If you’re looking for the best natural toothpaste brands, we’ve got you covered.

Our roundup of non-toxic toothpaste brands below includes options for whitening, sensitive teeth, kids’ options, plastic-free choices, and more. Our team has personally reviewed each brand and we’re telling you what we really think.

I hope this guide helps you pick out the best non-toxic toothpaste for you and your family!

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best non toxic toothpaste brands

What to Look for in Safe, Natural Toothpastes

For the full breakdown on what ingredients to avoid in conventional toothpaste and which safer ingredients to look for instead, check out our guide.

But if you just want the quick summary, here’s what to avoid in toothpaste:

  • Artificial flavors and colors
  • Cetylpyridinium chloride
  • Fluoride
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

And here’s what to look for instead:

  • Hydroxyapatite (This is a remineralizing and cavity-prevention ingredient that’s just as effective as fluoride, but much safer. It’s also good for sensitive teeth and provides whitening as well.)
  • Natural abrasives like calcium carbonate, baking soda, or hydrated silica
  • Plant-based cleansers such as coconut oil (and/or coconut oil derived ingredients)
  • Herbal extracts such as chamomile, green tea, aloe vera, neem, or peppermint oil. (Just be careful not to go overboard on the essential oils, as they can potentially be too harsh on the healthy bacteria in your mouth, disrupting a balanced microbiome.)
  • Natural sweeteners such as xylitol, stevia, or monk fruit extract

Best Non-Toxic, Organic, & Natural Toothpaste Brands for 2024

We tried out a variety of natural toothpaste brands and are including our reviews below in the hopes that it will make shopping easier for you!

1. Boka (Best for Whitening & Sensitivity)

best non toxic toothpaste brands boka

Price: $12 a tube or $9.60 with a subscription 
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, but they don’t have certifications
Type: Regular paste
Kids options? Yes – Orange, Vanilla Cream
Remineralizing? Nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha)

Ana’s Review

All of Boka’s toothpastes are fluoride-free; instead, they use nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha). They were one of the first n-Ha toothpaste brands on the market!

I tried three of their products:

Ingredients-wise, they’re pretty good. A couple of ingredients could be a little better… Menthol, for example, may be harsh for some folks.

The toothpaste itself works really well— good foaming and texture. I found the Ela Mint flavor super refreshing and my breath stayed fresh for a while.

As far as the more ‘funky’ flavors (coco ginger and lemon lavender), I wasn’t crazy about them—particularly the ginger which made me feel like I just ate stir fry! Although my teeth felt clean after, I personally didn’t like the lemon or ginger aftertaste in my mouth. 

Boka also has other oral care products, as well, including toothbrushes, mouthwash, and more. You can opt for splurge-worthy bundles or choose a travel-friendly kit to take with you on your next trip.

They also have a whitening collection, which includes whitening toothpaste, strips, pens, and lights.

All of their options come with n-Ha, which means they can all help with whitening and sensitive teeth.

What I love: 

  • The Ela Mint flavor is super fresh
  • Great foaming, and cleans really well

Could be better: 

  • Not a huge fan of the flavors (except the mint) but that’s more of a personal preference

2. Attitude

best natural toothpaste reviews attitude on TheFiltery.com

Price: $7.95 a tube, with bundle discounts available
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, but no certifications
Type: Regular paste
Kids options? Yes – Mango, Coconut Mint, Watermelon, Blueberry, Strawberry. Plus Training Toothpaste for babies and toddlers. (Some options are fluoride-free; some are not.)
Remineralizing? Yes – they have all three options: fluoride, hydroxyapatite, and neither

Abbie’s Review

Attitude is a great place to get a variety of personal care and household cleaning products all in one place. Many (though not all) of the products from this Canadian company are EWG Verified, and they have a variety of different sustainability initiatives including plastic reduction and more.

For natural toothpaste, they offer pretty much any type you might want: fluoride, fluoride + hydroxyapatite, just hydroxyapatite, and neither.

I tried:

If you’re just now switching from “standard” toothpaste, then this one might be a good option for you. It foams well and the overall taste and texture is very similar to your more “conventional” toothpaste.

Overall, I really like this toothpaste. It gets my teeth clean and leaves me with fresh breath. I will say though, that if I bought it again, I would get the hydroxyapatite version. The option I got does not have any remineralization or anti-cavity protection, which is not the type of toothpaste I prefer to use long-term.

