We recently talked about organic cotton underwear and why it’s better for your health and the environment. There’s another natural and non-toxic material that’s also great for your health as well as that of the planet: hemp!

In this article, we’ll talk briefly about why hemp is such a wonderful textile (for clothing as well as undergarments) and then we’ll give you our favorite brands for eco-friendly, organic, and non-toxic hemp underwear, panties, boxers, and bras for all genders.

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What are the Benefits of Hemp for Clothing and Underwear?

1. Breathability

Compared to synthetics like polyester, hemp is more breathable and more absorbent. This is especially important for underwear because fabrics that are not breathable or absorbent can lead to things like yeast infections and general irritation.

Not to mention, some of the toxins that are found in clothing and underwear are water-soluble, which means sweat can increase leaching. So you want to keep the air flowing when you can.

2. Temperature-Regulating

Not only is it breathable, but hemp also has insulating properties, which means it can keep you warmer in cooler climates and seasons.

3. Durability

Hemp is actually a very strong and durable natural fiber (it can actually be up to five times stronger than cotton)! Plus, it can hold color well too, which means your hemp clothing and underwear won’t fade nearly as fast as other fabrics.

4. Antibacterial / Antimicrobial

Hemp also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties due to its naturally-occurring cannabinoids, alkaloids, and other bioactive compounds. Again, this is great news when it comes to things like yeast infection prevention and overall health for your private parts.

5. Soft, Strong, & Sustainable

Hemp is actually one of the most sustainable textiles available. It can grow without pesticides or herbicides, and it doesn’t require very much water either. Not only that, but it has regenerative properties, which means it gives as much as it takes in relation to the soil. It can grow very quickly and densely, meaning it uses up less land compared to other crops.

Hemp is also not picky when it comes to climate. It can be grown in many different parts of the world, which can help contribute to local economies and also cut down on overall carbon emissions from shipping. (Due to regulations, much of the hemp used in consumer products is still grown in China at this time, unfortunately. But that is starting to change.)

Additionally, all parts of hemp can be used for different purposes (stalks, leaves, flowers, etc.), which means it’s a great zero-waste plant.

And one last magical characteristic of hemp fabric is that it actually gets softer with each wash!

Why Is Hemp Underwear Currently More Expensive?

While shopping, you might notice that hemp underwear tends to be a bit more expensive than organic cotton underwear.

This is mostly because hemp is still rarer; it’s not grown or used as much as cotton. This is due to the way in which the hemp crop got caught up in the War on Drugs and was outlawed from being grown in the U.S all the way up until 2018!

We hope that as more farmers begin growing this beneficial and sustainable crop, it will become more affordable for everyone.

In the meantime, for those who can afford it, the slightly higher price of hemp underwear can be justified by the fact that it’s more durable, thus will last longer than other types of (cheaper) underwear!

Is There 100% Hemp Underwear?

Most of the brands below use a fabric blend that combines hemp with organic cotton and a little bit of spandex or lycra for the most comfort.

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any 100% hemp panties yet. This is probably because hemp by itself would likely be too bunchy and not stretchy enough for what most people prefer.

The 9 Best Brands for Hemp Underwear & Bras

Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the best brands for non-toxic and sustainable hemp underwear and bras.

1. Afends

Carries: Boxer briefs, boxers, women’s briefs, thongs, bralettes, sports bras

Afends has a great collection of practical everyday underwear for men and women made from a mix of organic cotton, hemp, and a little bit of elastane.

Afends has various ethical and sustainable initiatives worked into their business model, from their fabric choices to supply chain transparency, to environmental advocacy, and more.

2. Magi


Carries: Briefs and bralettes for women

Magi makes comfy underwear that blends hemp with GOTS certified organic hemp and a bit of lycra. Everything is made ethically and transparently in Portugal.

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Carries: Boxer briefs, trunks, boxers, and briefs for men; Bralettes and various styles of underwear for women

Hemp underwear is WAMA’s whole thing. Since it’s what they focus on, it’s definitely the most popular hemp underwear brand currently on the market. They developed their own hemp fabric, combining it with organic cotton and a little bit of spandex to get the perfect feel and fit. Their underwear is made ethically in Vietnam and carries various certifications and associations, such as OEKO-TEX, Green America, PETA-approved Vegan, National Hemp Association, and BSCI.

4. EmMeMa


Carries: Bras, briefs, thongs, and more for women & men

EmMeMa is one of the only brands that carries a more traditional hemp bra—they offer several different styles of bras and bralettes. Everything is made by hand in Canada. They also carry a lot of organic cotton underwear as well.

5. Object Apparel

Carries: A range of men’s, women’s, and genderless boxers and briefs

All of Object Apparel’s garments are made in Detroit, Michigan out of GOTS certified organic textiles, natural plant dyes, non-toxic water-based inks, and original artwork (they have some super cute and unique designs!).

Their hemp blends also include organic cotton and a small amount of spandex. They also have a lot of options that are mostly just organic cotton as well (including bras).

6. Bad

Carries: Boxer briefs for men and panties for women

Bad’s underwear is made with GOTS organic cotton, hemp, lycra, and low-impact dyes. They are elastic-band-free and come in black, white, and natural. They’re manufactured by a small team in Southern California using a technique called “flatlock stitching” to reduce fabric bulking and create a better fit.

7. Rawganique

Carries: Boxers

Rawganique is committed to making completely safe, sustainable, toxin-free clothing and home goods. They carry a wide variety of underwear for men and women; a lot of it is made out of other non-toxic and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and linen, but they do have several pairs of 100% hemp boxers too.

Everything is vegan, free from toxic chemicals, dyes, and plastics, and ethically made in Europe.

8. Circle Creations

Carries: Kids’ training underwear, women’s bras and underwear, men’s boxers and briefs

Circle Creations is one of the only brands that has options for kids. Their hemp training pants are made out of hemp, organic cotton, TENCEL, and a hidden waterproof PUL layer.

Their adult hemp underwear uses low-impact dyes with a mix of hemp, organic cotton, TENCEL, and a little bit of spandex for stretch. Their fabrics come with certifications like OCS-NL and GOTS.

Everything is handmade by this small, family owned business based in Oregon. They operate a zero textile waste business, meaning they make use of absolutely everything they can and then recycle the scraps.

9. Jungmaven

hemp underwear from jungmaven

Carries: Women’s briefs & bralettes

Jungmaven is all about hemp! In the underwear department, they offer low- and high-wasted briefs, bralettes, and tanks that come in a wide variety of solid color options. They’re made in California out of hemp, organic cotton, and a little bit of spandex.

If you’re looking for other non-toxic hemp product recommendations, check out our articles on the best hemp shampoo and conditioner, and the best hemp body wash brands.

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When you by hemp underwear, not only will you get an eco-conscious and sustainable product to outlast most other undergarments, but you also get satisfaction from a comfortable and healthy product.

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