If the bedsheet aisle of the store draws you in like a moth to a flame — same! All those colors and patterns and textures, so pretty! So many options! 

I love looking at sheets, but I hate digging for all the info I need: 

  • How much polyester or other synthetics are there? 
  • What’s included in the set? 
  • Is it wrapped in plastic? 
  • Are there any organic aspects? 
  • Why is it wrinkle-free? 
  • What was used to dye the fabric?

Rarely are those answers available which makes buying a sheet set feel like a game of wits. 

But what if I told you you could buy a sheet set that has the very real possibility of lasting the rest of your life without containing any questionable or harmful ingredients? 

American Blossom Linens might just be your answer to a deep sleep that’s free of worry.

I’ve been sleeping on the Cotton Percale Bed Sheet Set for the past couple of months and I’m really impressed! These are my honest and original thoughts about the sheets and my experience using them.

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Horizontal - close up of pillow and stuffed animal on queen bed with ABL sheets

This review is not sponsored, but the sheets were gifted. This review contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. As always, we only make recommendations that are genuine.

My Overall Thoughts on American Blossom Linens Sheets 

I was pleasantly surprised by these 100% cotton sheets. I had been using a set of Ettitude bamboo sheets that I was given for my wedding which I was kind of obsessed with. So I was skeptical until I actually slept on the American Blossom Linens sheets!

I don’t know that I like one more than the other but I like them differently. My bamboo sheets are incredibly soft and silky, while the American Blossom Linens sheets are light and airy. I think the softness of the bamboo is better for winter while I like these cotton ones for the spring and they’ll be great in the summer (especially because I’m a hot sleeper). 

Let’s start with the downsides

Honestly, I can’t think of many negative things to say about this brand. If I were recommending these to a friend, these would be my ‘warnings’. These may not be for you if: 

  • You like color and pattern options. Because they use colored cotton plants instead of dye, there are an extremely limited number of colors.
  • You like the weight of heavy sheets. While warm, the top sheet is incredibly light. 
  • You aren’t ready to spend $200+ on sheets OR you don’t care about cotton, organic-cotton, American-made, or synthetic dyes. While there are many ways to justify the prices, these are definitely an investment.
  • You like wrinkle-free fabrics. Because American Blossom Linens does not add chemicals to make the fabric wrinkle-free, there are plenty of wrinkles in the fabric. I took mine out of the dryer right away so there weren’t any intense wrinkles, but to be totally honest, it’s not something I care about. 

Let’s get into my thoughts on American Blossom Linens!

First, if you don’t know why you’d want 100% cotton and non-toxic sheets, Abbie has a great article about potential additives to standard sheets along with some non-toxic recommendations

Price: It’s a lifetime investment

Let’s start with the big one. These sheets are an investment. A queen set of cotton percale sheets is $299. However, I can tell from the quality of the material that these are going to last me a long time

While they are an investment, American Blossom Linens has some features to help that total number feel a little better: 

  • The entire process—from growing cotton to the stitching to assembly—is done in the U.S.
  • American Blossom Linens will send you a swatch before you purchase a sheet set if you want to get a ~feel for the fabric. 
  • They have a lifetime warranty (which covers construction flaws, not normal wear and tear).
  • They also have a generous 2 year return policy!
Vertical - ABL sheets wrapped and in box

Packaging & what’s included

I received one fitted queen sheet, one top sheet, and 4 pillowcases. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that there was not a pillow sham included. I have so many shams I don’t know what to do with them! 

The sheets came in a cardboard box fitted exactly to the size of the (amazingly) folded sheets with a postcard. I really appreciated the minimal and sustainable packaging. I cannot stand when sheets are wrapped in plastic!

Color: Basic & Minimalist

I normally like dark sheets but with a limited number of color options, the only dark options available are navy with piping (which I don’t like). However, once the sheets came in and I put them on the bed, the natural color grew on me and I’m really happy with them!

They have natural colored cotton sheets (which are made with colored cotton that’s more of a pinkish-brown), but the ones I got are an off-white cotton that comes out as a light beige/tan. I really like the small speckles in the sheet as it gives it a natural feel and looks like the fabric has freckles! 

You might appreciate the limited colors: 

  • If you like minimalist/hotel/luxury sheet vibes
  • If you don’t want a lot of options to choose from
  • If you already like light, natural colors
Horizontal - folded ABL sheets stacked - front view

Smell: Non-existent 

No smell! I have allergies and a very sensitive sense of smell. Upon opening the sheets from the box, before washing, there was no discernible smell and I really stuck my face in there to check. 

You know how sometimes the smell of fabric can change after you dry it or get it wet, but after the first wash (with my Meliora detergent of course), there were no weird or funky smells. 