What I love:

  • Easy to use
  • Good texture and taste

Could be better:

  • I’d love to see all of Attitude’s options use hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride

3. Better & Better

best non toxic toothpaste reviews better & better on TheFiltery.com

Price: $19.99 for two tubes, or $15.99 with a subscription 
Vegan and cruelty-free? Yes! Certified by Leaping Bunny 
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ options? No
Remineralizing? Their Fortify toothpaste option contains hydroxyapatite. Their other options are not remineralizing (they’re free from both fluoride and hydroxyapatite).

Ana’s Review

Better & Better is an oral care brand that focuses on creating non-toxic, natural products. Some of their toothpastes are EWG-verified or have the lowest score possible when it comes to ingredient safety. Many of the ingredients they use are organic, too.

I tried three different products from Better & Better: 

The presentation comes in a recyclable sugarcane tube. I really like the simple, clean design.

The toothpaste itself is great. I particularly loved the texture, which is not as thick as conventional toothpaste, and had this gentle feel to it. It also foams really well, surprisingly! 

  • The “Purity” variety is their most “basic” option; it’s fluoride-free, but doesn’t have any other fortifying aspects to it.
  • The “Fortify” option has hydroxyapatite in it, which is the safer, cavity-fighting ingredient that replaces fluoride.
  • And the “Energy” and “Immunity” varieties actually have vitamins in them! The Immunity one is fortified with vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, and the Energy one has vitamins B12 and D in it. This page will give you more info about how much of the vitamins are actually likely to get absorbed while you brush your teeth.

Out of the three different ones I tried, I had a slight preference for their Purity toothpaste, but honestly, they’re all pretty similar in flavor and texture. I loved the aftertaste of all of them—my mouth felt refreshed and my teeth noticeably clean and white. 

Better & Better also offers other oral care products, including toothbrushes, floss, mouth spray, and more.

What I love: 

  • The thin texture of the toothpaste 
  • Great ingredients
  • Noticeable minty flavor that’s not too overpowering

Could be better: 

  • I can’t think of anything!

4. Huppy (Best Plastic-Free/Low-Waste)

best non toxic toothpaste mouthwash brands huppy

Price: $45 for a 4-month supply (about $11 a month) or $33.75 with a subscription (about $8/month)
Vegan and cruelty-free? Yes, with no certification 
Type: Tablets
Kids’ options? Yes – Watermelon Strawberry flavor (but includes some “natural flavors”)
Remineralizing? Yes – Hydroxyapatite

Ana’s Review

Huppy is a plastic-free toothpaste company that creates tablets instead of conventional tubed toothpaste. They’re not quite as known as Bite (listed below), but it’s the same concept. 

As far as ingredients, Huppy’s tablets are pretty good. However, they do use some “natural flavors” as ingredients, which is not ideal because it indicates a lack of transparency.

Also, they use a couple of oil extracts, and as I said previously, some dentists recommend being careful with essential oils since they can be harsh and upset a healthy oral microbiome. Tea tree oil, for example, may be too harsh for some folks.

These are the different products I tried: 

I was actually impressed by Huppy’s tablets. I was expecting them not to foam much, since Bite tablets don’t, but to my surprise they foamed very well. They also dissolved quickly and effectively—no pieces of undissolved toothpaste in my mouth! 

I loved that the tablets came in a little paper bag and they sent a glass container to store them in. This means that in the long run, you can reuse the same container (less waste which I always appreciate!).

Overall, Huppy is great. Maybe my favorite! Works really well, my teeth feel clean, my mouth fresh, and the flavor of the peppermint and charcoal is nice and subtle. 

For the watermelon strawberry flavor, it definitely has a children’s toothpaste feel. I would say it’s great for that (yes, it’s kid-friendly!). I was expecting to dislike it, but it’s not terrible. The flavor reminded me of those bubble gum tapes from the 90’s. Wouldn’t be my flavor of choice, but it’s not bad either. 

They also offer other oral care products like toothbrushes, floss, mints, tongue scrapers, and more.

