Need to send a thoughtful gift to a loved one or colleague? Or maybe you need to put together some corporate gifts and you’d like to get something that aligns with your company’s ethos and makes a positive social impact in some way…

Sometimes it’s easier to buy a pre-made (or customized!) organic gift basket or box. Luckily, there’s no shortage of gift baskets and boxes on the market that are filled with organic, non-toxic, sustainable, and thoughtfully-made products.

Below are my recommendations — I hope it saves you a lot of time and energy!

(P.S. Most of the gifts below can be delivered right to your recipient’s doorstep, and many of them offer international shipping!)

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Featured Image Credit: Packed With Purpose

Best Organic Gift Boxes for 2024 (at a glance!):

Best for Corporate Gifting: Packed with Purpose

Best for Edibles (fruit, cheese, etc.): Frog Hollow

Best for Customized Gift Boxes: Knack

Best Subscription Box for Home Goods: GlobeIn

Best for Wine: Dry Farm

Best for Flowers: The Bouqs Co.

Best for International Shipping: Social Stories Club

Best for Babies / New Parents: Moon Baby Organics (for accessories) & Honest (for diapers & personal care)

Best for Kids: Green Kid Crafts

Best for Coffee Lovers: Lifeboost

+ more recommendations below!

First: Decide What Kind of Gift Basket or Box You Want / Need?

It might be helpful for you to keep a few things in mind as you shop. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you want/need perishable (food, flowers, etc.) or non-perishable items (like home goods)?
  2. Do you need to send one basket/box, or several? Many of the brands below offer bulk discounts and several of them even offer concierge services to help make sure you get exactly what you need.
  3. Where will your basket be sent? I’ve notated which companies ship internationally and which ones only ship within the U.S./North America.
  4. Do you want to buy a single box, or gift a recurring subscription? I’ve included both options below.
  5. What values mean the most to you? All of the brands below offer products that are eco-friendly and/or ethical in one way or another, but you may decide to prioritize some ethics over others (healthy, vegan, made in the USA, zero waste, fair trade, small business, etc.).

My Recommendations For Organic, Eco-Friendly, & Ethical Gift Baskets and Boxes:

Packed With Purpose (Various Themed, Pre-Made, and Custom Gift Boxes)

social impact gift boxes from packed with purpose

If you need to order custom-branded gift boxes or send gift baskets around the world, Packed with Purpose is a great option.

Although not all of the products that come in their gift baskets are organic, they do all make some sort of positive social impact, whether it’s by supporting minority-owned businesses, sustainability, youth empowerment, or another impact area.

Although you can definitely send these gift boxes to friends and family, Packed with Purpose is an especially great option for employees, clients, event attendees, bosses, etc.

You can either order from their wide range of pre-curated gift boxes, or you can use their Gift Concierge service to order customized and branded gifts.

To help you find the perfect gift for your loved one, they have all kinds of different fun themes like Spa Day, Holiday Sweets, Family Game Night, and many more.

Ships to: International
Price: $25-$225
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both
Highlights: Lots of options and customizations to choose from

Frog Hollow Farm (Organic Fruit Baskets, Charcuterie Boxes, Chocolate Truffle Boxes, & More)

Frog Hollow Farm is one of the best options for organic food gift baskets and boxes filled with edible organic goodness. Frog Hollow is an organic/regenerative farm based in Brentwood California that grows healthy food like fruit, nuts, and more.

They have all kinds of different gifts to choose from, so you can choose based on your budget and what your recipient(s) would like best! For the products they don’t make in-house, they source from other small, organic farms.

In addition to their gift boxes, they also offer CSA options (Community Supported Agriculture), baked goods, meats, and more. They have many sustainable practices in place, including a food waste aversion program. And you can get to know the actual farmers who grow your gift basket goodies right on their website.

Ships to: United States
Price: $18-$420
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Pre-Made
Highlights: Wide range of options; financing is available through Sezzle if you’re purchasing a large number of gift baskets

Knack (Wide Variety of Pre-Made and Custom Gift Boxes)


Knack is another great place where you can either shop from pre-made gift boxes or create your own gifts for friends, colleagues, employees, etc.

They make it super easy to sort by occasion, price range, recipient, or interest. You can also filter according to your values, including sustainability, gifts that give back, and women/minority business owners.

Although not all of the products they carry are organic/sustainable, most of them are thoughtfully-chosen in one way or another, and Knack probably has the widest range of box options of any of the companies on this list. They really have something for everyone!

They have corporate gifting and brandable options as well.

