When it comes to home office setup, everyone wants and needs something a little different. Some like a standard sitting desk, others prefer to stand, and some like to switch it up throughout their day. Some need more cushioning for their bodies, while others are good with a plain and simple wooden chair.

When choosing the best office chair for you, there are a lot of things to consider. Materials, ergonomics, aesthetics, working habits and preferences, type of desk, and more. While you shop, keep in mind that you may have to make a sacrifice in one area or another. For example, it’s practically impossible to find a non-toxic office chair that’s made from completely natural materials and that also provides an optimal ergonomic experience.

As you weigh out all of your options, just try to make the best decision for you (even if it’s not the absolute perfect one!).

P.S. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly and non-toxic office supplies, check out our full guide to creating a sustainable home office right here!

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Materials to Consider in an Office Desk Chair

How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair / Desk Setup

Our Favorite Brands for Non-Toxic (or LESS Toxic) Desk Chairs for Your Office

Now, let’s get to it! Here are our favorite brands for non-toxic office chairs to finish off your eco-friendly office setup. (And don’t forget to check out the chair cushions at the bottom as well!)


Materials: Aluminum, Cotton, Leather, Wool, Wood
Price: $330-$1,440
Our Pick: Navy Wood Chair

Emeco carries a really wide variety of chair (and stool) options when it comes to styles, colors, etc. Many of these sustainable chairs are made with recycled or upcycled materials, and a lot of them come with certifications such as GREENGUARD, Cradle to Cradle Gold, and FSC. They’re handcrafted in Pennsylvania, too!

Knoll (Best for Executive-Style Desk Chairs)

Materials: Aluminum, Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, Polypropylene
Price: $218-$1,287
Our Pick: Duet Office Chair

If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair, Knoll has lots of options for you — they have various types of adjustable desk chairs, office chairs with lumbar support, and more. They also have lots of choices in terms of styles and colors as well.

Knoll does use quite a bit of synthetic material (although a lot of it is recycled), so if you’re looking for mostly natural materials, Knoll might not be the best fit for you. But many of their chairs come with certifications such as GREENGUARD Gold, Indoor Air Quality Certified, and SMaRT Sustainable Gold certified.


Materials: Solid wood, Polyester
Price: $560 – $695
Our Pick: Boaco Arm Chair

We love MasayaCo — their gorgeous furniture is on several of our furniture guides, including non-toxic bed frames and dressers. Everything they carry is handmade out of sustainably harvested hardwood and finished with a low-VOC natural oil finish. Some of the chairs also use woven cord, which is made from polyester.

Each piece is handmade by a team of architects, furniture designers, and artisan craftspeople in Nicaragua using Teak, Rosita Walnut, and Royal Mahogany wood and dried in their on-site solar kilns. Plus, they plant trees each year to help with reforestation!

They also make stools, rocking chairs, benches, and lounge chairs!

noho (Best Affordable Option)

Materials: Regenerated Nylon
Price: $450 (without topper) – $575 (with topper)
Our Pick: White noho Move chair

There’s a lot to like about noho’s chairs. These aren’t your standard plastic chairs… They’re designed to be ergonomic and flexible enough to move with your body, but they’re much lighter weight compared to most other ergonomic office chairs and have a cleaner, more minimalistic aesthetic.

Even though they’re not made from natural materials, these chairs are made from ECONYL, which comes from recycled fishing nets. (Plus, it’s nylon, which is one of the safest synthetics.)

The chair itself is available in white or black, and then you can choose a swappable chair topper, which is made from natural wool and comes in various colors.

noho is a certified B Corp company that’s based in New Zealand, where all of their products are manufactured. And 82 percent of their production is powered by renewable energy!

WFH Desks also offers noho chairs as a part of some of their modular desk bundles, too.


Materials: Solid wood, Synthetic fabric
Price: $462 – $1,670
Our Pick: Iso Arm Chair

Copeland’s chairs are made in the USA out of solid wood. They do use synthetic fabrics on their upholstered chairs, but many of them are GREENGUARD certified.

Herman Miller

Materials: Nylon, Aluminum, Polystyrene resin
Price: $250 – $2,500

Herman Miller is a good option for you if you want the ergonomic benefits of an executive-style office chair, but without all the extra foam. These desk chairs are made in the USA using partially recycled materials and many of them come with certifications such as GREENGUARD and Cradle to Cradle.

They’re also very customizable in terms of adjustability, level of tilt, type of arm rests, colors, and more. And they come with a 12-year warranty!

Taylor (Most Fun Designs!)

Materials: Cotton
Price: $494 – $546
Our Pick: Frolic Citrus

If you like a pop of fun in your office, these swivel chairs come in really fun patterns (animal print! floral! rainbow!). They’re made in the USA and the fabric used is 100% natural cotton.

The only downside to these chairs is that they’re not clear about what the padding underneath the fabric is made out of. We’ve reached out to ask and will update this when we hear back!

The Best Organic, Natural, & Non-Toxic Chair Cushions

Depending on what kind of chair you decide on, you may or may not want a cushion (or two!) to sit on as well.

The good news is that there are a few brands that make non-toxic (or almost non-toxic) and eco-friendly chair cushions that will help keep your aches and pains at bay.

Here are our picks:


Materials: Organic buckwheat hull, Cotton, Linen, Polyester
Price: $77 – $90

WELLB makes various kinds of cushions for working, meditating, practicing yoga, and relaxing. They’re filled with eco-friendly buckwheat, which is a durable natural material that can continue holding its shape even after a long time of being sat on.

Some of the covers are made with natural linen, while others are made with flame-retardant polyester (which we do not recommend), so make sure you check before purchasing.

The Cushion Lab

Materials: Recycled polyester, Synthetic memory foam
Price: $65-$82

The Cushion Lab is an “okay” brand when it comes to materials, but they’ve got some things going for them. First of all, this might be a good option for people who have chronic pain and really need that EXTRA ergonomic support. Their Pressure Relief Seat Cushion and Back Relief Lumbar Pillow really go that extra mile when it comes to helping to provide padding, optimal posture, and more.

These cushions are made from synthetic memory foam, but at the very least, they’re made from partially recycled materials, the foam is certiPUR certified, and the fabric covers are OEKO-TEX certified. (certiPUR is definitely not the best certification when it comes to non-toxic materials, but it’s better than nothing…) The Cushion Lab is a Climate Neutral company and they plant trees with each purchase, too. Oh, and it might be worth mentioning that these cushions come in lots of fun colors, too.

Again, you ultimately have to explore your options, weigh your priorities, and make the best decision for you!

Natural Form

certipur seat cushion from natural form

The brand name is a bit of a misnomer since they do use synthetic materials, but Natural Form is an okay option for a seat cushion. It’s made from PU foam and a polyester cover, but it’s CertiPUR-US certified.

It’s designed using their “Patented Pressure-Free™ technology,” which provides more support for your body. It’s got an anti-slip cover that can be easily removed and put in the washing machine. And it comes in three different sizes, which can’t be said of Cushion Lab. Plus it even comes with a 60-day trial, so you can return it if it ends up not working for you.

Are Branch Furniture’s Ergonomic Desk Chairs Good?

More Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Office Furniture & Accessories

If you’re looking to build a more sustainable and non-toxic office, we’ve got a whole guide right here on our favorite brands for tech accessories, writing utensils, furniture, and more.


Set up your work space to be functional and good for your health with any of these non-toxic ergonomic desk chairs and cushions.

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