What I loved: 

  • The tablets foam really well
  • Tablets dissolve fully and very fast
  • Plastic-free and low-waste

Could be better: 

  • They use “natural flavors”

5. Just Ingredients (Best Powdered)

Price: $20 per jar
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, but no certifications
Type: Powder
Kids’ option? No
Remineralizing? Yes – contains hydroxyapatite

Abbie’s Review

Just Ingredients makes a few different tooth powders:

These are all formulated by Karalynne Call of Just Ingredients, who cares a lot about using safe high-quality ingredients. For the tooth powder line specifically, she partnered with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, who is a biologic/holistic dentist.

All of the variations contain hydroxyapatite for remineralization. Other ingredients include things like xylitol, charcoal, and essential oils (depending on the variation).

Oh, and just to clarify: even though they call this a “tooth powder,” it is a replacement for toothpaste. Someone asked me if you’re supposed to use this in addition to toothpaste, and the answer is no. It’s just not called toothpaste because it’s not a paste! 😉

I tried:

I really like this toothpaste! To use it, you actually wet your toothbrush and then just dip it in the powder. I’ll admit that this did seem kind of weird to me at first, but I got used to it! It’s very easy to use and I really like that it doesn’t come in a plastic tube.

It doesn’t get super foamy or anything, so if you’re used to foamy toothpaste, you may have to adjust to that, too.

I was expecting the mintiness to be more subtle than it actually is. The flavor is relatively strong! So, if you’re someone who really likes how strong the more conventional toothpastes are (like Crest + Scope or whatever), then you might want to try this one.

What I love:

  • Low-plastic (the jar lid is plastic but that’s it). The jar itself is glass.
  • Contains hydroxyapatite for reminerlization.

Could be better:

  • $20 a jar is pricey!

6. Wellnesse (Best for Kids)

Price: $15 a tube or $13.50 with a subscription 
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, certified by Leaping Bunny 
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ Options? Yes – Strawberry toothpaste
Remineralizing? Yes – Hydroxyapatite

Ana’s Review

Wellnesse is a personal care brand with a range of products from hair and skin care to toothpaste and oral care. Most of their products are EWG-verified or have a very low toxicity score (1-2).

Their toothpaste is also mineral-based, like many of the ones I’ve rated here, and uses hydroxyapatite as the main ingredient. 

The products I tried are: 

Overall this whitening toothpaste is pretty great. It does what it should—cleans very well, fresh, minty flavor, and foams well too. I particularly liked the charcoal one! I noticed my teeth were a bit brighter and it felt very gentle too. The texture is very similar to the other mineral-based ones, which is on the thinner side. This one had an almost liquidy feel to it. 

Wellnesse also offers other oral care products as well, including bamboo toothbrushes, oral probiotics, and tongue scrapers. Note that their floss is not currently PFAS-free, but they told us they are currently working on a transition and it will be PFAS-free very soon!

What I loved: 

  • Great ingredients 
  • Good texture, cleans well, tastes great 

Could be better: 

  • $15 a tube feels a bit pricey

7. Fygg (Best for Oral Microbiome Support)

best non toxic toothpaste fygg on TheFiltery.com

Price: $14 per tube ($12.60 with a subscription)
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, but no certifications
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ option? Yes – Vanilla Vibes and Chocolate Swirl
Remineralizing? Yes – contains both nano- and micro-hydroxyapatite

Abbie’s Review

Okay, I might be a little bias about this brand because it’s Dr. Staci and Dr. Mark Burhenne’s toothpaste brand. Dr. Staci is a practicing functional pediatric dentist who I have worked with in the past and I just think she is awesome… I really trust her!

Fygg is a new brand on the market that utilizes both nano- and micro-hydroxyapatite. Fygg stands for “Feed Your Good Guys,” and the ‘good guys’ being referenced are the beneficial bacteria that support a healthy oral microbiome… Yep, Fygg has probiotics in it!

It does not have any surfactants, emulsifiers, fluoride, essential oils, or other questionable ingredients.

Fygg is on the more expensive side, but that’s in large part because the hydroxyapatite they use is the real deal. Not only do they use both nano- and micro-HAp, but they use the only currently SCCS-approved nano-HAp, “meeting or exceeding all SCCS guidelines regarding nano-HAp concentration, particle size, and shape.” (SCCS is the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety.)

I tried:

I have to say—I really love the taste of the Wild Mint. It does have a light and refreshing mint flavor, but it’s sweet!

