Welcome back to another roundup of non-toxic, organic, and natural brands from around the world.

We’ve covered Canada, the UK, and Australia… and today we’re covering Europe!

We gathered a list of companies to cover all your needs—home goods, makeup & skincare, baby and children’s products, and many options for fashion & clothing. 

When it comes to chemical safety standards, the EU has some of the most strict regulations—especially compared to the US. In fact, there are over 1,600 chemicals banned in Europe, which you can still find in personal care products, cleaning supplies, and even food in the US. 

This doesn’t mean that the EU is perfect. There’s work to be done. But anything you buy over there, even from mainstream brands, is more likely to be safer and more eco-friendly compared to goods in other countries.

So, if you’re looking for the best non-toxic (or low-tox) brands based in Europe, we’ve gathered a list of options for you here.

And if you have any favorite EU-based brands using non-toxic ingredients and you don’t see them on this list—send them our way! We’ll check them out and consider adding them to the list. And come back regularly, as we’ll be updating this list as we find more and more brands aligned with our standards. 

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Featured Image Credit: Catarina Barbosa Skincare

Natural, Non-Toxic Makeup Brands in the EU

Looking to give your makeup routine a natural boost? You can rely on these brands! Europe has already banned some of the worst and most common toxic chemicals found in cosmetics—like parabens and phthalates. But there are other ingredients to be wary about, including things like synthetic fragrances (which you won’t find in this list!). 

Nui Cosmetics 

Non-Toxic Makeup Brands in the EU Nui Cosmetics

Based in: Berlin

Carries: Foundation, concealer, setting powder, primer, highlighter, cream blush, bronzer, corrector, mascara, eye shadow, eyebrow wax, eyeliner, lip gloss, lipstick, and makeup tools. 

Nui Cosmetics has an extensive collection of natural, non-toxic makeup and skincare products. They’re committed to creating intentional and luxurious products with the belief that quality makeup doesn’t need to harm animals or the environment. Their makeup is dermatology-tested, high-performance, and gentle on your skin! 

EU-Based Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Brands

For non-toxic skincare, we found several options from different countries in Europe. Although we looked into many other brands, we only selected a few. Many of the other ones we checked out had mostly natural ingredients but they all used fragrance or parfum without disclosing if it was natural or not, so we didn’t include them (except for one—explained below).

These were our favorites!

Catarina Barbosa Skincare

EU-Based Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Brands Catarina Barbosa

Based in: Portugal

Carries: Facial oil, hydrating facial essences, face masks, serums, cleansing oil, and balms.

Catarina Barbosa is a premium skincare brand creating a small but powerful range of natural skin essentials. They have a collection of handmade products using pure, organic ingredients. All of their products are made in small batches in their lab in Portugal and are fully traceable. They’re committed to simplicity, transparency, and sustainability—as you’ll see in their products! 


EU-Based Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Brands Rowse

Based in: France

Carries: Cleansers, makeup remover, serums, clays, balms, rose water, toners, oils, sunscreen, mists, exfoliators, body oil, perfume, shampoo, gua sha, and candles.  

ROWSE is a natural skincare brand inspired by nature. Their products tap into simplicity as a way to avoid over consumerism. This means simplified beauty routines and products that use only bare essential ingredients. Their line is organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Furtuna Skin

EU-Based Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Brands Furtuna Skin

Based in: Italy

Carries: Cleansers, face oils, micellar water, serums, creams, balms, aftershave, and gua sha. 

Furtuna Skin is a one-of-a-kind beauty brand. They have a regenerative approach to crafting safe and organic skincare products. What that means is that they run a regenerative farm where they grow the ingredients for their beauty products. They focus not only on wild-foraged natural ingredients but also on the extraction methods to boost the potency of their botanicals. 

True Organic of Sweden

EU-Based Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Brands True Organics of Sweden

Based in: Sweden

Carries: Face cream, serum, body lotion, itch cream, deodorant, and face & hair mask. 

At True Organic of Sweden, they’re uber aware of the importance of safe, natural ingredients for skincare products. Since skin is so absorbent, Tina and her team focus on crafting skincare with the purest organic ingredients available. They have a small but powerful collection of skin essentials using nothing but natural ingredients.

You’ll notice that some of their products use fragrance (aka ‘parfum’). However, as Tina told us, they use only organic essential oils. (EU law requires that ‘parfum’ be listed on the ingredient label, even if the only fragrance ingredients are natural/organic.)

Organic + Natural Home Cleaning Products in Europe

For cleaning products, I’m listing two brands we found in the EU. Although we researched a few more, we found many of them didn’t disclose their full list of ingredients—which is the case for one of the brands listed. We decided to play it safe and share one we thought was great and one that seems great but full disclosure: I’m not quite sure of some of their ingredients. You can choose which one works best for you! 

Mulieres (Best Choice!)