Texture: Light & Neutral

The American Blossom Linens website says these are the same as the sheets they supply to hotels. I think hotel sheets are fine, but I’ve always found them to be just a little too scratchy to want to have in my house. 

So you can imagine that I was a bit skeptical upon receiving my sheets, especially after being used to my extra soft bamboo sheets. 

My initial thoughts: 

  • Upon pulling them out of the box and shaking them out I thought they were fine
  • They seemed a little thin
  • They aren’t overly soft, but they’re not scratchy either
  • I was feeling very neutral towards them

After using them: 

  • WOW! My opinion definitely changed after using them. Touching them is different than sleeping in them (in the best way possible). 
  • They are thin but not bad-quality-thin; I think ‘light’ is a better word.
  • They are face-rubbing approved (see below).
  • Lint is really easy to get off either in the dryer, by shaking, or with a lint roller.
  • Cat hair friendly! Hear my out: I have 2 long-haired cats, one of whom shares my pillow from the top. The weave of these sheets makes it extremely easy to use a lint brush to remove the cat fur. I have a sustainable metal one that usually snags, but the fur comes off so easily and quickly from these sheets. It’s amazing. 
  • Cat hair friendly part 2! Obviously I can’t get all the cat fur with a lint roller and who knows what my cat is doing while I’m sleeping. Any remaining cat fur comes off in the wash and is caught by my Cora Ball (P.S. use code ‘THEFILTERY’ for 10% off a Cora Ball).
Horizontal - Close up of cat fur on ABL sheets
Cat fur displayed here. 🐈‍⬛

Follow up — I really like rubbing my face into my sheets and pillows—it helps me get grounded, comfy, and settled into bed. This tends to be a problem because of lint, cat hair, and my sensitive skin but it’s not an issue with these sheets.

Comfort: very

Hot Sleepers

These sheets are amazing for hot sleepers. I sweat pretty much every night, regardless of the inside or outside temp. When I sweat in the bamboo sheets it feels sticky and it’s hard to cool down. I usually have to get up and uncover or dry off or move. 

I still wake up hot, don’t get me wrong, but it feels much better. I don’t feel like I’m sitting in a pool of sweat and it’s much faster to cool down.


As mentioned, these sheets are light and thin (but good-quality thin). I like the feeling of a blanket but I don’t really miss it because the top sheet still provides warmth in that thin luxury cotton kinda way.  

If you do like a heavier feel, although I haven’t used one (yet), you might want to add a wool blanket or a herringbone cotton blanket — I’ll definitely be back for the wool one later. 


The texture is worth mentioning again. It feels kind of like a high-quality men’s button down cotton shirt. It’s neither soft nor rough, it’s just there doing its job. While I’m in bed I don’t notice the texture, which I think speaks for itself. 

Quality: Extremely good construction

I can feel the quality of these sheets.

  • Holding the sheet in hand and giving it a tug I can see there’s not a lot of stretch.
  • With a tug, the fibers aren’t separating or spreading apart.
  • I can feel the firmness and sturdiness of the construction. 
  • Looking at the stitching along the seams… there are no loose threads.
  • The fabric is folded over itself and then stitched which is a sign of good, solid construction.
  • The stitching itself is sturdy. It’s not just a single stitch that will fall apart easily. 
  • Holding it up to the light I can see the weave of the fabric and how it’s light but not translucent. Usually when you can see through the fabric it’s an indication of poor quality. 
Vertical - morning light shining on messy ABL sheets on queen bed

Fit: Stable & Comfy

Fitted Sheet — fits well and stays put

I generally like my fitted sheets tight like a pair of skinny jeans circa 2016. So I was nervous because deep pockets can mean a lot of moving, shifting, and un-pocketing during the night, especially with 16” deep pockets. 

I was apprehensive when I put them on my bed for the first time and couldn’t get them totally flat. Princess and the Pea style, I can also usually feel the wrinkles in a fitted sheet when it’s too loose. But despite the ‘looser’ fit, I have not had any problems with feeling the wrinkles or the corners popping off. 

Top Sheet — extra long for tucking! 

The top sheet is much larger than the fitted one and feels larger than a standard queen sheet which I love. It has plenty of room to go to the top of the bed, over the pillows, and still be tucked in at the sides and at the end. 


The pillowcases don’t have that extra piece of fabric inside them to tuck in your pillow which I’m usually a big fan of. But I haven’t had any problems with my pillow sliding out. Even my partner, who always manages to wake up with his pillowcase half off, hasn’t had that happen (as often). It also fits both a thinner pillow and a chunkier one.

Washing: Easy breezy

I wash everything on cold, with Meliora detergent powder, and tumble dry on low (or air dry if possible). Sometimes with my bamboo sheets, it seems as if there are parts of the sheets that didn’t get wet in the washer, but that hasn’t happened with these. 

