Your search for an organic latex-free mattress ends right here. We curated a list of the best non-toxic, all-natural mattresses that are not only free from harsh chemicals, but latex too—so those with a latex sensitivity can sleep soundly.

After spending dozens of hours researching and writing about the cleanest non-toxic mattress brands of 2023, we’ve become pros at identifying the best organic mattresses in every category.

Vegans, for example, wouldn’t want to forgo their no-animal-products pledge in the name of comfort, but most organic mattresses are made with wool. Enter: non-toxic vegan mattresses. Folks with homes on wheels can’t simply choose a standard natural mattress size. So we’ve got a guide to organic RV mattresses. We’ve also got a roundup of the most affordable non-toxic mattresses for those on a stricter budget. You get the gist.

This time, however, we’ll focus on the best of the best non-toxic latex-free mattresses for everyone with latex allergies and sensitivities.

Best Non-Toxic & Organic Latex-Free Mattresses in 2023

A lot of organic mattress brands use latex to help support the heaviest parts of the body. Latex’s natural elasticity can provide great pressure relief without the use of synthetic polyurethane foam. While organic latex is very safe for the majority of folks, some could experience mild allergic reactions.

That being said, there are several healthy substitutes available if you have a latex sensitivity and want to play it safe. For example, GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic wool, and steel coils can give you the same pressure point relief and spinal alignment. 

The natural mattress brands below come with plenty of glowing reviews, great prices, and customization options for a variety of preferences. Here’s a list of the best non-toxic latex-free mattresses that can rival even the most premium latex options on the eco market.

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First: Some FAQs About Organic Latex-Free Mattresses

Before buying, here are some things to bear in mind so that you can be sure to make the best decision for you:

Can you have a latex mattress allergy?

Technically, yes, it is possible to be allergic to a latex mattress (although it is very rare). Latex is a natural substance derived from the sap of rubber trees and is used in many different kinds of consumer products, including mattresses, pillows, gloves, and medical devices.

Some of the most common symptoms to look out for with a latex allergy include:

  • skin irritation (such as itching, rash, or hives)
  • eye irritation (such as redness, tearing, or swelling)
  • respiratory symptoms (such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing)
  • shortness of breath

Sometimes, these symptoms are a result of the latex itself, while other times they can actually be a result of the chemical additives used to process latex (especially synthetic latex). This is one of the reasons why reaction severity may be different depending on the product the sensitive person is being exposed to.

Can you sleep on a latex mattress if you have a latex allergy?

It’s worth keeping in mind that just because someone has a latex allergy does not necessarily mean they will have a negative reaction to a latex mattress. In fact, the majority of people with latex allergies will not be affected by sleeping on a latex mattress.

That’s good news!

The reason for this is threefold:

  1. The latex in mattresses is almost always on the inside of the mattress and is not directly exposed to the sleeper’s skin.
  2. The latex almost always goes through cleaning processes which remove the proteins that actually affect individuals with latex allergies.
  3. Most high-quality non-toxic mattress brands use certified organic latex that is free from synthetic (plastic) latex and extra chemical additives, which have the potential to exacerbate symptoms.

In other words, just because you have a latex allergy doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t sleep on a latex mattress. However, it is totally understandable why you’d want to play it on the safe side and go with a non-toxic latex-free mattress anyway! That’s why we’ve created this guide for you.

(Also, it might go without saying, but if you have an allergy and are unsure about what type of mattress is healthiest for you, be sure to talk with your doctor or allergist for guidance.)

What is the best alternative to a latex mattress?

Instead of polyurethane foam (which is used by most conventional mattress brands), organic mattress companies use latex to provide flexible support for the sleeper. But if you take the latex out, what’s the alternative? Here are the alternatives to latex mattresses:

1. Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses provide excellent support due to the multi-layer coil system used in their construction. These coils help to distribute your body weight evenly, reducing pressure points and keeping your spine aligned. They’re usually covered with a plush layer of organic cotton and/or wool.

