For most people, a clean and healthy work environment can make a huge difference not only in productivity levels but also with mental and physical health along with the overall enjoyment and satisfaction one gets out of work. And with more people than ever working from home full time, optimizing one’s home office setup is a must.

When you think of toxic things in your environment, your desk is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But in fact, desks can include toxic finishes, glues, paints, and other chemicals that can off-gas into your home and increase indoor air pollution.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about what to look for in a non-toxic desk, and then give you our recommendations for the best brands to check out.

Oh, and check out this guide for some more pointers on how to create a non-toxic and eco-friendly office.

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What Exactly Makes a Desk Toxic?

What to Look for in a Non-Toxic Desk

What Else to Consider When Buying a Desk

What About Non-Toxic Office Chairs?

The Best Brands for Non-Toxic Office Desks

Now, without further ado, here are our recommendations for non-toxic (and almost non-toxic) desks. On this list, you’ll find mostly natural wood desks, but also desks made from bamboo, glass, and metal as well. You’ll find a variety of different types of desks (sitting, standing, L-shaped, etc.) along with a range of sizes and price points.

We’ve also prioritized brands that are not only using safer materials but are also committed to sustainable sourcing and fair trade manufacturing processes as well.

Skagerak Georg Desk from MINNA (Our Overall Favorite Non-Toxic & Natural Wood Desk)

non-toxic and natural wood desk from minna

Price: $1,269-$1,508
Materials: Solid FSC-certified raw oak
Type: Standard writing/computer desk
Eco Features: Untreated, Handmade to order

This gorgeous, minimalistic desk is not only made out of FSC-certified hardwood, but it comes untreated, which means it contains zero VOCs. (You can treat it with a natural and non-toxic finish such as linseed oil if you wish!)Each desk is handmade to order by skilled artisans who are paid a living wage for their work. You can order it with or without the side drawer.

Copeland (Best for a Motorized Sit-Stand Desk)

Price: $1,000-$4,000
Materials: Solid hardwood, Metal
Type: Sit-stand desks, desks with modesty panels, standard writing/computer desks
Eco Features: GREENGUARD Certified, Made in USA, Member of Sustainable Furnishings Council, Some desks use FSC-Certified wood

Our Pick: Invigo Sit-Stand Desk

Copeland carries a variety of different types of desks, from motorized sit-stand ones to large, wooden L-shaped desks, to a desktop organizer, and more. Their desks are pretty customizable, too—you can choose from various colors of wood, leg finish, size, etc. You also have the option of adding a modesty panel or an ergonomic cutout with a beveled edge.

All Copeland Furniture pieces are designed and made at their manufacturing facility in Bradford, Vermont.

ducduc (Best for Kids’ Desks)

Price: $695-$1,050
Materials: Solid baltic birch wood
Type: Writing desks, double-wide desks, art desks
Eco Features: Solid wood, non-toxic glues & finishes, handmade in the US

Our Pick: Indie Art Desk & Seat

ducduc is a furniture brand that’s technically targeted toward children’s rooms, but their desks are great for anyone! They have several different designs: their Indi Art Desk, which comes with a bench seat and built-in pencil and art supply holders; their standard writing desk with three drawers on the side; and various different kinds of double-wide desks with extra storage.

Everything from ducduc is made in the USA out of solid (MDF-free) wood, non-toxic glues, and water-based finishes. Available colors include natural wood, white, grey, and “midnight” blue.

We featured ducduc in our guides for non-toxic bed frames, dressers, and nightstands, too!

West Elm (Best Bang for Your Buck)

Price: $300-$5,000
Materials: Wood (they carry both solid and engineered, so be sure to check), Glass, Metal, Concrete
Type: Computer & writing desks, L-shaped, Minimalistic, Desks with drawers, Wall desks
Eco Features: GREENGUARD Certified, Fair Trade, Sustainably Sourced, Handcrafted

One of the great things about West Elm is that they have a wide range of options—different sizes, shapes, price points, aesthetics, etc. Not all of them are 100% non-toxic, but they do give you the ability to filter by what’s most important to you, so you can buy a GREENGUARD Certified desk, a Fair Trade certified desk, etc. West Elm uses both solid and engineered wood, so make sure you check the product description before buying to make sure you’re getting what you want!

If you’d prefer a glass desk, West Elm carries a few of those as well.

Masaya & Co.

natural wood desk from masaya & co

Price: $1,280
Materials: Solid wood
Type: Computer & writing desks with drawers
Eco Features: Artisan made in Nicaragua, sustainably-sourced solid wood

Masaya & Co. is a beautiful furniture brand (we featured them in our guides to bed frames and dressers too). Their gorgeous, sturdy solid wood desks will likely last you decades. They’re made by locals in Nicaragua and finished with a low-VOC natural oil. Plus, for every product sold, Masaya & Co. plants 100 trees.

Their desks are available in Teak, Mahogany, Walnut, Burnt Teak, and Arena Teak

Pottery Barn (Best for Desk/Bookshelf Combos)

Price: $500-$9,000
Materials: Wood (they carry both solid and engineered, so be sure to check)
Type: Computer & writing desks, desk/bookcase combos, corner desk, standing desk
Eco Features: “Certified Non-Toxic,” Sustainably-Sourced, Fair Trade

Our Pick: Livingston Desk with Bookcase Towers

Pottery Barn has a collection of “Certified Non-Toxic” furniture, which essentially means they carry either an OEKO-TEX and/or GREENGUARD certification. Many of their desks use sustainably sourced and Fair Trade materials as well. Like West Elm, Pottery Barn also uses both solid wood and engineered wood, so just make sure you read the description before buying.

