Our journey around the globe to find the best non-toxic, natural brands continues! Here, we’re covering Australia. We researched, curated, and chose our favorite options for skincare, personal care, home goods, baby products, fashion, and even marketplaces. 

If you’re an Aussie ready to start your non-toxic living journey or simply want a resource to help you make better choices easier—this is for you. We did the research so you can choose what brands resonate with you and then shop safely and responsibly. 

New to The Filtery? We’re a digital platform providing people like you with well-research solutions for reducing toxins. This means that this entire list highlights brands without harsh chemicals and irritants like phthalates, parabens, fragrance/parfum, SLS/SLES, and many others.

Do you have a favorite Australian non-toxic brand you think should be listed here? Feel free to comment below and let us know! We’ll check it out and consider adding it to the list. 


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Australian Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Brands

If you’re looking to embrace a more natural skincare & personal care routine, you’ll love these options! Australia has a vast range of brands crafting non-toxic personal care products. You’ll find natural skincare, organic sunscreen, non-toxic deodorant, and more.  

Sunbutter Skincare

Carries: Australian sunscreen, after-sun skincare, moisturizers, face & hair oil, lip gloss, face cloths, surf wax, teas, wax combs, and stain remover stick. 

Sunbutter Skincare started as a reef-friendly, non-toxic sunscreen shop and has since formulated an entire line of skincare products. They focus on crafting ocean-friendly and safe aftersun essentials with a few simple ingredients. Plus, they’re plastic-free and donate 50% of profits to environmental charities! 

Juniper Australia

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands Juniper Australia

Carries: Cleansers, clay masks, face & body wash, lotions, moisturizers, serums, body oil, exfoliants, rose mist, eye cream, toner, hand & nail cream, makeup remover, and aromatherapy. 

Juniper Australia has a wide range of dermatologist-prescribed skincare solutions. Their entire line of products is organic and taps into therapeutic formulations, which are ideal for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

Plus, they ensure their batches are always fresh by regularly ensembling their formulations and delivering them within days. 

Mukti Organics

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands Mukti

Carries: Cleansers, serums, exfoliants, eye care, face masks, mists, oils, sunscreen, hair care products, body wash & lotion, and deodorant. 

Mukti is an Australian-based brand pioneering natural & certified organic skincare products. Their vast collection of skin, body, & hair care essentials taps into sustainably sourced, native Australian ingredients. Transparency is at the heart of their award-winning formulations; you can read about every ingredient they use, their processes, and their production. 

KORA Organics

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands KORA Organics

Carries: Cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, eye care, oils, exfoliators, masks, body care, balsam, skincare tools, crystals, yoga mats, mugs, and crystal-infused water bottles. 

KORA Organics has a comprehensive collection of skincare essentials focused on healthy skin. Their mission is to help you restore your skin’s health with certified organic & clinically active ingredients. All their products are free from toxic, harsh chemicals. Instead, they focus on sourcing ingredients with organic harvesting practices that lead to more antioxidants in their products—and better results. 

Dr. Roebucks

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands Dr. Roebucks

Carries: Cleansers, exfoliators, masks, eye cream, moisturizers, sunscreen, serums, mist, toners, body cream, hand cream, body wash, and lip balms. 

Dr. Roebucks believes in minimal ingredients for maximum results. Their entire collection of skincare products is formulated to support skin health and radiance. All of their formulas use simple yet naturally effective ingredients, leaving out harmful chemicals and toxins. 

endota Spa

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands endota Spa

Carries: Moisturizers, cleaners, toners, masks, exfoliants, serums, sunscreen, lip care essentials, hand & feet creams, tanners, intimate care products for women, deodorant, makeup, aromatherapy, teas, skincare tools, candles, robes, slippers, eye pillows. 

Endota Spa, as its name suggests, is a spa, wellness, and skincare brand with a wide range of offerings and products. Wellness is their mission. With their certified organic products, spa offerings, and even classes and workshops, they hope to be a hub for self-care. 


Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands Sodashi

Carries: Cleansers, moisturizers, toners, mists, exfoliators, serums, face masks, eye creams, lip balms, body lotion, oil and scrubs, hair care products, male skincare, and face cloths. 

Sodashi is a natural skincare brand + spa crafting organic skin & body essentials in small batches from the purest ingredients available. Their formulas tap into regenerative and therapeutic qualities that boost skin’s health and radiance. Plus, you can experience their natural products at their exclusive spa locations in Australia and around the world.

Bluem Skincare

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands Bluem Skincare

Carries: Serums, natural soaps, and konjac sponges. 

Bluem Skincare carries a line of natural serums and soaps made “from seed to skin.” They believe in minimal formulations, organic & sustainably sourced ingredients, and supply chain integrity. You won’t find any fillers, harmful chemicals, or unnecessary ingredients in their products. 