You should be aware that this toothpaste does not foam. Toothpaste doesn’t need to foam in order to work (and Fygg leaves my teeth feeling clean and smooth every time), but this might take some getting used to for some people.

One more thing: Fygg suggests that you don’t rinse your mouth after brushing and spitting. That way, the n-HAp and probiotics stay on your teeth and do their best work. Again, this can take a little bit to get used to… it’s a habit I had to break!

What I love:

  • The taste!
  • Some of the absolute best ingredients available in terms of remineralization, cavity-prevention, and oral microbiome support.

Could be better:

  • Price is on the higher side
  • It can separate in the tube, making it both watery and too-thick at the same time. (I suggest gently kneading the toothpaste with the lid tightly closed in order to mix it back up.)

8. RiseWell

best non toxic natural toothpaste risewell review on TheFiltery.com

Price: $12 a tube and $10.20 with a subscription
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, but no certifications 
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ option? Yes – Cake Batter flavor

Ana’s Review

RiseWell mineral toothpaste also uses nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha) as the ‘active’ ingredient. They have a wide range of products, from children’s toothpaste to floss, and toothbrushes. 

RiseWell is very transparent about what goes in their toothpaste tubes and the ingredients are pretty safe! One thing to note with their Wild Mint Toothpaste (which is the one I tried), is that the formulation uses quite a few oil extracts… 

As I mentioned, some dentists recommend being careful with essential oils in toothpaste since the oils can be too harsh and upset a healthy oral microbiome. Just something to note! However, they also have a flavorless toothpaste, which has no oils! 

RiseWell also has a kids’ toothpaste, which is cake batter flavor! Just like the adult option, it contains n-Ha to naturally strengthen your kid’s teeth and prevent cavities. Plus, it’s safe enough to eat, so you don’t have to fret if your child accidentally swallows some!

I personally really liked Risewell. I loved the sort of bubble gum aftertaste of the toothpaste. It foams well, has a nice silky texture, and my teeth feel very clean afterward. Generally, I’ve liked the mineral-based kinds of toothpaste I tried so far, but this one was my favorite! 

In addition to their safe toothpaste, RiseWell also carries toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss, mints, and more.

What I love: 

  • Great flavor with a minty, bubblegum aftertaste 
  • Offers a flavorless toothpaste for an oil-free option 
  • Ingredient transparency 

Could be better: 

FYI: A lawsuit was filed against Risewell in June 2024 alleging that the plaintiffs found PFAS in Risewell toothpaste. You may want to avoid buying it for now, but we will wait to see how the lawsuit shakes out before deciding whether or not to continue recommending Risewell. It’s worth noting that Risewell does do their own independent testing for PFAS, and has apparently done so for the past 3 years. If you own any Risewell toothpaste, you can reach out to them at [email protected] with the lot number and they will send you their lab test results from that batch.

9. Lumineux (Best Option at Target)

best natural toothpaste reviews lumineux on TheFiltery.com

Price: $9+ per tube
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes (but no certifications)
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ option? Yes – “Unicorn” (which is like a strawberry mint flavor)
Remineralizing? Kind of… They use dead sea salt

Abbie’s Review

Lumineux is one of the more popular natural toothpastes It’s fluoride-free and uses ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, lemon peel oil, and dead sea salt. The mineral-rich dead sea salt is supposed to help remineralize teeth; however, I haven’t been able to find research that indicates it can do so as well as hydroxyapatite and/or fluoride.

In addition to their toothpaste collection (which includes regular, whitening, sensitive, and kids), they also offer a wide range of other oral care products, like mouth wash, whitening strips, tooth brushes, and more. They also make it easy to shop according to your needs and priorities: whitening, sensitivity, hydrating, or freshening.

Some of Lumineux’s products are MADE SAFE certified too, which is great.

Overall, I like Lumineux’s products. The toothpaste cleans my teeth well and produces a moderate amount of foam. It has a mild minty taste that’s not overpowering. I really like the mouthwash, too.

What I love:

  • Easy to use
  • Mild minty taste
  • Available at Target

Could be better:

  • I would prefer there was a stronger re-mineralizing ingredient such as hydroxyapatite.

