Guacamole, rainbow stripes, outer space, blue whales… Thunderpants’ designs are SO CUTE! The brand actually works with local artists to make these unique and fun designs.

And not only that, but this underwear is suuuper comfortable. Every pair is handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA out of GOTS and Fair Trade certified organic cotton, 10% spandex, and non-toxic dyes.

(P.S. They also have regular white, black, and other solid colors too, if that’s more your style.)

Sizes: S-3XL


Plus size underwear for women Allbirds

You probably know about Allbirds wool sneakers, but did you know they also make clothing and underwear, too?! Their panties, thongs, and bralettes are made out of a blend of eco-friendly TENCEL, Merino Wool, and Spandex.

Sizes: XS-3XL



When it comes to organic cotton underwear, PACT is one of the best. They offer a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns, and all of their panties and bralettes are GOTS and Fair Trade certified.

Sizes: XS-2XL

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Object Apparel


All of Object Apparel’s eco-friendly underwear (for men & women) is handmade to order in Detroit, Michigan, USA out of organic cotton and non-toxic, water-based dyes. They carry plus size panties, briefs, boxer briefs, and bralettes that come in solid colors in addition to fun designs.

Sizes: XS-3XL



If hemp is your thing, check out WAMA. Their plus-size underwear, bralettes, and boxer briefs are made out of a blend of sustainable hemp, organic cotton, and a little bit of spandex. They’re made in a WRAP certified factory in Vietnam.

Hemp is a great option for underwear because it’s naturally anti-microbial and can be grown without any toxic pesticides. You can learn more about that here.

Sizes: XS-3XL


organic hemp plus size underwear Magi

Here’s another great brand of plus-size underwear that’s made from a blend of hemp, organic cotton, and a little bit of spandex. These feminine yet minimlistic panties and bralettes are available in white, charcoal, and lavender.

Sizes: XS-XXL

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Third Love

Third Love has become pretty well known for their campaigns promoting bras and underwear that actually fit. Most of their products are made with synthetic fabrics, but they do have an organic cotton collection that includes briefs, thongs, and bralettes.

Sizes: XS-3XL

Duluth Trading

Duluth Trading Co.’s “Free Range” organic cotton briefs, boxers, and bralettes are made using their “Stay-Put Fit” so things don’t move around and get bunched up throughout your day. These really are as comfortable as they claim to be!

Sizes: XS-2XL

Eco Intimates


Based in Australia, Eco Intimates makes beautiful feminine lingerie and sleepwear that’s natural, organic, and eco-friendly.

Their size-inclusive briefs, knickers, thongs, bras, and bralettes are made using GOTS certified organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Sizes: 8-18



Pansy’s plus-size underwear is made ethically in Los Angeles, California, USA out of domestically grown and milled organic cotton combined with recycled spandex. The team puts a lot of thought into each and every step of the production process in order to make sure everything is as ethical and sustainable as possible.

They carry briefs, bralettes, and shorts. We love their colors!

Sizes: S-3XL

Honorable Mention: Tomboyx

plus size underwear for curvy ladies tomboyx

Tomboyx doesn’t use organic fabrics for their underwear, but this brand makes the list as an honorable mention for a couple of reasons.

First, their sizing has one of the widest ranges we’ve found, from 3XS to 6XL.

Second, they have a really wide variety of styles—so whether you prefer briefs, thongs, long boxer briefs, or something else, you can get what’s comfortable for you.

Third, even though they don’t use organic cotton, they do use OEKO-TEX certified natural cotton, which is better than most synthetics.

They also have a TENCEL collection, which is another great option for a non-toxic fabric. Although it technically qualifies as a semi-synthetic, TENCEL is manufactured from plants using a closed-loop process, which means no potentially toxic chemicals make their way out of the manufacturing process and into the environment. Check out this article for more info on that.

Choosing natural, organic, eco-friendly, and size-inclusive underwear is better for your health and better for the future of our planet.

If we missed your favorite organic plus-size underwear brand, let us know in the comments and we’ll consider adding it to the list!

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Image Credits: Laura Tancredi, All images belong to their respective brands.

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