Sabbia Co

Non-Toxic Skincare & Personal Care Australian Brands Sabbia Co

Carries: Cleansers, serums, face masks, creams, moisturizers, mists, and oils. 

Sabbia Co is a results-driven skincare brand crafting organic essentials for acne-prone skin, dryness, and other skin conditions. They tap into traditional Chinese medicine and chemistry to craft plant-based skincare that’s highly effective. Plus, they offer refillable products and have a partnership with Terracycle for recycling. 

Organic, Non-Toxic Makeup Brands Based in Australia 

Unfortunately, harsh chemicals sneak into many everyday products, including makeup. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good options available! These are our favorite three Australian brands crafting natural, organic makeup. 

INIKA Organic

Non-Toxic Makeup Brands Based in Australia INIKA

Carries: Primer, foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, brow palettes & serums, lipsticks, lip gloss, makeup tools, and skincare. 

With INIKA Organic, you’ll find a wide range of makeup & skincare products crafted with pure botanical extracts and minerals. They believe that better skin starts with pure, healthier ingredients in beauty products—which is why they started the brand! All their makeup and skincare essentials are vegan, organic, and free of potentially toxic chemicals. 

Nude by Nature

Non-Toxic Makeup Brands Based in Australia Nude by Nature

Carries: Primer, BB cream, contour, setting, foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, brow mascara & palettes, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, lip primer, makeup tools, and skincare. 

Nude by Nature is a makeup & skincare brand with a vast collection of clean, natural beauty products. They’re Australia’s #1 mineral makeup brand and focus on crafting clean, conscious essentials from powerful plant extracts. No synthetics. No fillers. Plus, their main ingredients are native Australian plants and botanicals such as Kakadu plum and lilly pilly. 

Ere Perez

Non-Toxic Makeup Brands Based in Australia Ere Perez

Carries: Setting powders, foundations, concealers & correctors, blush, bronzer, highlighters, cheek & lip tints, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, brow mascara, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, lip crayons, makeup tools, and skincare.

Ere Perez has been innovating natural makeup using plants & botanicals for over two decades. Their products tap into simplicity and minimalism. With a ‘less is more’ approach, they create simple yet powerful formulations using superfoods and clean ingredients. 

Australian-Based Non-Toxic & Natural Home Cleaning Brands

In our research to find the best non-toxic cleaning brands in Australia, we were surprised to find only a couple that checked all the boxes. Although other companies claim to be natural and non-toxic, there was a lack of transparency in most of them. Some didn’t share their full ingredient list or listed general ingredients like “surfactants” but didn’t share what those surfactants actually are. 

This was a trend across various brands that seemed to be doing all the right things but lacked the data and information to support their claims. However, we did find a couple of brands that were transparent about their ingredients and are up to our standards! 

Happi Earth

best organic laundry detergent from Happi Earth on TheFiltery.com

Carries: Multipurpose cleaner and laundry detergent.

Happi Earth focuses on organic, natural laundry solutions for your home. Their ingredient list is small, simple, and free of harmful chemicals. And even tho you shouldn’t eat their laundry detergent, it’s so natural it’s food-grade certified! They offer sugarcane bottles for refills and you can return their pouches for recycling. Plus, they plant mangroves with every purchase! 


Australian-Based Non-Toxic & Natural Home Cleaning Brands Resparkle

Carries: All-purpose cleaner, disinfectants, laundry powder, stain removers, hand soap, body wash, powdered face cleansers,  microfiber cloths, and copper scrubbers. 

Resparkle is an all-natural home & personal care cleaning brand. They focus on creating natural, non-toxic concentrates that you can just add water and get cleaning. Not only do they manufacture their products in Australia, but they also source their ingredients from Australian businesses, keeping their products hyper-local. 

Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands

From organic textiles to natural bedding to homeware, in this section you’ll find lots of Australian-based brands to cover all your home goods needs. There are plenty of options in the bedding category that use high-quality, natural fabrics. 


Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands Bhumi

Carries: Sheet sets, covers, pillowcases, fitted sheets, blankets & throws, mattress protectors, bath towels & mats, sleepwear, and women’s, kids & men’s clothing. 

Bhumi is an organic textile brand that uses natural fibers to create bedding & clothing. They started with organic cotton and now have an extensive range of organic, natural fibers such as linen and sateen. 


Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands Lazybones

Carries: Sheets, quilts, cushion covers, pillowcases, blankets, scented sachets, garlands, magnets, coat hangers, women’s clothing & accessories, hair & body care products, bath salts, linen spray, stain remover bars, and lip balms. 