Innerspring mattresses come in a wide range of firmness levels, from soft to firm. This makes it easier to find a mattress that meets your specific comfort needs. Lastly, they often have reinforced edges that provide better support when you are sitting or sleeping on the edge of the bed. This can also make it easier to get in and out of bed.

2. Organic and Natural Fiber Filled Mattresses

Another alternative to latex or coils involves simply “stuffing” a mattress with natural fibers like cotton, wool, or kapok. It’s kind of like sleeping on a big firm pillow!

This type of mattress may not be a good fit for everyone, as it doesn’t form to the body as much and therefore may not provide the support and pressure relief that some people need.

Regardless of which mattress type you choose, you’ll want to go with an organic mattress if possible. Unlike polyurethane memory foam options, natural fiber mattresses are free from harmful chemicals such as flame retardants, formaldehyde, and other toxic substances (which can slowly “off-gas” into your bedroom as you sleep).

Non-toxic latex-free mattresses made from organic fibers are very breathable and allow air to circulate freely. This helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. If you want to dive deeper into the concerns surrounding conventional mattresses and what to look for instead, you can do so in our main mattress guide.

Are memory foam mattresses latex-free?

If you are on the hunt for the best non-toxic latex-free mattresses, keep in mind that conventional memory foam is latex-free in most cases, but it’s not always sustainable or healthy. Memory foam is usually made from polyurethane, which is a synthetic material and does not contain natural latex. However, some memory foam mattresses may contain small amounts of latex in other components such as the adhesives. For these reasons, you may want to consider choosing a mattress made with natural materials such as cotton or wool, which are hypoallergenic and do not contain latex.

Best Organic Latex-Free Mattresses for Allergy-Free Sleep

Now let’s get to it. Here are the brands that offer allergy-friendly mattresses that are both non-toxic and latex-free:

1. The Naturepedic EOS Collection

naturepedic latex free organic mattress

Best For: Latex-free mattresses for couples with different needs & preferences

Primary Materials: Certified organic cotton, plant-based PLA, wool  

Features: 100-night trial, 25-year warranty, made in the USA, customization options, GOTS certified, MADE SAFE certified, UL/GREENGUARD certified

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Price: Queen mattresses starting at $3,499

The Naturepedic latex-free mattress collection is crafted with premium-quality, organic materials, which are completely free of harmful chemicals. You have the option of the EOS Classic (which is more affordable) or the EOS Pillowtop (which has a plush layer on top for extra support and comfort).

Both of these organic latex-free mattresses are designed with a multi-layered, zippered construction that allows you to customize the comfort of your mattress, swap out layers, and even change the way your mattress feels years later. Who needs latex when you can have premium glueless encased coil support layers?

On top of that, all of Naturepedic’s latex-free mattresses have fully met the standards of GOTS and UL/GREENGUARD certificates for low emissions.

If you decide to opt for the queen-size or larger, note that you can customize the firmness of both sides as well as select the foundation to cater to your and your partner’s comfort levels.

And use code thefiltery15 for 15% off.

2. The Savvy Rest Pastoral

savvy rest organic latex-free mattress

Best For: Hand-made to order tufted latex-free mattresses 

Primary Materials: Certified organic wool and cotton

Features: 25-year limited warranty, GREENGUARD Gold Certified, OEKO-TEX certified, FSC certified, B-certified corporation

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Price: Queen mattresses starting at $2,099

If you are looking for organic latex-free mattresses that are premium-quality and hand-made to order, have a look at Savvy Rest. The natural bedding brand offers an amazing, hand-tufted certified organic wool and cotton mattress that does not contain latex. Manufactured in a GOTS-certified facility in the USA, this mattress is encased in an organic cotton twill cover. 