They absorb water extremely well and after the spin cycle, I don’t imagine they would take long to dry in the sun. I run them through the dryer on low and haven’t experienced any shrinking, weird smells, or puckering. 

They also dry quickly. I wash the fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcases together and don’t need to dry them for an additional cycle. 

Sustainable & Non-toxic

American Blossom Linens avoids dozens of harmful fabric additives by not making their products “wrinkle-free” (as Abbie has written about before). This creates safer, longer lasting linens while minimizing their environmental impact. I want to also mention several other sustainable initiatives that I appreciate from American Blossom Linens. 


  • There are no frivolous or unnecessary extras in the packaging creating a wonderfully sustainable unboxing experience.
  • The boxes are USA-made from 100% recycled content which saves tons of virgin materials and water. 

Reduced carbon footprint

  • Sourcing US grown cotton and manufacturing in the U.S. saves on tons of transportation emissions that comes from outsourcing to other countries. 

Worker fairness (an often overlooked aspect of sustainability)

  • American Blossom Linens employs American workers, pays fair wages, offers healthcare and benefits, and provides safe working conditions. 
  • By keeping everything within the U.S., they’re also supporting hundreds of other small businesses and farmers. 


  • Organic cotton is much lighter on the Earth, as it uses less chemical additives, creates healthy ecosystems via healthier soil, and minimizes water pollution and usage. 
  • The non-organic cotton is also grown in the U.S. and is traceable. 
  • The use of FoxFibre® Colored Cotton provides an extra level of safety and sustainability by focusing on organic production and growing cotton that is naturally colored. (Note that some of their sheets use FoxFibre® Colored Cotton and others don’t.)
  • Using naturally colored cotton eliminates the need for fabric dyeing which saves water, prevents pollution, and keeps even more toxic chemicals out of our fabrics. 


  • American Blossom Linens are built to last. Spinning, weaving, thread count, sewing, & finishing is all done with the highest quality materials, techniques, and craftsmanship. 
  • Investing in high-quality linen that can be used for years (dare I say, decades!) reduces the need for frequently replaced sheets made of cheap, synthetic fiber. 

The little things

  • American Blossom Linens is a family owned business based in Georgia. 
  • The top sheets are made to be larger overall to give you plenty of room to tuck and cover.
  • The fitted sheets are labeled “top or bottom” to help you put it in the right place (which I still never seem to understand).
  • American Blossom Linens sends swatches so you can test out the fabric before buying! 
  • They use cotton that was grown in the US and follows sustainable and environmental protocols.
  • Don’t forget about the stitching! Their yarn and fabric suppliers are members of the US Cotton Trust and come from North and South Carolina. 
  • They source colored cotton plants which give color to the end material and eliminate the need for artificial dyes. 
Horizontal - sleepy kitty comfy on ABL sheets

The American Blossom Linens Story: Organic cotton and Made in the USA

One thing we love about American Blossom Linens at The Filtery is that every product is “farm to bed,” meaning everything is made in the USA. Which to be honest is pretty rare and one of the reasons they’re more expensive than other organic non-toxic sheet companies. 

Other companies can lower their prices when they’re getting fabrics and materials grown and assembled in other countries and then shipping them thousands of miles back to the US (and creating a ton of carbon emissions in the process). 

For 122 years, American Blossom Linens has fought the pressure to move or source overseas thereby lowering prices. They are now one of the oldest textile manufacturers in the USA and ensure they will remain that way by taking care of their employees and supporting US cotton growers. 

It is important to note that American Blossom Linens does not always use 100% organic cotton in their products. The natural cotton sheet set I have is 45% organic. When we reached out, this is what they told us. 

“We used to use all organic cotton but there are a very small number of cotton growers in the USA that grow organic and for the past few years there have been some weather issues so the supply has been limited. 

We continue to buy and utilize cotton fibers in our products that are grown and harvested solely in the United States. This cotton is grown with the most sustainable and environmental protocols found anywhere in the world. In addition, our suppliers of both yarn and weaving are members of the US Cotton Trust, which ensures the integrity of these protocols.”

This is a perfect real-life example of doing what you can, when you can. While the environmental and chemical benefits of organic cotton are well-known, American Blossom Linens has chosen to prioritize the quality, control, add transparency that comes from sourcing and making products in the United States.

My experience using American Blossom Linens sheets has been wonderful. I love everything about my sheet set and once the weather starts to cool down again I can almost guarantee I’ll be back for a wool blanket. 

This company stands out to me (and Abbie) as an excellent choice for non-toxic and organic sheets and blankets based on their dedication to using organic, USA-grown cotton; their elimination of artificial dyes and added chemicals; and their commitment to high-quality, lasting construction through well-stitched fabrics. 

Use code THEFILTERY for 15% off American Blossom Linens.

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