10. Dr. Bronner’s (Best Option at Walmart)

Price: $6.79
Vegan and cruelty-free? Yes, certified by Leaping Bunny 
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ Option? No
Remineralizing? No (fluoride-free and hydroxyapatite-free)

Ana’s Review

Dr. Bronner’s is a natural soap brand that has extended into other areas such as toothpaste, balms, and even chocolate

I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s for years. As a company, I love supporting them. They have an activist brand feel that I stand behind. Plus, most of their products are either EWG-verified or very low-scoring in toxicity (1-2). 

I’ve been a long-term user of their toothpaste. True devoted fan here. Their toothpaste has great ingredients, a very subtle flavor, and if you’re looking for a very low-foaming product, this is it! 

When I first started using this product, it took a little while to get used to the non-foaming aspect of it. Yet, my teeth and mouth felt really clean after using it and I felt good supporting this brand. Now, I like non-foaming products just as much as regular foaming toothpaste (the non-toxic kind, of course!). 

The flavors I’ve tried are: 

Flavor-wise, spearmint is my favorite. It’s strong but not overpowering or spicy but I use both peppermint and spearmint regularly. Spearmint is a bit more subtle. For the anise one, I have to admit I only tried it by accident. I didn’t realize it was anise when I bought it and had quite the surprise while brushing my teeth. I personally don’t like the licorice flavor, so I wasn’t a big fan. 

What I love: 

  • Simple and affordable 
  • Very subtle flavor 
  • I generally love this brand! 
  • Available at big-box stores like Walmart, so it’s easy to find in a pinch!

Could be better: 

  • The paste is very thick and sometimes a bit hard to squeeze out of the tube 
  • Does not include any remineralizing/cavity prevention ingredients (such as hydroxyapatite)

11. Davids

best natural toothpaste reviews Davids on TheFiltery.com

Price: $9.95-11.95 for a tube
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes (but no certifications)
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ option? Yes – Strawberry watermelon (although it does contain “natural flavor”)
Remineralizing? Yes – they have one n-HAp option (the rest are free from both HAp and fluoride)

Abbie’s Review

Davids natural toothpaste comes in a variety of flavors, so you can shop according to your preference: spearmint, peppermint, citrus, charcoal, strawberry, and more.

I’ve tried many of their flavors over the years. I like most of them, but some of them are a bit strong. If you like that really powerful minty flavor that comes with conventional toothpaste (like Crest Scope), then you might like Davids! They all clean my teeth well and produce a pretty good amount of foam.

Many of the varieties are EWG Verified. They’re all SLS-free and fluoride-free, but only one of them contains hydroxyapatite for remineralization.

What I love:

  • Lots of flavor options to choose from
  • You can sometimes find it at big box stores (like Target or Walmart)

Could be better:

  • I would like to see all of their varieties put the anti-cavity power of hydroxyapatite to use
  • Some of the options include “natural flavors”

12. Fat and The Moon

eco friendly toothpaste from fat and the moon

Price: $50 for the whole set or $14 for the tooth cleanse and $16 for the polish 
Vegan & cruelty-free? Yes, all their products are handmade in small batches. No certifications. 
Type: Liquid drops
Kids’ Option? No
Remineralizing? No

Ana’s Review

Fat and The Moon has a really interesting concept for toothpaste. As they call it, it’s a “cleaning ritual” for your teeth. I loved the idea of something so different and original, so I decided to give it a go! 

I’m all about herbal remedies and natural products, so this was right up my alley. I was excited for a more eccentric approach to tooth cleaning, and this kit didn’t disappoint. 

The set comes with: 

  • Spearmint Tooth Cleanse 
  • Mouth Spray 
  • Mouthwash 
  • Tooth polish 

The Spearmint Tooth Cleanse is a toothpaste alternative that comes in a dropper. You add 1 to 2 drops to a dry toothbrush and brush away. The Tooth Polish is meant to be used once a week and it helps in removing coffee or tea stains and for whitening (it has fantastic reviews!). 

I was so curious about the tooth cleanse. The instructions only say “add a drop or two to a dry toothbrush”. No more. I wasn’t sure what to expect… if it would foam, and what kind of feel it would have but I have to say—I love it! Yes, it foams! It cleans and does everything toothpaste does. 