Ships to: United States
Price: $32-$209
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both
Highlights: You have the option of recording a video message to go with your gift; Swift Gift option lets your recipient pick out what they want; concierge service helps you put your gift bundle together.

GlobeIn (Subscription Box Model with Artisan Made Goods)


GlobeIn is a great option for a gift box subscription (it’s kind of like FabFitFun, but includes more ethically-sourced goods).

A member of the Fair Trade Federation, GlobeIn’s boxes are filled with artisan-made goods from around the world. You can choose how many months you’d like to gift—3, 6, or 12. Your recipient will either be able to pick out a pre-made themed box (like “Harmony,” Tea Party,” “Fiesta,” “Lather,” and more), or they can actually pick out the specific products they want and build their own box!

Ships to: U.S. & Canada
Price: $120-$420
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both
Highlights: You don’t actually pick out the box… Instead, your recipient gets an email with the gifted membership and then they get to pick out what they want!

Dry Farm (Organic Wine Gift Boxes)

organic wine gift box from dry farm wine

Dry Farm is definitely my top choice for organic wine gift boxes. They source their wines from sustainable farms based on a criteria that includes not only organic farming practices, but also no added sugar, vegan, no toxic additives, and more.

You can choose between red, white, rosé, sparkling, or mixed, and also between a 3, 6, or 12-bottle box.

Ships to: United States
Price: $128-$441
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Mix
Highlights: You can add a free optional gift message; 100% happiness guarantee

Harry & David (Organic Fruit Baskets, Cheese & Appetizer Baskets, Snack Boxes, & More)

Harry & David is owned by, which is definitely one of the largest companies for gift delivery. Although most of their products are not organic, they do have a couple of organic options, including a Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket, an Organic Cheese and Appetizer Collection, an Organic Snack Box, and more. Most of the products in these boxes come with USDA organic certifications.

Ships to: U.S., Canada, Germany, & UK
Price: $80-$145
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Pre-Made
Highlights: Financing is available through Klarna if you’re purchasing a large number of gift baskets

The Bouqs Co. (Flower Delivery)

If you want to send flowers to a loved one, Bouqs is one of your best bets. They offer both fresh and dried bouquets, gift boxes, flower subscriptions, potted houseplants, and wedding and corporate gift collections. And for a last minute gift, they have next-day delivery available for many of their bouquets, too.

You can sort according to the occasion, budget, flower color, delivery speed, and more.

Although Bouqs cannot guarantee that all of their flowers are organic, their website states that they work with farms that “avoid pesticides as much as possible, especially non-natural chemicals.”

Additionally, of their partners carry third-party certifications such as Rainforest Alliance and Veriflora. The farmers they work with also have other sustainable practices in place such as waste minimization, water recycling, and more.

Ships to: U.S. (with limited delivery to Alaska and Hawaii)
Price: $49-$120
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Mix
Highlights: Lots of options to choose from; you can learn more about where your flowers came from on the “Meet the Farmer” section of each product page

(P.S. For more places to get organic flowers, check out this article.)

EarthHero (Sustainable & Zero Waste Gift Boxes)

EarthHero is another great option for custom and brandable corporate gift boxes that are filled with eco-friendly and ethically-sourced products.

They offer both Ready-Made Gift Boxes with themes like “Eco Office,” “Kitchen Expert,” and “Active & Outside,” or you can make your own custom-made gift box that contains swag with your logo on it.

These boxes are filled with products that fit various impact categories, like eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic, vegan, fair trade, zero waste, and more. You can choose the products based on what means most to you and your box recipient(s).

Ships to: International
Price: $40+ (with discounts available for bulk ordering)
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both
Highlights: If buying in bulk, you can either send all of the boxes to one address or you can send them to separate addresses.

Moon Baby Organics (New Baby Essentials)

Based in Seattle, Washington and available on Etsy, Moon Baby Organics carries an entire collection of organic gift baskets that are perfect for new babies. They use materials like organic wood, organic hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo to create super cute baskets like the Avocado one pictured here!

Ships to: International
Price: $49-$164
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both (most of the baskets are pre-made, but you can contact them for custom orders.
Highlights: Wide variety of themes available (for boys, girls, and gender-neutral)

Honest (Baby and Personal Care Gift Sets)

Honest is another good option for new parents. They have various non-toxic gift sets for babies and new parents, as well as skincare set for her, him, and teens. Or you could gift the new parent in your life a digital gift card for a diaper & wipe subscription (which they always need more of!).

Ships to: U.S. & Canadathhero
Price: $15-$334
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Pre-Made
Highlights: Lots of good options for new parents

Green Kid Crafts (Subscription Box for Kids)

Green Kid Crafts is a fun option for kids that encourages art and science learning. You can buy a one-time box or you can gift a monthly subscription.

