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Konstantina Antoniadou is a sustainability writer dedicated to assisting conscious readers in discovering the best fashion, beauty, and non-toxic home products available on the eco market. With nearly a decade of experience in media and publishing, including a degree in marketing and advertising and a background in fashion design, Konstantina offers a unique perspective in her writing.

Having experienced the allure of “trendy” fashion firsthand—quick turnarounds, ever-changing fads, and the exhilaration of staying ahead of the curve—Konstantina has also witnessed the industry’s darker side. This stark contrast between glamour and grim reality prompted her to reassess her career path.

Now, Konstantina utilizes her expertise in decision-making and consumer behavior to advocate for conscious consumption. She aims to influence individuals to shop less and more mindfully. Currently, she is enrolled in courses at Copenhagen Business School, focusing on sustainable fashion, business models for sustainability, and consumer neuroscience, furthering her commitment to the field.

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