The result? A natural mattress that’s light and flexible enough to serve as a futon, yet able to offer breathable support. On their virtual shelves, you can also find organic RV mattresses, crib mattresses, and pretty much everything you’ll need to give your home a natural upgrade. 

And use the code THEFILTERY20 for 20% off.

3. The Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress

latex-free organic mattress from parachute

Best For: Latex-free mattresses for side, back, and stomach sleepers

Primary Materials: Certified organic wool, cotton, and steel

Features: 10-year limited warranty, 100-night trial, GOTS-certified, Oeko-TexⓇ-certified, climate neutral 

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Price: Queen mattresses starting at $2,399

Next up is the Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress. Constructed to be firm in the middle (for back support) and softer at the head and feet (for pressure point relief and spinal alignment), this latex-free mattress is meant to provide a foundation for a great night’s sleep. That’s why this natural mattress is ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Instead of latex, the brand chose to add Layers of pure New Zealand wool, 100% organic cotton, and pocketed steel coils that are hand-tufted together to perfection. Last, but not least, the layers are breathable, promoting airflow so that the body doesn’t overheat—which is something every hot sleeper will appreciate.

4. The Holy Lamb Organics Natural Innerspring Mattress

latex-free organic mattress from holy lamb organics

Best For: Zero waste natural latex-free mattresses 

Primary Materials: Organic wool, cotton, and recycled coils

Features: 25-year warranty, zero-waste manufacturing

Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen (and split), King

Price: Queen mattresses starting at $ 1,500

Holy Lamb Organics is the mecca of natural comforters and utterly soft bed sheets, but they also craft fantastic mattresses. For their latex-free options, they offer a Natural Spring Mattress and a Natural Pillowtop Spring.

Free of flame retardants, glues, and other harsh chemicals, this natural mattress is made with made of recycled steel springs and a thick wrap of premium eco wool. The top consists of thick layers of organic cotton batting.

Additionally, Holy Lamb Organics creates everything locally in the USA, with a zero-waste manufacturing policy. They also allow you to add or remove the foundation according to our bedroom’s needs.

5. The JoyBed Collection

latex-free non-toxic mattress from joybed

Best For: Affordable latex-free mattresses 

Primary Materials: Certified organic wool, cotton, steel coils, potato fiber

Features: 10-year limited warranty, 120-night trial, GOTS-certified materials 

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Price: Queen mattresses starting at $650

Safe and handcrafted in the USA, JoyBed’s non-toxic latex-free mattresses come in three different variations. The LX is their original natural cotton and wool bed with a comfortable medium firmness and is the most affordable option. The LXP is their Luxury Plush option, made with your choice of firmness thanks to the supportive layer of nano coils.

No matter your preferences, all options are enhanced with breathable, flame-resistant plant fibers that offer natural protection without any chemical or synthetic additives. To top it all off, JoyBed has partnered with a 100-year-old mattress factory to skillfully create latex-free mattresses that meet and exceed all expectations.

6. The LifeKind Traditional Innerspring Mattress

organic latex-free mattress from lifekind

Primary Materials: Organic wool, cotton, and coils

Features: 20-year warranty, 90-day trial, GREENGUARD®, GOTS, and GOLS certified 

Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Price: Queen mattresses starting at $2,726.75

This Lifekind certified organic, latex-free innerspring mattress features soft cotton batting along with the brand’s signature cotton and wool quilting. More precisely, the heavy-duty side support springs are strategically placed to help reinforce the edges and give the perfect medium to medium-firm feel. There’s also six layers of organic cotton to provide more support, while still being soft.

Plus, thees mattresses, which meet the GREENGUARD® product emissions standards, have been handmade in the USA since 2003. And Lifekind ships their products to your door for free, which is another plus. 

We hope this guide to organic latex-free mattresses has helped you find great safe and non-toxic options that suit your needs. If you need further help, you can find dozens of non-toxic home suggestions here. And to get more (exclusive!) content delivered to your inbox once a week, sign up for Filtered Fridays.

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