Natural Home Cleaning Products in Europe Mulieres

Based in: Estonia

Carries: Laundry detergent, cleaning vinegar, all-purpose cleaners, multipurpose soap, handwash, lingerie soap, dishwasher tablets, dishwashing soap, sponges, kitchen cloths, candles, and antibacterial spray for hands. 

Mulieres is a natural cleaning brand with a focus on creating formulations for hypersensitive skin and allergies. Their products are safe for the whole family—including little ones with sensitivities. Olive oil is one of their main active ingredients and their packaging is made mostly of recycled cardboard. Their products are vegan and ECOCERT-certified! 

Eco Clean Nordic

Natural Home Cleaning Products in Europe Eco Clean Nordic

Based in: Denmark 

Carries: Multipurpose spray, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, dishwashing soap, glass cleaner, shampoo, body wash, hand soap, and antibacterial gel. 

Eco Clean Nordic is a Danish brand with ECO-CERT-certified cleaning products. They seem to use natural, non-toxic ingredients but they don’t actually provide a full list of ingredients. I found general ingredients like “sequestering agent,” without listing exactly what agents those are. This isn’t ideal, but overall they seem like a good enough option. Because of this lack of transparency, I can’t fully guarantee they’re 100% non-toxic but they’re vegan, petrochemicals-free, and made with green energy in Denmark!

EU-Based Non-Toxic Home Goods 

Here you’ll find textiles and bedding essentials made from organic, natural ingredients—ideal to start creating a healthier environment in your bedroom and bathroom! 

White & Green

Europe-Based Non-Toxic Home Goods White and Green

Based in: Ireland

Carries: Sheets, pillowcases, duvets, pillows, protectors, bedspreads, and towels. 

White & Green is a family-run home goods brand for all your bedding needs. They design and manufacture all their products with GOTS-certified organic & fairtrade cotton. To ensure traceability and social responsibility, they partner up directly with farms and certified factories in India. 

Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

If you’re looking for organic, non-toxic fashion, you have plenty of EU-based options! From basic and everyday essentials to stylish fashion, there are options for everyone—especially for outdoor lovers! Most of these brands craft their products with organic cotton, wool, and linen. 


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Lundhags

Based in: Norway

Carries: Men’s and women’s outwear, pants, shirts and tops, backpacks, footwear, ice skates and ice safety accessories, hats, belts, and outdoor accessories. 

Lundhags started as a shoe-making company and is now a lifestyle brand for adventure seekers. They focus on durable and reliable clothing and outerwear to explore the outdoors. Their approach to sustainability is to make stuff that ‘lasts a lifetime’. They use fabrics like mulesing-free wool, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and leather. 

Jack Wolfskin 

Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Jack Wolfskin

Based in: Germany

Carries: Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, outwear, pants, shirts and tops, footwear, backpacks, gloves, hats, scarves, and accessories. 

Jack Wolfskin designs sustainable apparel for outdoor sports. Their adventure wear uses organic cotton, ethically sourced down feathers, and mulesing-free merino wool. Some of their weather-proof jackets also use recycled polyester, BUT the main thing is that their clothing is PFAS-free & PVC-free. 


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Fjallraven 

Based in: Sweden 

Carries: Men’s and women’s clothing, jackets & outwear, pants, tops, hats & beanies, accessories, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor gear & accessories. 

Fjallraven designs timeless outdoor gear meant to stick with you for life. They focus on functional outwear that allows people to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. All of their clothing is free of PFAS and uses wool, organic cotton, eco-shell, TENCEL, recycled polyester, and other fabrics they disclose and explain on their site. 

Like many of the other outerwear brands listed here, they don’t necessarily use 100% natural materials, but they make performance goods that are PFAS-free!


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Didriksons 

Based in: Sweden 

Carries: Women’s, men’s, and kid’s jackets, outwear, weatherproof clothing, outdoor accessories, and rainwear. 

Didriksons is another great option for sustainable outdoor clothing and outwear, but their specialty is jackets. Their goal is to create functional, lasting clothing that keeps you dry no matter what. Most of their products use recycled and recyclable polyester. You’ll also see cotton, but they don’t specify if it’s organic. But again—their clothing is PFAS-free! 

Organic Basics

Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Organic Basics

Based in: Denmark 

Carries: Men’s and women’s clothing essentials, underwear, pants, tops, swimwear, socks, and accessories. 

Organic Basics is a clothing line based on designing sustainable essentials. Their timeless clothing is made to last and uses organic materials such as organic cotton, TENCEL, and Lyocell. (You’ll also find recycled fibers such as nylon, so just make sure to check the product details before buying to make sure you get what you want.)

They’re highly transparent and you can learn about the factories and makers of all their products. Plus, they have a highly detailed description of fabrics and environmental impact on each piece of clothing!

(Abbie especially loves their organic cotton activewear collection!)


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories MELAWEAR

Based in: Germany

Carries: Men’s and women’s fashion, knitwear, jackets, tops, pants, accessories, backpacks, handbags, laptop sleeves, and vegan sneakers. 