The flavor is very unique, a herby mint taste I really liked. I was so shocked to see that it actually did foam and felt like toothpaste. And my mouth felt very clean. Paired with the tooth polish, I truly noticed a difference in my teeth. 

The tooth polish works amazingly well. It’s a bit messy since it comes in a powder and you have to manage to put it in your toothbrush. Since it’s made with charcoal, you can imagine how that gets messy quickly. What I did was put a bit of the polish powder in the bottle’s cap and slowly sprinkle it into my brush. A bit messy but not terrible! And well worth it for the results. My teeth look brighter and it truly tackled a yellowish stain on my teeth. Highly recommend! 

You can also buy all of the products in the set individually, in case you’re not ready to commit to dropper toothpaste but want to try the polish! 

 What I love:

  • A herbal approach to tooth cleaning! 
  • The smell and feel of the products
  • Works really well and I love how original it is
  • Super simple ingredients

Could be better: 

  • I was a bit confused about how to use the products when I got them. A little more information would’ve been helpful, especially for such a unique approach!

13. Bite

best plastic free toothpaste reviews on the filtery.com

Price: $12 for a month’s supply or $8 with a subscription
Vegan and cruelty-free? Yes, certified by PETA 
Type: Regular paste
Kids’ Option? No
Remineralizing? Yes – they have both fluoride and hydroxyapatite options

Ana’s Review

Bite is a quite popular brand of plastic-free toothpaste tabs. They got started with their main product—toothpaste bits—and now have an entire collection of oral care products with different options such as fluoride, fluoride-free, charcoal activated, and they even have a deodorant. 

Ingredients-wise, Bite wouldn’t be my first option. They have a few questionable ingredients and they don’t disclose exactly what’s in their “natural flavor.” But I still wanted to give it a go, since they’re one of the most popular toothpaste brands and offer fully plastic-free products!

These are the products I tried: 

My teeth and mouth definitely felt clean. One thing I didn’t love was that after biting down on the toothpaste bits, small pieces from the tablet would remain undissolved. This might be just a pet peeve! But I didn’t like the feel of the tiny undissolved bits in my mouth. I thought maybe this was just part of toothpaste tablets in general but that didn’t happen with other tablet brands. 

The flavor of the charcoal and natural whitening ones wasn’t very noticeable, which I’m totally okay with. They still leave a fresh feeling in my mouth, which is all I ask for! The bits don’t foam too much, but I’ve been using non-foaming toothpaste for a while and am very used to it. However, Bits does foam less than anything I’ve tried before. If you’re about to try toothpaste without foaming agents for the first time, this might take time to get used to. 

What I love: 

  • Completely plastic-free
  • I loved the toothpaste tablet concept 

Could be better: 

  • The bits could dissolve a bit better
  • They use a couple of questionable ingredients (such as undisclosed “flavor”)

+ A DIY Natural Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

diy natural toothpaste recipe on TheFiltery.com

If you’d rather try making your own toothpaste, here’s an easy homemade natural toothpaste recipe you can actually do in just a few minutes.

(Note: This recipe does not contain any remineralizing or anti-cavity ingredients such as hydroxyapatite.)

First, you’ll need:

  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil (or your preferred flavor)
  • 1-2 teaspoons of xylitol (optional, for added sweetness)

Here’s what to do:

  1. In a small bowl, combine the baking soda and coconut oil. Mix them together until you achieve a smooth, paste-like consistency.
  2. Add the peppermint essential oil to the mixture and stir well. Adjust the number of drops based on your preference for the strength of the flavor.
  3. If desired, add xylitol to the mixture for a sweeter taste. Xylitol also has the added benefit of inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth.
  4. Transfer the toothpaste to a small jar or container with a tight lid.
  5. To use, simply dip your toothbrush into the homemade toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual.
  6. After brushing, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water as usual.
  7. As this recipe doesn’t have any preservatives in it, make sure to use it up in a timely manner. Keep an eye on the jar’s contents and don’t use if mold, mildew, or bacteria starts growing.

Wrapping It Up: the best natural toothpaste is one that supports holistic oral health

So there you have it: our thoughts on the best non-toxic toothpaste brands that can bring a breath of fresh air to your oral care routine!

Say goodbye to artificial colors, harsh preservatives, questionable additives, and fluoride. Organic, natural toothpaste keeps your smile sparkling while prioritizing your well-being.

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