Lazybones focuses on creating bedding, clothing, and home accessories from organic, fair trade & natural textiles. They use a wide range of different cotton fabrics such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic cotton sateen, and more. They’re known for their quirky designs and vintage feel. 

The Natural Bedding Company

Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands The Natural Bedding Company

Carries: Mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, protectors, blankets & throws, quilts, linen sheets, quilt covers, play mats, bed frames, bedside tables, and children’s & nursery bedding. 

The Natural Bedding Company has been serving Australia since the 80s with handmade mattresses crafted with organic, natural latex. All their products are created with low-tox materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and wool. We love how transparent they’re not only about raw materials but also about the manufacturing process and testing. 

Weft Textiles

Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands Weft Textiles

Carries: Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, cushion covers, bolster cushions, curtains, bath towels, face & hand towels, loungewear, underwear, totes, and scrunchies. 

Weft Textiles uses regenerative and circular principles to design and create furnishings and garments. Their products use natural fibers such as certified organic cotton, linen, and hemp. With a focus on functionality, they work to create products that are ethically sourced, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious. 

I Love Linen

Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands I Love Linen

Carries: Sheets, quilts, quilt covers, pillowcases, bedding sets, valances, swaddles, cot sheets, bassinet sheets, cot quilts, mattress toppers, pillows, eye masks, sleepwear, loungewear, women’s clothing, robes, aprons, bags & totes, table cloths, napkins, curtains, and ceramics. 

I Love Linen is “Australia’s destination for all things home”. As the name suggests, they focus on linen-based textiles but you’ll also find organic cotton and hemp in their vast collection of home essentials. They use natural dyes to reduce toxins and test their products to ensure they’re free from harmful substances. 

Good Studios

Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands Good Studios

Carries: Bedding sets, quilts, quilt covers, sheets, pillowcases, napkins, and hand towels. 

Good Studios focuses on handcrafting to order different textiles using 100% premium hemp fabric. Their fabric is naturally organic since hemp doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides, and they use OEKO-TEX-certified dyes to naturally color their fabrics. Plus, they have zero-waste textiles!

Carlotta &Gee

Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands Carlotta&Gee

Carries: Duvets, sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers, valances, tablecloths, napkins, placemats, aprons, tea towels, robes, sleepwear, and travel bags. 

Carlotta & Gee carries a vast collection of 100% French linen textiles for your home and kitchen. You’ll see earthy-tone textiles in sustainable fabrics that use little to no chemicals and are hypoallergenic. Their linen is GOTS-certified, and they use natural dyes to color their fabrics. 


Australian-Based Natural Home Goods Brands Sustainashop

Carries: Stainless steel pegs, dish cleaning brushes, stainless steel straws, wheat straws, food storage pouches, and reusable silicone lids. 

At Sustainshop you can stock up your home with plastic-free alternatives for everyday items. Their mission is to be a hub for a more eco-friendly lifestyle by providing reusable essentials like straws and dish brushes. 

Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia 

If you’re looking for locally-made Aussie fashion that’s organic, non-toxic, and environmentally & socially conscious—look no further! We found several brands that check all of these boxes (and more!). 


Carries: Underwear, bralettes, swimwear, apparel, and maternity clothing and underwear. 

LE BUNS is a women-founded brand creating apparel and underwear from GOTS-certified cotton and regenerated nylon. Their designs move beyond trends to give you classic, timeless clothes you can always come back to season after season.

Use code THEFILTERY15 for 15% off your purchase.


Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia Afends

Carries: Women’s and men’s fashion, underwear, eyewear, bags and totes, belts, socks, wallets, and other accessories. 

Afends is a fashion brand committed to social change and environmental responsibility. They design organic, everyday essentials that create a positive impact on people and the planet. You’ll find a vast collection of apparel that uses natural fibers such as hemp and organic cotton. Plus, they have a tracing system for denim and a highly transparent production process. 

Outland Denim

Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia Outland Denim

Carries: Women’s and men’s fashion, bucket hats, totes, and outwear. 

Outland Denim focuses on ethical fashion and responsible denim that uses less water and chemicals than conventional denim. Their high-quality, timeless designs use natural fibers such as organic cotton. They were Australia’s first B-Corp and strive to be a human-centered company. 

Sorella Organics

Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia Sorella Organics

Carries: Women’s and men’s basics, loungewear, sleepwear, maternity essentials, underwear, and baby wraps. 

Sorella Organics has a collection of sleep and loungewear made from GOTS-certified and OEKO-TEX certified natural fabrics. They focus on small batches and slow production, and everything you buy ships from their studio in Brisbane. With a commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion, they’re devoted to creating a supply chain that’s fair and environmentally responsible. 