If you’d prefer glass, Pottery Barn also carries a nice writing/computer desk made of glass, iron, and leather.

Medley (Best for a Minimalist Computer Desk)

Price: $2,595-$2,995
Materials: Solid wood
Type: Minimalist writing/computer desk
Eco Features: Handmade in Los Angeles; all-natural finish; eco-friendly solid wood; made without harsh chemicals or fire retardants

Our Pick: Hank Desk

We love this gorgeous Hank Desk—it’s hand-carved with smooth, curved edges and a mid-century look. You can choose between solid walnut (dark-colored wood) and solid maple (light-colored wood), both of which are sourced domestically in the U.S.

Medley’s desks are finished with non-toxic and all-natural finishes without any harsh chemicals.

Use the code THEFILTERY5 for 5% off your order.

wwmake (Best Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Desks)

Price: $1,095-$2,295
Materials: Reclaimed hardwood, steel
Type: Standard writing/computer desks
Eco Features: Handmade in Chicago; reclaimed/recycled wood; eco-friendly finishes

Our Pick: Rustic Reclaimed Wood Desk with Two Shelves

Everything from this small company is handmade in-house in Chicago, Illinois. They use (beautiful!) solid reclaimed/recycled wood from old-growth trees, so every desk is really something unique and special.

They finish each desk with eco-friendly, low-VOC finishes that are still durable enough that your desk is meant to “last a lifetime.”

They have different styles of desks that come with and without drawers and shelves.

NotADesk (Best Floating Mobile Desk)

Price: $165
Materials: Bamboo (along with recycled plastic, steel, and iron for the holder)
Type: Compact mobile floating desk
Eco Features: FSC-certified bamboo and recycled plastics

If you’re a digital nomad, if you move around to different co-working spots all the time, or if you just don’t have very much space, you might want to check out a floating desk.

This super-compact desk has a heavy-duty suction cup on the back of it so you can easily mount it onto any window and get to work with a great view. Of course, you can mount it at any height, so it can be a sitting or standing desk.

NotADesk also offers a foldable chair + desk version so that you can literally take your desk anywhere (even without the window).

A Few More *Pretty Good* Options for Non-Toxic Desks

Here are a few more brands we like, but be aware that they due use plywood.

Work From Home Desks (Best Modular/Collapsible Desk)

Price: $475-$1,295.00 (for a bundle)
Materials: Baltic birch plywood
Type: Standing desk, sitting desk, kids’ desk
Eco Features: FSC certified birchwood (ply), EPA certified for low emissions (low formaldehyde)

This is a really cool modular brand that allows you to basically build your own desk based on what kind of shelving you need, what size, etc. Check out their bundle page to get inspired by all of the different shapes and sizes you can create. PLUS, these are really easy to fold up and store under your bed or in the closet.

Even though they do use plywood, it’s certified according to various different standards to be low formaldehyde, so it’s still a better option than many other conventional desks.

Steve’s Rack Shack

Price: $212-$297
Materials: Baltic birch plywood
Type: Adjustable sit/stand desk
Eco Features: Handmade in the U.S.

This handmade wooden desk can be switched from a sitting desk to a standing one and back again—all you have to do is pull the tabletop part of the desk out and move it up or down on the notches.

You can order this desk in different sizes to either fit a narrow space or fill up a larger one. Plus, it’s SUPER easy to assemble and then collapse and store when needed… You don’t need any tools at all!

Bonus: Fluidstance Balance Board for Your Standing Desk

Price: $119 (kids’ version) – $379

If you’re using a standup desk, you might want to check out these Fluidstance balance decks, which are made from bamboo, wood and aluminum. Here are some of the potential benefits you might experience from using the balance board:

  • Exercise stabilizing muscles
  • Soothed stiff joints
  • More calories burned
  • Increased focus & alertness


Most of us spend quite a bit of time at our desks each day. Choosing a non-toxic, natural, and low-VOC desk can help decrease our indoor air pollution and foster a healthy work environment!

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  1. Hello there, thank you for all this helpful info. I was looking for the healthiest desk options for my kids for their bedrooms. I had decided to go all glass, just like the sample you posted on your page (sample at Walmart). I found one that looks exactly the same on amazon but all these “all glass” desk options have a prop 65 warning. I tried to get more info about why they have this warning, but no one can answer my question. Since it’s all glass, and glass isn’t supposed to be toxic, do you happen to know why this warning?? I don’t want to be mislead, pay hundreds of dollars and still have a toxic desk in my kids room. Please assist.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yea, unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what exactly the Prop65 label is indicating! For these “all-glass” desks, my guess would be that it has to do with the legs of the desk (as opposed to the glass part). For example, it could be that the paint used for the legs is not completely free of lead or something like that. However, I did a quick Amazon search for “all glass desk” on Amazon and I did find some that do not have a Prop65 label, so I think you should be able to find one that’s a good fit for you!