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Ana Mexia is a sustainability copywriter and founder of Copy That Co. Through her business, she helps purpose-driven businesses grow using action-driven copy, inspiring storytelling, and an honest and positive approach to marketing. 

Ana’s passion for environmental sustainability started in her college years. While getting her bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology, her eyes were opened to a lot—especially the not-so-great stuff that goes into our food. But by far, the most eye-opening experience of her life was working in the food industry and seeing firsthand the environmental destruction taking place. 

After that, Ana decided to take her professional life in a different direction and align her work with something that felt purposeful

Another significant aspect of Ana’s life was that she was sick all the time. She had constant, severe allergies that never ceased. In addition to flu-like symptoms, she had skin rashes, swelling, and all sorts of things that she just considered “normal” since she struggled with them all her life! She was constantly taking pills and going through different treatments that would offer momentaneous relief, but never truly worked. 

So, Ana began questioning. And detoxing. This was a slow process but little by little, she began to change her diet and lifestyle, and pay attention to what she was putting in her body. This also jumpstarted a profound spiritual healing journey, but that’s a different story!

Through this process, Ana’s business was born, and she began experiencing a new version of herself that, for the first time ever, was not constantly sick. In addition to learning about environmental toxins, she began learning about plants, herbs, and natural medicines, and that has forever changed her life. Now plants are her most important allies in this life.

It’s been 4 years since Ana started her business, and 6 years since she started her detox and healing journey. Now, her allergies are sporadic and very mild compared to back then. And her passion for helping the environment and learning about plants, natural medicine, and alternative healing continues to grow every day! 

A couple of fun facts about Ana:

  • In early 2024, she spent three weeks completely off the grid in the Amazonian jungle with a native community learning about curanderismo, medicinal plants, and their harmonious ways of life. 
  • She is also a singer, musician, and DJ!

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