They have boxes for two age ranges (3-5 years and 5-12+) and you can choose themes like space, weather, botany, reptiles, robots, transportation, and a lot more. They have holiday-themed boxes, too!

Ships to: International
Price: $30-$149
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Pre-Made
Highlights: You can also choose a gift card to allow you recipient to choose the box for themself.

Social Stories Club (Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes Based in the UK)

Social Stories Club is based in the UK, but ships internationally. (For more gift box brands that are based in the UK and Australia, see our list below.)

You can shop from their pre-made gift boxes according to theme (Christmas, Vegan, Letterbox, and more) or by budget. They also make it super easy to Build Your Own Box and they offer Corporate Gifting as well.

Social Stories Club has a social mission of providing living wage employment to those who have barriers to employment and the brands from which they source have ethical and environmental initiatives as well, whether they’re organic, fair trade, sustainable, etc.

Ships to: International
Price: £15-£160
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both
Highlights: The basket that their “Gift Hampers” come in are actually really nice and can be reused by your recipient in lots of different ways.

Our Green House (Pre-Made & Custom Baskets for Everyone – Including Pets!)

Our Green House is another great option for a build-your-own gift basket (although they have plenty of pre-made ones, too).

They carry a wide variety of thoughtful gift baskets for pretty much anyone and everyone on your list. You can shop from their pre-made baskets by theme, or you can make your own. Their curated products are ethical, eco-friendly, and/or fair trade in one way or another!

Ships to: International (but you have to contact them)
Price: $50-525
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both
Highlights: Tons of options to choose from

Lifeboost (Organic Coffee Gift Boxes)

organic coffee gift box from lifeboost coffee

For the coffee lovers in your life, Lifeboost offers customizable gift boxes where you can choose between:

  • 1, 3, or 6 bags of coffee
  • whole bean or ground
  • light, medium, or dark roast
  • biscotti, caramels, or toffee

In addition to those items, the gift box also comes with a mug, a clip coffee scoop, and a chalk pen. Lifeboost coffee is USDA organic, single-origin, mycotoxin-free, GMO-free, pesticide-free, low acid, and shade grown. If you want to skip the box, you could also gift a coffee subscription instead!

Ships to: U.S. & Canada
Price: $50-$180
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Mix
Highlights: Free shipping (with limitations)


eco-friendly gift box from earthlove

This is another great option for pre-made boxes that are filled with fun and eco-friendly goods.

You’ve got several different options for these boxes, including: Small, Standard, or Deluxe; and Vegan or Regular.

The pre-made boxes do change from season to season, but you can also Build Your Own Holiday Gift Box!

Ships to: US
Price: $45-$95
Pre-Made or Build-Your-Own? Both

Even More Places to Get Organic, Eco-Friendly, & Ethically-Sourced Gift Boxes and Baskets

Didn’t find the perfect gift form the brands above? Here are even more options to check out!

  • Thrive Market: This organic online grocery store carries pre-made gift boxes that focus on themes like “Welcome Home,” New Family,” “Celebration,” “Get Well Soon,” and “Member Favorites.”
  • Etsy: Of course, this marketplace is a great place to find organic and sustainable gift baskets and boxes that are put together by independent crafters. The nice thing is that if you have any specific questions or special needs, you can message the seller for more personalized support.
  • Public Goods: A great option for college students or new home owners, these sets focus on personal care products, cleaning supplies, and zero waste necessities.
  • MightyNest: This is another eco-friendly marketplace that carries several pre-made gift boxes that come with kitchen essentials, zero waste goods, personal care items, and more.
  • Untold: This brand allows you to send care packages that support minority-owned businesses.
  • BeCause Minded: This shop curates pre-made self care boxes that give back.
  • Ethical Gift Box: Based in the United Kingdom, this website allows you to shop from pre-made gift boxes according to your values, or you can make your own.
  • Social Supermarket: This is a another U.K.-based company that carries themed social impact gift boxes.
  • The Wholesome Gift Box: Based in Australia, this company allows you to buy a pre-packaged self care gift box or make your own.
  • Created With Conscience: This is another Australia-based gift box service that curates ethical, sustainable, and artisan-made products for their boxes.
  • SERRV: This is a non-profit that offers sustainable gift boxes that highlight Fair Trade goods.
  • It’s Only Natural Gifts: This company allows you to shop from pre-made or customized gift baskets curated with healthy(ish) food and other goods made from natural materials.

Happy gifting!


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