Maggie Marilyn

Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia Maggie Marilyn

Carries: Women’s & men’s clothing, denim, shoes, and blankets. 

Maggie Marilyn believes in regenerative, circular fashion and their clothing collection supports this. They have a wide line of apparel using natural fibers such as organic cotton, ethical wool, TENCEL, and linen. (They use some recycled synthetics as well.)

You’ll find transparent and clear information on their suppliers, manufacturers, and impact on their website. Plus, some of their clothing lines are fully traceable. 


Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia Kowtow

Based in New Zealand

Carries: Women’s & men’s fashion, hats, beanies, bags, footwear, jewelry, scarves, and scrunchies. 

Kowtow focuses on designing and creating single-fiber clothing made of 100% organic cotton. Everything in their wide collection of apparel is made from fair trade cotton and dyed with natural GOTS-certified inks & dyes. They also have seed-to-garment traceability for their collection. 

Lost Little One

Non-Toxic Clothing, Underwear & Accessories Based in Australia Lost Little One

Carries: Leather backpacks, handbags, crossbody bags, leather totes, wallets, pouches, duffle bags, clutches, journals, sketchbooks, and ottomans. 

Lost Little One is the go-to place for all things vegetable-tanned leather (which doesn’t use toxic heavy metals like conventional leather tanning does). Their 100% Moroccan leather is hand-dyed in small batches using traditional methods without chemicals or machinery. They source their leather locally in Marrakech, supporting local leather artisans and their ancient craftsmanship. 

Organic, Natural Baby & Kids Brands Based in Australia 

Babies and children are more vulnerable to harsh chemicals and toxins found in many conventional kid’s products. We found a couple of Australian-based brands that have safe, organic options for your little ones! 


Organic, Natural Baby & Kids Brands Based in Australia Ecoriginals

Carries: Diapers, wipes, cloth diapers, swimming diapers, rash guards, changing mats, and wet bags. 

Ecoriginals is a plant-based baby care brand creating non-toxic, chemical-free essentials for your baby. They’re pioneers in the healthy diaper world, creating biodegradable solutions that are safer for your baby and better for the planet. Currently, they’re working on a fully plastic-free diaper that’s fully biodegradable. 

Nature Baby 

Organic, Natural Baby & Kids Brands Based in Australia Nature Baby 

Based in New Zealand

Carries: Baby and toddler clothing, footwear, swimsuits, underwear, bibs, hair clips, hats & beanies, sleep sacks, pajamas, sleep gowns, baby towels, face cloths, baby skincare, soaps, bath drops, baby massage oil, toys, muslin wraps, maternity care products, and breastfeeding tea. 

Nature Baby is a family business with a vast collection of natural, sustainable mom & baby essentials. All their clothing is made with organic, chemical-free fabrics such as organic cotton and merino wool. They focus on simple, timeless designs and soft natural materials to give your tot nothing but the best. 

Australian-Based Marketplaces for All Things Non-Toxic 

Just like this guide, these marketplaces are a go-to resource for finding the best non-toxic (or low-tox), organic brands and products. They’re all based in Australia and run by Aussie families who are looking to provide better and easier options to live a low-tox lifestyle. 


Australian-Based Marketplaces for All Things Non-Toxic Biome

Carries: Skincare, mineral makeup, personal care products, menstrual care essentials, hair & body care, bath essentials, wellness supplements, home cleaning & laundry, groceries, home decor, bedding, kitchen & dining, lunch boxes, water bottles, food containers, men & women’s fashion, baby & children’s clothing and care products, gardening, pets, and books & magazines. 

Biome is a B-Corp family-run marketplace that curates non-toxic, palm-oil-free, natural products to make healthy living easier. They have hundreds of ethical suppliers they vet and team up with and five physical stores across Australia. 

Hello Charlie

Australian-Based Marketplaces for All Things Non-Toxic Hello Charlie

Carries: Body & hair care, makeup, dental care, skin care, maternity & breastfeeding essentials, baby skincare, baby feeding products, cloth diapers, baby + toddler products, toys, natural cleaning products, home essentials, and reusable goods. 

Hello Charlie is a family-oriented marketplace that helps make the transition to healthy, sustainable living easier. They focus on vetting and testing hundreds of products for safety so you can shop with peace of mind. You’ll find a wide range of children, parents & family-friendly products. 

Little Earth Nest

Australian-Based Marketplaces for All Things Non-Toxic Little Earth Nest

Carries: Baby care products, kid’s clothing & shoes, baby’s skincare, toys, sustainable living essentials, and tote bags. 

Little Earth Nest is an eco-living marketplace oriented towards curating affordable, non-toxic baby & home products. They carry a wide range of toys, kid’s clothing, and home essentials to help you cut down on waste and make safer choices for your children. 

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