MELAWEAR designs sustainable fashion using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. Their cradle-to-cradle approach keeps the materials they use in a closed loop. Plus, they don’t use fabric blends or recycled materials to ensure circularity and recyclability—just fair trade, organic cotton. 


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories YKRA

Based in: Hungary 

Carries: Adult’s and kid’s backpacks, bags, pouches, wallets, laptop sleeves, fanny packs, hoodies, and t-shirts. 

YKRA designs and handcrafts backpacks and bags for every occasion. Every material that goes into their products is biodegradable and sourced locally in Europe. They craft their products to “age well” using a thick cotton canvas, wool, and leather—which also gives their entire collection a vintage feel I love! 


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Naz

Based in: Portugal

Carries: Women’s and men’s tops, pants, knitwear, jackets, and accessories

Naz is a fashion brand focused on creating mindful fashion. Although most of their collection is for women, they carry a few styles for men, too. Their collection uses mainly surplus fabrics, but they also use linen, organic cotton, and TENCEL. They also have a fabric they developed using recycled yarn. Their entire line is made locally in Portugal.

Use code THEFILTERY10 for 10% off your order. 


Non-Toxic European Brands For Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories Anekdot

Based in: Germany

Carries: Lingerie, bras, panties, swimsuits, loungewear, and accessories. 

Anekdot is an underwear brand focused on upcycling. This means the fabrics used in their collection are either surplus, off-cuts, or deadstock. I love that they give new life to something that would end up as waste, but this also means that some of their products (especially swimwear) use synthetic fabrics (so make sure to read each garment carefully before buying to make sure you get what you’re looking for).

EU-Based Brands for Non-Toxic Baby & Kids Products

In this section, you’ll find all the essentials you need for babies and kids! These brands carry organic swaddles, backpacks, clothing, and many other goodies you and your tots will love. 


EU-Based Brands for Non-Toxic Baby & Kids Products Milinane

Based in: France

Carries: Baby clothing, kid’s backpacks, diaper bags, fanny bags, women’s and kid’s duffle bags, school bags, pouches, toiletry bags, swaddles, changing mats, bibs, bath towels, sleeping sacks, and book covers. 

Milinane designs and creates healthy baby products using only OEKO-TEX Certified fabrics. From clothing to backpacks to changing mats, they have a wide range of products to pamper your baby. Their collection is made in Portugal and they use only organic cotton—ideal for babies with sensitivities! 


EU-Based Brands for Non-Toxic Baby & Kids Products Orbasics

Based in: Germany

Carries: Baby’s and kid’s clothing, tops, bottoms, dresses, adult clothing, and accessories 

Orbasics it’s an organic child’s clothing brand focusing on lasting items that can be passed on and on. Their designs are gender-neutral, use only 100% organic cotton, and they team up with GOTS-certified factories. Plus, everything is made in the EU! 

Infantum Victoria

EU-Based Brands for Non-Toxic Baby & Kids Products Infantum Victoria

Based in: Germany

Carries: Baby’s and children’s clothing, tops, bottoms, jackets & outwear, vegan knitwear, onesies, bibs, overalls, and pre-loved clothing. 

Infantum Victoria is a children’s clothing brand using 100% GOTS-certified materials and factories to create their line. Plus, their entire collection is vegan. To reduce waste and participate in circularity, they offer pre-loved clothing at reduced prices. They are also highly transparent and share their suppliers and factories they work with! 

Natural Marketplaces Based in Europe 

Finally, the one-stop shop for all things natural and organic—marketplaces! These online platforms research hundreds of brands, selecting the ones using non-toxic ingredients. You’ll find anything from pet food to furniture to clothing. 

Greenable by Smallable

Natural Marketplaces Based in Europe Greenable

Based in: France

Carries: Men’s, women’s, and kid’s fashion, footwear, accessories, backpacks, baby essentials, home goods, toiletries, personal care products, decor, toys, and vitamins & wellness supplements. 

Smallable is a marketplace with a wide range of products, but we’re here to recommend their “Greenable” collection. Within their marketplace, they created a hub for sustainable, non-toxic products. You’ll find all kinds of products made with certified organic materials, natural ingredients, and ethical sourcing. 

Ecco Verde

Natural Marketplaces Based in Europe Ecco Verde

Based in: Austria

Carries: Skincare, personal & body care, dental products, makeup, baby’s and kid’s products, aromatherapy, pet products, dietary supplements, and pregnancy & breastfeeding products. 

Ecco Verde is an online marketplace with a huge collection of natural & organic products. They have curated over 20,000 products to make it easy for you to make better choices. They partner only with either certified brands. And for natural companies that aren’t certified (since it’s expensive), they go through a strict reviewing process.

I hope this guide has helped you find some organic and non-toxic European brands that you’ll love for years to come!

If there are any brands you know of that aren’t listed here, let me know in the comments below and we’ll consider adding it to the list!

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